Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Patty-Cake Patty-Cake

20150106 0551(8)
Um...I put this here just because I can. 
It's the final hour here, I usually do my blog well before the last minute but this Another one of those weirdly disconnected then brilliant then paint-watching boring stretches that makes me question my afternoon choices. 

So--here we go! I'm going to try the Paleo diet with my son for a bit, so I'm having an egg white omelette and a banana.  I'll dream of tequila sunrises and muffins LOL.

20150106 0535(23)
Fake Out 

So, the beginning of the week dealt with the musical beds that were played out on New Year's. Alexis dreamed she was with Julian and Olivia dreamed she was with Ned. All four met in the hall and things came to a head, so to speak. *cough* 

20150106 0613(21)
Coffee, Tea or..??

The hot-new-couple had sex in bed...then all over the apartment. They were sure adorable.  Maxie and Lulu compared notes at the Metro. Maxie was all giggly about Nate-Sex and Lulu was all giggly about..Johnny Z!!! 

20150108 0633(3)
Bottom's UP!

That's right...Johnny got out of jail free by magically producing evidence that he didn't kill his Daddy. Forget the fact that it may take YEARS to get out because of that in real life but hey, no quabbles. I love Johnny. Love that they have his old apartment set up! Sans plants--because you know Anthony was the one that liked those! He was cute, and chatted up Lulu. Tried to get people to do shots with him at the Metro. Had to listen to Dante and Nate be all "Leave our Women ALONE".  We can see where this may be going. Lulu, bored to tears with Rocco and Dante, living in a tiny apartment with no job, lusts after her former bad-boy. 

20150106 0541(24)

Sonny talked to Morgan about the baby being his. Awww, but mostly filler. Speaking of fluff, I think Lucas made a pop-up appearance. . Too bad he's just filler because he could be big in this My Mamma and Uncle Family Drama.  Liz and Ric were filler too...but what did we get the MOST of this week? Say it with me people: UGHhhhhhhhhhh Carly and Jake The Face. 

20150107 0602(24)
I mean come on. Holy crap. I think they were on 4 days this week just gabbing about themselves, "Jason's history"... his flashbacks and Carly's insecurities. WTF. OK, we got it. Can you please have him move around canvas. I feel like this is Nina redux ALL OVER again. Remember her sitting in Silas' place for days on damn end? And what's going to happen? He'll prolly fall for Carly, she'll fall for him but then Sam will discover he's Jason blah blah. Sam will also be involved with Patrick. Yada yada. Maybe someone will tell Monica when it's all over. 

20150108 0558(30)
I got a plan
Fluke tells Carlos to kill Julian. Um, not for nothin' but when has Fluke EVER had anyone successfully kill another person? Why the hell doesn't he just do it himself? He must be sick of people not following through. So this time, Carlos can't shoot Julian so they come up with a plan. What's the plan you ask? It went something like this: 

Julian: I DID it... "Yep, I killed  Anthony Z, arrest me".  Anna: Well, ok then. And off Jerome goes to jail! I don't even think he got arraigned or had a little mini-trial. He had to get to Pentonville for the knife fight!!! He and Sonny ward off the goons and have a little bro-time. 

20150108 0605(18)

Meanwhile, Tracy and Ned partake of some Picalilla.and she actually tells him she prefers Olivia to Alexis. He kinda does too? Hard to tell. Anyway, she's waiting for Fluke who's over at the old Spencer house where Luke is being kept in the basement. "You smell" he says walking down the stairs. Yes, that's Bobbie and Luke's old childhood home before they were sent off to Aunt Ruby's brothel in Florida. It's on Elm Street. You know, where nightmares are made. 

