Sunday, September 12, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Danger Zone


I did have a good GH week. Why? SO many people losing it over Jarly. I live for those moments when something rather huge happens and the SoapVerse lights up like the 4th of July. Am I a "Jarly Shipper"??? Heck naw-- I've learned over the years not to ship any couple. Why bother? I'm here for the fall out.  Now that they pledged their 'wub'... it can be messy and glorious when and if "Sonny" returns. 

So, let's make like Mike's watch and dive in! 

photo credit: @Flutterby 

WOUND OF THE WEEK:  Oh Ava hires bodyguards who rough up Nikolas. Ava is distraught and gives him a little sexy-nursing!! whoot!! The icepack was cold but this scene was hot! Oh yeah, it was all because Ava has a restraining order out on Nikolas. Forgot that part lol. 

SPINNER OF THE WEEK: Yes, it's random. The scene was kind of random given the week we are in but anyway, Austin is trying to get Ned to have Leo see a specialist. I recognize signs of Autism..and I think that's where they are going. Seems like Ned may recognize some things but Olivia doesn't want to know. I am interested in this story...I only hope they keep with it and it's not just filler. 

MAKE OUT OF THE WEEK:  I wasn't pretty and it wasn't 'hot'...but you know what? It sealed the deal. Jason admitted his feelings for Carly and Carly admitted her feelings for him. Did they love other people in the meantime? Sure did. If Sonny hadn't have died would they have given into their feelings? Nope. That's why I like it. Their relationship was always an undercurrent ...always something that drew them together. We all know they were there for each other no matter what. Sorry if I think this is just overdue. Carly was scared of it. Jason--who knows about Jason. He's just the guy who's in the moment. Does it make perfect sense? Hell no. That's why it's great TV. Plus the fact the person they profess to love the most (Sonny) is still alive and breathing. Heh. Jason is going to feel that pain the most. 

NOT NEEDED OF THE WEEK: So, do I have any bitching of this story? Oh heck yah. WHY IS the whole town propping up these two so much? It's GAGGING. It's over-kill. It's just madness. Was it to tip Carly's doubt over? Well, we didn't need that ish, thank you. ESPECIALLY not from Monica. They already had their talk. We didn't need another one. Nope. Robin mention, AJ mention. Nope. Acting like Carly and Jason were always destined for this. Nope. The story was telling itself. All the people fawning over those two killed the vibe many times. 

TRUTH BOMBS OF THE WEEK:  I have mixed feelings on this. I would have played the whole "Nixon Falls" saga so differently (and so much shorter) that it's hard to grasp on to the end-game that's unfolding now. It's hard to take that Jax, after finding out Sonny is alive and well would even entertain the idea of listening to Nina's loony rantings about her reason why she's covered it up. Yeah...he cares about her but SONNY FKING CORINTHOS IS ALIVE!! I mean? Call the press!! Jax made all the points: He has a family. he's not really "Mike" and oh by the way, you're living in a fantasy land. Nina finally agrees to tell MikeSon and Jax agrees to let her do it herself. Good Lord. What? Ok, well...we all know Jax is dumb so I guess it fits. 

ASS OF THE WEEK: DAMN IT! Just when you think he's gone, he's like a boil that just rises up again! On Friday, for the last scene, we think Sonny's coming in the door and...... it''s... HIM.  WHY. Oh why. Is he going to kidnap Nina so she can't tell the truth to Mike? Will he use her as leverage to get the baby? Don't know, don't care. Unless he starts killing people it's just not worth it. Well, maybe HE gets killed--then yes, totally worth it. 

GAS OF THE WEEK:  So, Curtis, Jordan and Portia end up in the same spot, looking for the same guy. Tying in Drew and Naomi's killing. It's the same house layout they've used since the old Spencer house was up. Same basement door. I think it's a troll move, but?? Anyway, Goon is there, knocks out Jordan... gas leak... Curtis fight... and they end up back at GH with Jordan intubated and kidney not doing well. The point of all this? Like I said---to tie in Hayden/Mother; Drew and Crighton-Clark stories and..oh yeah. One more thing. It seems Curtis is kinda loving Jordan again? I mean? What was all that? Oh!! I know!! Portia was going to tell Cutis that Trina is really his kid and THEN she can't because Curtis might still love Jordan!! Ohhhhh, got it. :eyeroll: COME ON. Not fair. 

JUST MAKES WUBSY HAPPY OF THE WEEK:  Oh my goodness. I'm just putting this in here because I DO love the Phyllis MikeSon connection. I really REALLY hope Phyllis comes to PC and nurses there. We can use her.  PS the actress is on "Clickbait'!! Playing Ruby. 

