Thursday, January 8, 2015

"A Breath of Fresh Air"

That's what Lulu said Johnny is!! YEP! She's all tingly. "You are in a sex-crazed state of Uber-Glee" says Lulu to Maxie. Maxie smiles.
Lulu is going on and on about Johnny. I think it was good sex. 

Meanwhile, Dante and Nathan go yell at Johnny to stay away from their GIRLIES! LOL. Johnny's apartment is the same, except all the plants died. Anthony would be so sad. 

Julian is IN....Johnny is OUT. Sonny is confoozed. LMAO... and btw, it snowed in Pentonville. Sonny has a nice prison issue hat. 

Carly and Jake..more mutual ADMIRATION CLUB. Jake has a flash back to his kidnapping Sam.

Michael was asking Ned to call Jenny Eckert about the house. Ned has her number in his phone. Yep. After like 30 years. LOL She has no idea about the house. Most of Bill's estate was passed to Sly.

Nik and Sam talk about her kidnapping and Helena being a part of things. Sam thinks Jake may be a Helena plant. 

Tracy grills Luke about the whole PAT thing. Who's that? Why don't I know about her? yada yada. Her sleeves are fuzzy and purple. eesh

THIS is the worst part of the Fluke story. Tracy being made out to be basically an idiot. I hate it.
Luke gets mad at her and goes for a walk. Don't bring up my PAST! LET IT STAY BURIED!! 

BTW, "Patricia" was mentioned maybe 3x in the 70s and never seen on screen. 

END: Fluke goes to Johnny..Johnny knows it's FLUKE under there and says "How do you look so much like Luke"?? (and mushes his face with his hands LOL)

Hells is on tomorrow 


  1. Johnny's home: WOW!!! They still got that set?! That's awesome!!!! Yes Karen, Anthony would be sad the plants died. :( Mmmm Johnny shirtless! Welcome back Johnny baby! Can Johnny and Maxie have a scene together? Please please writers? With cherry on top? Poor Dante.Yeah you should be worried Dante! :) The look on her face when she saw Johnny? DAMN! Nathan all jealous too hahahaha. Fluke shows up, and Johnny touching and stretching Fluke's face! ROFL! Scene of the day RIGHT THERE! HAHAHAHAHA!


    Lulu and Maxie: A breath of fresh air?! Yup! Lulu has residual feelings for Johnny! I mean there was even a foreshadowing, when Maxie asked Lulu there isn't anything Dante has to worry about. And Lulu says no. UH YES!!!!! Maxie wins the line of the day!

    Maxie: We couldn't function as normal human beings yesterday.

    ROFL yeah I'll say! :) Acting like a couple of honeymooners! Oh and Maxie, Nathan IS the jealous type!!! :)

    Carly and Jake Doe: Carly whining again about Sonny! Wuv Sonny. Have to move on with my life without Sonny. Oh talking about Sam! Come on Jake Doe. Kiss Carly again. See if she recognizes the kiss this time.

    Q home: Oh oh Tracy! Keep nagging Fluke/Patty/Bill/whomever it is about Bill Eckhart and see what he does! :) OH he walked out!

    ELQ: Oh Jenny is still married to Paul?!?! Awesome! Jenny even talked to Sly! Yes Michael! Go to the old Spencer childhood home!!!!! Go find Luke!!!! And then save him! But ignore the bad smell! It's okay. He can take a shower. Well later. After he gets reunited with his family. It would be a funny scene when his whole family is happy to see him, but then notices the smell!

    Wyndemere: Sam! Why are you wearing that jacket?!!?!?! Where is your winter coat?!!?!?! That jacket is so distracting! Weren't you cold while you were on the boat in the water!?!?! What are they talking about? Oh Helena and Faison. Sorry still distracted. SAM WHERE IS YOUR WINTER COAT?! What about gloves? A hat? Boots?

    Jail outside: Oh look! Sonny is wearing a hat! Let Sam borrow it! She doesn't even own a winter coat! Sonny when you get out of jail, buy her a winter coat. Poor confused Sonny seeing Julian.

  2. Sonya,
    It was 8 here today (Buffalo) with wind chills below zero. But Sam is dressed for fall temperatures. It always makes me laugh

  3. "dar said...Sonya,It was 8 here today (Buffalo) with wind chills below zero. But Sam is dressed for fall temperatures. It always makes me laugh"

    Yeah we are getting low temps too!!! Very very bitter cold! Sam needs to buy a winter coat!!!! :)Yes she IS dressed for fall temperatures!

  4. Um, what happened to General Hospital? We have the Metro Court, Pentonville, the Quartermaines' mansion (yeah!), even Johnny's penthouse! GH seems to be MIA, any ideas from you clever folks out there what they should rename the show?

    Carly yapping to "Jake" is making me want to throw up. Carly ALWAYS lands on her feet after every horrible disaster she brings on herself, and always has a handsome, attentive male coming to the rescue who somehow is fascinated by all her crap. I swear, she has not gone 5 mins. without a man since she came onto the show. And "Jake" not making some effort to find out who he is--just crazy.

  5. "AntJoan said...Any ideas from you clever folks out there what they should rename the show?"

    Pentonville high?


  6. AntJoan - Amen to everything you said about Carly! I feel she is written AND acted as a "mean girl" with the maturity of a junior high school student, telling her new BFF who the cool kids are and who isn't, bad-mouthing everyone in town. Jake is getting sucked into her needy vortex while she talks on and on about herself and the instant BFF comes across as false and forced to me. When Jason remembers who he is he'll be back holding her purse and being at her beck and call for every crisis in her life. The show seems bent on establishing the same relationships for the new Jason and I'm afraid he'll just become the Jason robot hitman he was before. This is a golden opportunity to mix it up and have him remember he is Jason Quartermaine and maybe reexamine his previous life. That may still happen but all this Carly stuff is making me leery that we're going to end up with the same old unholy three. Whatever their intent I hope they start to move this story along.

  7. I thought the exact same thing about Ned still having Jenny's # after all this time lol

  8. Is there anyway Helena and Pat can be the same person? Helena became a Cassadine by marrying into the family.


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