20150108 0635(19)
Cobwebs abound
The House. We find out Luke's in the basement of his childhood home when Fluke shows him a bat he found. Around this time, the name Pat (Patricia) comes up 90 times. So does the name Bill Eckert. First Luke flips out on Bobbie at the Metro when she mentions him. Then, Ned talks about him. Then, Tracy talks about him. (She also mentions Pat when Luke comes back). Bobbie mentions him when she and Michael tour the house. So, we are led to believe that this is Bill. But you know GH-- it could also be PAT. Or, Pat could be dead. Or...or..or....
See, Patricia was mentioned like--two, three times tops on the show in 1978. That's even a stretch for me! 
Point is, it's taking forever.
I liked the history. I did think it was stupid that Bobbie pulled out a key and the furniture was still there after a bazillion years.  If you look in the basement, there's still soap and stuff by the laundry. Jackie Z did an awesome job acting out that scene. Reminded me of the old days. Thank you for using her in a better capacity.
By the way, Ned ended up calling Jenny, Bill's sister to find out about the house. She called Sly (Bill's kid who was also on the show). They didn't know anything about it. There was a Paul Hornsby mention in there as well. And a Frank Smith one too. My question is this: Do you still care? If you do, are you older? Because I can't imagine that younger viewers are following this or give a crap about this MUCH of ancient history, especially when it's been so long since any of the players have been on. Yes, Tony's doing a great job. The execution has just been so labored I'm ready to just have it over with. 

One of my followers (who writes online soaps himself) tweeted this to me last night:  SO interesting!!!! 
ok didn't Julian say when he met Fluke he used the alias Peter Caspen? Rearrange the letters and you have...Pat Spencer.

20150106 0621(6)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: You may laugh, but I thought the Ava-Sonny run in was hysterical. I mean, there they are, in a giant state jail and BOOM! Maura was at her perfect pitch in this scene, basically telling Sonny he couldn't hurt her because she's his baby Mama. 

20150108 0626(32)

PROP OF THE WEEK: The Bat.. the one Fluke used to tell Luke where he was being held. 

20150108 0556(12)

FACE OF THE WEEK: OMG slept with Julian????????

Post Script:
20150106 0616(25)

BABY'S NAME IS....Avery. 
But I'm still calling her Coco. 


  1. Karen. It's less than a year since Fluke arrived- about 9-10 mos. It'll be revealed in Feb- in other words, WAY less time than the classic 80s and 90s tales.

    Jesus, the ADD mindset is ridiculous. It's a soap opera; if you want speed, watch NASCAR.

  2. I have no interest in the Fluke storyline. Far too many stops and starts and it's dragged on too long with dribs and drabs of repetitive chatter.

    You would think I'd be interested seeing as I've been a GH viewer for almost 40 years but NOPE.

  3. Karen, very clever with the anagram! The only way Fluke could be Pat is if "she" was an identical twin and cross gender. It is impossible that surgery could be undetected. The worst part of the week was definitely Carly and Jake droning on and on. Can't stand her anyway and she makes Jake totally uninteresting. Too many WTF moments, too, like Julian going straight to prison. I hate when they do this because it is an insult to anyone's basic intelligence. Nighttime tv can get away with it but I hate when they do it on daytime.

  4. Hi Karen, I am loving this story.. well... not like I used to love GH... but I am so happy to see Tony Geary and Jackie Zeman as Luke and Bobbi interacting. I mean spouses, friends, boyfriends come and go... but siblings am forever. I am truly still very invested in their characters... oh yes, I'm older I suppose... but was in elementary school back in the day.. so not ancient! I still think Fluke is Luke....It's not something we haven't seen before. Luke wresting with his own demons. Perhaps we will learn a story about Pat... and Luke's guilt about something regarding her... I don't know... but it's a way to explain Luke taking off over and over again on Tracy (he didn't do that to Laura)... I mean Monty's vision for Luke was that Laura kept him on the rails without her who knows what could happen. Finally week enough in spirit, and care, that he let Helena get the best .... or shall we say worst of him. There have been things that Fluke does and says that is so classic Luke... in a way this is like an old school story with red herrings abound... Faison, Bill, Pat... a cassedine.... I don't know... I don't care I am just happy to not be fast forwarding the WHOLE show. I could care less about so many characters in Port Charles these days. Give me Bobbi and Luke arguing over Scott Baldwin and I'd be a happy girl.