PERFORMER OF THE WEEK:   Oh give it up for this gal! WOW.. Cynthia was just perfect, just saving so many scenes. Nina's pain was palpable. Even though it's a complete fantasy built on lies, she wants it so bad she almost makes us want it. Mike IS a better version of Sonny (although dull) and Mike IS someone she can just escape into. Delusional? Sure but still heartbreaking. I've always wondered how Michelle would have done this story but now I can't see anyone else acting it. Nina is finally Cynthia's to me. Bravo. 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Trina is all of us when we look at Esme. 


Jordan got gassed in a house and knocked out; is in the hospital ..Curits is sad

People figure out Naomi/Hayden and the Drew mess is connected

Jax finds Nina...and "MikeSon" in Nixon Falls; tries to talk sense into her

Nina cries. Wants Mike to herself.

Mike doesn't want the past; he only wants the future

Ava gets ready to leave PC; serves a restraining order on Nikolas

Trina tries to figure out why Esme would use the name "Lauren" and not "Kiki"

Gladys doesn't want to move out of Brando's apartment

Four of the Families are going to attack the Corinthos' Warehouses during the wedding

Maxie wants more of a say in how Brook is rearing Bailey

Austin talks to Ned about taking Leo to a specialist 

Peter finds his way back to Nixon Falls

 Peter makes a mess at the Tan-O, Drew plans and escape and It looks like the WEDDING will take place next week.  More spoilers on Diagnosis Daytime. 

I'm ready to rumble!! I think that Carly and Jason do say their vows and the reception goes on. Gladys seems to be in the middle of some mess but there's no spoilers with the bombs going off as of yet. Will Ms Wu take over the city? We can only hope. Rumor has it the Tan-O is on fire-- did Peter set it? Personally next week should be a good one because of the chaos coming. There will be a bit of Anna/Valentin/Drew stuff going on that I'm not caring about just yet. Get the whole scorched earth thing going. Just know I hope to be giddy over the soapy-ness of it all.  I hope you join me for the ride!? 


  1. "Am I a "Jarly Shipper"??? Heck naw-- I've learned over the years not to ship any couple. Why bother? I'm here for the fall out. Now that they pledged their 'wub'... it can be messy and glorious when and if "Sonny" returns. "

    Oh I love Jarly so much, but I'm not going to ship them! I wish I could, but they won't last! Sonny is alive and going to get his memory back eventually! What I wish would happen, would be Sonny gets his memory back, and gets angry at Jarly for getting married, and then goes back to Nina because he loves her! Then Jarly stay together.

    "Jason is going to feel that pain the most."

    Maybe. We shall see.

    "Is he going to kidnap Nina so she can't tell the truth to Mike?"

    Oh no! I don't want her kidnapped!!!! Damn I guess Jax will have to tell MikSon the truth.


    What happened to the house? Did it explode? We didn't get to see an explosion! :(

    "Oh!! I know!! Portia was going to tell Cutis that Trina is really his kid and THEN she can't because Curtis might still love Jordan!! Ohhhhh, got it. :eyeroll: COME ON. Not fair."

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah it's not fair, but it IS soapy. :)

    "I've always wondered how Michelle would have done this story but now I can't see anyone else acting it. Nina is finally Cynthia's to me. Bravo."

    YAY! I knew you would feel that way eventually! Cynthia is a fantastic actress! :)

    "MAKE OUT OF THE WEEK: I wasn't pretty and it wasn't 'hot'.."

    No it wasn't, but it got the job done!!! HA! :)

  2. Ok I must have missed it, why does annoying Esme call Kiki Lauren?
    I agree about Cynthia she did a great job as Nina! But I've always liked her. Nina looney as Hell though ðŸĪŠ
    Hope Nava gets back together!
    Great SS!!
    I have closing shift all week so it's Hulu for the win. Bummer. It was nice to be on vacation and watch live all week. 😁❤

    1. She slipped. Kiki's ID at the hospital said "Lauren" on it. Which is why she knew her given name and that tipped off trina that something wasn't kosher

  3. First and foremost respect Karen 100%. Nut I never not once felt
    Jason had romantic feelings for Carly.
    20 years ago as a confused amnesiac with Sarah
    Brown? Maybe for a hot minute.
    But the timing after teasing us with a great pairing
    With Britt? An underused actress that lights up our screen?
    Laura is a great actress but many of us are over the Carly show.
    The only reason I will be watching is to watch it be
    Over. Would have been better for Joss to be against or hate the idea.
    For Britt or Sam to try and pull him the other direction away from Carly.

    1. Oh I GET IT!! LOL.. about 90% of the people feel the way you do!

  4. Replies
    1. Cynthia is awesome. She is the main reason I am hating they are throwing Nina under the bus for the whole Smike amnesia story. I think the only people who won't hate her once this hits the fan are Sasha, Liesl, Britt, and maybe Valentin.

