Thursday, May 19, 2022

Party and Songs

I NEVER PUBLISHED THIS!! WHAT THE .... I need some memory juice from the Cassadines!! LOL WHOOPS ...this is TUESDAY'S SHOW 

 Leo's Birthday. Carly had Sam look into Esme's background. Wealthy parents and siblings, can't find the sibs tho. Dante and Sam kiss. She leaves. Drew and Michael talk about ELQAurora Merger. Carly WANTS TO BE AN INVESTOR because she doesn't do enough crap on this show LOL!! OMG She wants to be in-- she wants it bad. Drew and Michael are

AW... Chase and Ned sing at Leo's birthday, one of Ned's songs. 

Valentin and Ned. Valentin is trying to convince Ned that Michael and Drew and trying to shove him out. He wants to throw their cards in together. Ned leaves for the party but he's def listening to Val! 

Sasha, Gladys and Brando and the photog guy is at the bar. She's upset. She thinks Harmony's death was her fault. Um, yah it was. 

Gladys takes Rusty to the hallway and tells him to leave. He says he and Sasha have a deal. She's like What deal? HE doesn't tell her. Wants his memory card back.  She says as soon as he shows her what Sasha wants on her end of the deal. Can't tell. Anyway..they are deleting the photos. She comes back from the hall... sits down. Says she and Sasha should tell Brando "everything". Sasha looks sick. 

Ava is lambasting Spencer for siding with Esme and not Trina. She leaves... Sam comes in to ask Spencer about Esme. He says he really doesn't know her. OMG he makes her swear as a Cassadine that she won't say anything. Spencer says Esme is a monster and he's going to expose her!! YEAH!! 

Nikolas and Esme. Esme trying to get on his good side. She doesn't know how to flirt very well. AVa walks in. Tells Es to get out. Esme says she's kicked off PCU campus (Not sure why) She talks about AVa's kids. Ava gets in her face: TAKE MY DAUGHTER'S NAME OUTTA YOUR MOUTH! 


Brook and Chase were going to leave and the sleazy producer stops them

Esme is going to move but Nik says no

Ava offers Spencer 10K a week to move out of Wyndemere. 

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  1. "OMG She wants to be in-- she wants it bad."

    She wants it bad! Hahahahahahahaha!

    "Esme trying to get on his good side. She doesn't know how to flirt very well."



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