  5. Karen,
    I agree with you. Puke appeared when Luke was first "rescued " back in February. Way too long for me. To answer your question , I have been watching for 30 years and absolutely hate this story. Nobody has noticed that this isn't Luke?? Tracy has never been this stupid. I hate what they have done to her. Bobbie hasn't noticed? UGH!
    I no longer care at all who Puke turns out to be. Since we are supposed to believe that people can be frozen and brought back to life maybe it will be some clone. Just end it please.

  6. Loving GH right now! Karen, I've been watching since 1978, and the characters I wish would disappear are Lucy, Felicia, and Ned. Once was enough with that crew. Even Helena has become a cartoon. My point is we all enjoy certain storylines and characters. Different strokes, but one love😍

  7. True, Cosmo--HOWEVER, there was a huge lull in there due to Geary being gone and the "clues" before that were very very few. Also seems to be changing course mid-stream. If they hadn't revealed the Fluke thing so soon, perhaps I wouldn't feel this was moving like a glacier. I think this part could have been done in conjunction with Christmas (or early December). Too much filler.

  8. PS I'm a Formula One Girl..not NASCAR lol

  9. Love the Fluke storyline. Especially now that Tony is back. Love seeing Bobbie more. Wish "Jake" would realize who he is already. don't care if he ever gets back with Sam but want him there for Danny. I really like Sam and Patrick. You can feel the chemistry the actors have, much like Kelly and Steve had. I like Billy Miller, loved him as Billy Abbott. Don't know if I like him as Jason. He's so different but I guess that is what Frank wanted. Wish Steve was still there in the role. Too many characters and not enough air time for anyone!!

  10. I believe Fluke is Luke. Luke split when he ran down Baby Jake, this is Cartini! Heck, I would go there again if I were them- great stuff!!!

  11. That is so weird about the anagram. Also when Fluke was Skyping with I think Julian, RC said there was a clue in the numbers that appeared on the screen. I don't think anyone has been able to tie them to anything yet. Maybe instead of a date it was an episode number and it was an episode that mentioned Pat. I totally don't remember another Spencer sibling. Maybe we forgot to set our VCR that day back in the 1970's!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I am not enjoying the Fluke storyline. I do not understand it at all. I am also not enjoying the Maxie/Nathan nonsense. He's hot but the apron-shtick was not for me. And Jake/Jason? Come on already. I am just disappointed overall. Are they trying to sink the show? I cannot believe that anyone likes this junk.

  14. That Maxie and Nathan picture, with the breakfast, that did not look warm! That looked cold to me. He just made it, and it's already cold!

    "Karen says BABY'S NAME IS....Avery.
    But I'm still calling her Coco."

    And I'm calling her Avery Lavery! ROFL!

    "Pretty The Series ‏@prettytheseries 6h6 hours ago
    @WubsNet ok didn't Julian say when he met Fluke he used the alias Peter Caspen? Rearrange the letters and you have...Pat Spencer."

    OH MY!!!!!!! :)

  15. That episode show was-- something to do with the cartel I think, it didn't mention Pat.

  16. When Carlos was with Fluke, and reached into his shirt, I thought he was going to pull out a gun and shoot him. And I thought, why shouldn't he? Why should all these people have their lives wrecked by this sociopath, why didn't Carlos take him out? Or, why didn't Julian and Carlos take him out?

  17. ok this thinking Fluke is really Luke split into two may make sense as "unknown" says because of Cartini. We saw it with Viki/Niki and Jess/Tess for years on OLTL right?! It was much more apparent then though... Plus I Clint figured it out much sooner than Tracy is! Geez. Help me Karen- was Bill Eckert ever associated with Helana? Why would Fluke be connected to Helena? Was Pat? Maybe she/he's a Cassadine. I'd love if this went a "Pat" way as don't think that story has been done on daytime yet.
    Has peaked my interest again for sure.

  18. I think that Fluke is still Bill, but is not Luke's cousin- his twin. By Patricia. Patricia was young and couldn't take care of twin boys so she let her parents adopt Luke and the Eckerts adopt Bill. Luke mentioned that Patricia was abused. I think Luke may have tried to help her (swinging that bat at Dad) but hit Patricia instead- killing her. Bill found all this out and is all the more angry at Luke- hence the bat reference and the threat of hitting Bobbie.


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