Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Very "Special" Episode (drink while watching)

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So, if you came not knowing about this--"Special Eppy" you may be confused. They have "Flashbacks" to when Flea wanted to run that were never on our screen. :eyeroll: Then they have MORE flashback/nonscenes with she and Lulu putting up posters on the docks. You can tell they are "flashbacks" because she has on her Hippy clothes.

THIS IS about Felicia being mayor and the ballot box being stolen. And guess who has it? NIKOLAS,

SO, they go to arrest him at Wyndemere and...he says cuff me..BUT! Spencer comes in and says HE stole it.


Ok, there's a bunch of crap that happens but the take away is that Jordan and Shawn pitched the ballot box off the pier on New Year's. Spencer saw them do it (he snuck out with his driver). Spencer made his DRIVER GO INTO the water in January to 'get the box'. That's metal and it's like subzero out. 
DUKE asked Shawn and Jordan to do it. Dante finds out, questions Jordan who says she's basically been "with Shawn" since New Year's Eve (having sex?) and didn't have time to tell he and Anna about it.
And actually...LUCY is the one that took it in the first place. Duke helped her by having Shawn and Jordan dispose of it. 

Okay then...

Lomax won and says "Bye Felicia"!! ahahhaa. and she fired Anna. 

and GET THIS! Nikolas actually SWITCHED OUT THE VOTES and had LOMAX win!! YEP..they showed him burning the ballots in the fire. Lomax and Sloane say he's their "mutual Friend" 


  1. Uhm, what. I knew Felicia would not win as they would then have to have her on the show regularly and/or they could not fire Anna but this sounds beyond dumb and out of character for so many. Also, if vote was Halloween why were votes not counted by New Years Eve?

    Frank and Ron need to be fired. Occassional flashes of genius surrounded by a sea of stupid, neglected, dropped, flashback, or make-it-up-as-you-go storylines is not good enough.

  2. Yep, in this new world Franco is a lovable clown and Nicholas is the bad guy.

    I think my head has exploded.

  3. Theme: Confusionland.

    Wyndemere: ???????????????

    Jordan and Shaun: ????????????

    Duke and Lucy:

    Lucy: I'm the one who stole the ballet box in the first place.

    Me: ??????????????????

    Maxie and Nathan: Boy Nathan is a horny boy! And I thought Morgan was bad! ROFL!

    Bruce Willis and Spencer: Poor Bruce Willis had to get the ballet box from the water! BRRRRRR!

    Courthouse: Wow Lomax won!!!! What the hell was the point of this whole thing then?!!?! BAH! This pissed me off!!! And then Lomax fired Anna?! WOW! And she makes Mr Yum Yum police commissioner!!! Lomax is corrupt!!!! Well Scotty did win the line of the day.

    Scotty: Well I'm photogenic.


    Lomax: Thank God you switched the real ballot box last night. I couldn't believe it when you told me Felicia actually won the Elm Street. That SHE would be the new Mayor of Port Charles.

    WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gasped and my jaw dropped!!!!! Soapy delicious!

    Nik and the ballots: He burned them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gasped again and my jaw still dropped! Soapy delicious!!!! Nik what are you doing"!? Is Helena part of this?!!! Is she making you?

    In summary: FELICIA WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Line to the day: "Bye, Felicia!"

  6. Huh?




    Maybe I need to watch it again....?

  7. "soaplover said...





    ROFL! Exactly. :)

    "Maybe I need to watch it again....?"

    NOOOOO! ROFL! Just watch the end! Starting with Mr Yum Yum and Lomax.

  8. i dont know. i thought it was a bit fun. nice to see alot of the vets playing together. everything with this show has to be taken with a grain of salt. but it does moves some plots forward. jordan is in pickle. nik looks to get a storline that doesnt involve liz or being duped by another chick. anna unemployed.

  9. Hey I like Nik going dark as well as Spencer. The Cassadine urges run too strong for either of them to be completely benevolent. As long as they don't make either of them into a 100% cartoon villain like Helena or Faison, let's see what happens.
    Old School GHfan

  10. The last thing I wanted to see on this show was more villains. UGH!

  11. what MOTIVE does Nik have to fixing the election?

  12. Maybe everybody is under Helena's mind control, like Jake Doe...???

    Will Sloan learn Jordan is undercover? If so, will he keep her undercover? For what?

    As for Nik, which ballet box was he burning ballets from? Sloan had apparently switched the box out the night before! Would that be the the new box or the original? The mayor is corrupt--is all this an elaborate way to expose her? Or is it all part of Fluke's plot? Scotty does not seem alarmed at all, which he would be if all this was going on..or would he???

    Since nearly everyone is acting out of character, is it all a bad dream of Felicia's?? Maybe it is the only way she could think she lost?

    To put Anna out of her job would really be a BIG mistake--unless she is being put out of harms way.

    Toooo confusing!

  13. Good question, delcodave. I suspect we'll find out sometime in 2017.

  14. Friscogh said: "Frank and Ron need to be fired. Occassional flashes of genius surrounded by a sea of stupid, neglected, dropped, flashback, or make-it-up-as-you-go storylines is not good enough."

    That was brilliantly said and, unfortunately, you are so very right.

  15. This episode was extremely insulting to viewers. Ron is nothing but a hack writer and needs to be fired.

  16. This show was so bad, it took me about 15 minutes to watch. WTH were they thinking???
    Will we loose Felicia(Kristina) now that she and Jack(Frisco) are on another show?

  17. I was looking forward to Anna getting a new love interest in Sloan. Unfortunately it now looks like he is on the take last night. It is if Ron and Frank think the only way a character can be interesting is if they are a cartoon or evil.

    I was thinking last night what is it about General Hospital that has me, a viewer for more than 35 years, so uninterested since Ron and Frank took over. I have an answer.

    Lack of character depth.

    I don't mean lack of characters. I mean the characters having character.

    Ron and Frank have introduced lots (too many) of new characters but they are all so flat. No complexity to the characters. No character development. No layers that are slowly peeled back to reveal a new layer to the character.

    Of course there are always exceptions. In this case I can think of three.

    1) Brit. Originally started out as a very uni-dimensional character but over time we got to learn more about her and see new sides and depth to this character - and became more invested in the character. A true soapy character with great character development. Then they wrote her out.

    2) Dr. O. She came in as uni-dimensional bad-guy cartoonish character. They saw what a gold mine they had in the talented actress and now seem to be trying to show us more sides of this character. Complexity. It is why so many viewers enjoy watching her.

    3) Jordan. She was introduced as one of the good guys but with some personal struggles that gave her depth. Unfortunately they insisted on pairing her with a bore. There is still potential there but I have little faith in current powers that be to further develop this character without turning her evil or cartoonish.

    What bothers me even more than Ron and Frank introducing multiple versions of their same cookie cutter character is that this is also the only type of character them seem to know how to write. When handed established, smart, complex, characters like Anna and Tracy Ron and Frank did not know what to do with them so instead we see theses great characters being dumbed down to fit the Ron and Frank mold.

    Ron and Frank write and direct a certain type of character very well. A cast full of the same type of characters however is not working.

  18. Casting Call

    GH is casting a female contract role described as "Caucasian, early 20s, beautiful, dynamic, charismatic." The character is set to start shooting in February 2015. (source: SOD)

    Is this for Kiki???

  19. Kat Tu - I would not call Kiki "dynamic" haha.

    Rumours of Lucy's two daughters and Sean Donnely's daughter also showing up soon.

  20. Friscogh said...
    Kat Tu - I would not call Kiki "dynamic" haha.

    Oh please don't think that I think Kiki is all that, I won't miss her. ;-)


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