  5. Thanks for another great SS!
    I see Carly/Jason as so forced. Trying hard for chemistry.
    The Drew mess is right. Don't care. The 3 stooges left a dead guy in the gas leak basement without ever alerting local authorities.
    Hiney will make a big mess before this is done. There are just too many loose ends coming into this week's wedding plans.
    I always thought that when a soap story line was developed that they would know, or have a pretty good idea, how the story would end eventually. It is clear these writers do not. But GH has an amazing cast mostly and they are always worth watching.

  6. is it weird that I feel like I know all of ya'll and call you friends even though e have never met???? LOL!
    I repeat - I taught 8th grade English for 25 years, and most of them could write better IN THAT continuity and history/research when they wrote as a team, but yes when they all write separately, it's a bust.
    I just don't think I can take it if Peter kidnaps Nina and Jax doesn't stop the wedding or Sonny stops the wedding and we are ALL wishing each other Merry Christmas and discussing when Sonny will remember...........
    I DID read that maybe Peter disappears again in November his contract is up? WHY is he not trying to seek revenge on Finn and Elizabeth?
    still don't think Victor and Peter are working together after all.
    CUrtis + begging Jordan to wake up = Portia dumps him and keeps Trina's secret.

    1. I feel the like I have friends here too, so I don't think it is weird.

    2. Same. Definitely not weird ❤

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Ditto, not weird at all! ðŸĨ°
      And let PLP dissappear, permanently.

  7. Just people react to something doesn’t mean it’s good. See PLP. The only reason the show is doing jarly 9 months after sonny died is because they couldn’t get Todd. Jarly having a drunken NOP right after Sonny died would have made more sense. I wish Rebecca Herbst would just go to another show at this point.

  8. The only couple I ship is Liesl and Scott - and they better not mess with them. 😊 I am looking forward to the hot mess that will happen once everyone finds out Sonny is alive.

    If they go with the Leo has autism story, I hope they do it right. My son is a high functioning autistic and I would love to see GH do justice to it. BTW, Sonya I gave my son the hug you said to give him and he sent it back to you.

    Can Smike go after PLP with that baseball bat and get rid of him once and for all? Please?

    1. "Gary says BTW, Sonya I gave my son the hug you said to give him and he sent it back to you."

      Oh yeah I know! :) Sweet! How old is he?

      "Can Smike go after PLP with that baseball bat and get rid of him once and for all? Please?"

      Yes please!!!! :)

    2. He is 26. He graduated from the local community college last May be we aren't pushing him to look for a job during covid. Not that he has figured out what kind of career he wants yet. He says maybe computers.

    3. We need a like tab, great post Gary. 🙂

  9. I will give some credit to Cynthia Watros (Nina) because she is trying HARD to sell those scenes. The whole Nixon Falls storyline was mishandled and too long. Goodbye and good riddance, Tan-O!

    I totally agree about the scene with Monica. Why, oh why can't some Port Charles residents (with Monica at the head of the line) oppose the Carly/Jason wedding? It is maddening.

    I am really hoping Jax ultimately is killed as collateral damage in a mob shooting. The character is played out, the actor is obnoxious and it would make the Carly/Joss relationship much more interesting. I am tired of Joss loving everything her mom says and does.

    I think it is going to turn out that Austin is on the autism spectrum (ala "The Good Doctor.") He definitely has unusual reactions to certain social interactions.

    1. Kevin. That was my thoughts exactly. Austin is on the spectrum. He was kind of acting that way when talking to Ned seemed like. That would make sense

    2. Kevin, there is something about the way Austin interacts with others that reminds me so much of my son, who is on the spectrum. And I think Roger is the perfect actor to handle it.

  10. State of Mind with Laura Wright and Maurice Bernard is interesting - it's good/don't get me wrong but I had to laugh a couple of times when she interrupted him. Her story about her mom's death is amazing. BUT when he says Carly Corinthos, she said, 'almost Morgan' depending on when this airs....and they claim they don't know what is going to happen down the line but it's going to be HUGE when Sonny returns as she says, "We ALL know Sonny is coming back." and her observation about breaking up Sonny and Carly with this storyline made more sense than something weird.............
    Finally, Maurice comments how the viewers HATE this storyline and he didn't mind doing it, but it was 8 months and that WAS a long time............gotta watch it cause I got the idea he is ready to come back EXCEPT that he says, doing Sonny and Mike in the same day of her dreams was difficult to get back into 'angry' Sonny.....he liked Mike's calmness...

  11. Holy cow I just saw a few minutes ago a commercial for an upcoming episode of GH!!! The Tan-O is on fire and Phyllis and Nina are tied up and gagged. So Nina isn't going to be kidnapped!!!!

    1. Must be Peter who does that.

    2. "lindie says, Must be Peter who does that."

      Yeah that is what I'm thinking! Did you see the promo?

  12. I can't help but love Jarly. I hope I survive the fallout lol


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