Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday National Report

In these times of deflated footballs, we must ban together to avoid the national horror that will follow.  It's just so so upsetting, I can barely function.


Seems a lotta people are watching Empire! My Twitter Feed Exploded 

Can't wait for "Call Saul" ... Eeeeeeeeee!! 

Can't wait to see "Cake" 

Giving Downton Abbey a B+ so far, tired of Mr. Bates being under suspicion again.. I mean, really. I also think that Thomas killed that guy. Not sure why, but that's the soap in me. Also? Edith could go live on the farm, don't care.  Oh, and PS. how bad WAS the sex with Tony, Mary? LOL!! 

Love Obama's mic drop moment during SOTU address 

The lady for the GOP response? Priceless Bahahaha!

It's still colder than hell here like REALLY COLD

My flu is better but I'm still dizzy. 

I'm still in love with Twitter. 

Just read a good book; Gods of Gotham about the early NYC police force. Fiction but great 

When you're sick you don't care but now the house looks like a wreck that I must sanitize

GH Thougths: 

1.  Is giving me hives
2. Sam acts like she didn't boff Silas for the past how many months. 
3. the Phoenix thing cracks me up (can you tell?)
4. So GLAD Ric's "Back" 
5. Sonny's  TV in his cell isn't digital, wonder if he got a converter box 
6. Sam has a housekeeper? 
7. I really hope Luke does something like walk around in his underwear soon because Zzzzzzzzz
8. MIA this round: Nina, Franco, Ava  but! Lucas has some airtime ..go figure
9. Why do they bother having Molly and TJ on at all? 
10. Can we hope Kiki gets killed in something that involves spiders or maybe a free fall from a plane? Or, she goes bat nuts and decides to join a cult? 
11. I'm not gonna make it until sweeps. Not. gonna. 


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  1. on Downton Abbey that was my thought on Tony and Mary too lol


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