Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Day 8 of 9

 Of the countdown to the WEDDING! Oh yes. Day 8.. lord

Nixon Falls: Jax and Nina . Jax barges in to the Tan-O. MikeSon isn't there of course. He drops Mike's name tho and Nina's all nervous. Jax mentions maranara sauce and says he'll leave her alone if he can meet MikeSon. And.. at one point MikeSon walks right in. 

Fingerlakes: Curtis, Jordan and Portia want to talk to the same man about Drew and Naomi's cases. They talk about the cases. OMG SO boRING. They get inside. OMG It's just like the Spencer house and every other rando house they use.. AND the basement door is open. DERP. Jordan goes in. Curtis is in the woods, can't get a signal. Portia is wandering around. Jordan goes to the basement. The owner guy is dead on the couch. Jordan gets knocked out by a guy with a lead pipe. Curtis comes in, guy is there saying he's the owner. Curtis says he knows he's not the owner. They both run. Yada yada, Jordan and Portia get trapped in the basement with the gas on. 

Jason and Joss can't find Carly. She's been gone like 20 minutes LOL. I think she's at Sonny's grave or something. Jason calls Spin to find Carly. :eyeroll:  Spin calls. Jason knows where she is. 

Trina is at the pool, trying to find out why Esme knew about Kiki's real name. Spencer is like: it's no big deal. Then Trina says it was tacky to see Ava and Esme could be the stalker. Spencer gets all defensive. Esme figures out that Tri and Spence probably had a "thing" together. 

Nik and Ava, arguing over the order of protection. Nik shreds it. Ava hired giant goonie guys to bodyguard her. LMAO She takes a phone call. Nik goes to leave and the goons beat him up. She comes out, so upset... she feels badly. Gives Nik the ice pack. Kisses him. COVID Style. 

Portia says she can't die, she has to tell Trina the truth about her father (meaning she's Curtis')

Jax says MikeSon and Nina can't be in love, it's a lie

Ava pulls away from Nikolas... tells the goons to drive him home. 


  1. OMG. They are ruining our show. This is not what anyone wants to see.

  2. I called it! THIS is the beginning of Curtis finding out he's the father and he won't speak to Portia/take years for them to get back together (although I DID think they would be heavy dating when he found out)..
    Jordan is THE worst police person on the planet - and I just don't think she can act. Is that just in my mind?
    If Jax keeps Nina's secret, I am done....finished...I want Mike back in PC with no memory - don't want Sonny back/back just yet. BUT I want JAX to blow it up and Nina to face what she has done.
    EVEN BEFORE Ingo and NLG had their feud, it was obvious that Frank and the writers were pushing him to be horrible and to go away...he can take Nina with him as far as I am concerned.....TWO characters in one year have completely become unbearable.
    Carly is probably at Sonny's grave? or apologizing to someone weird like AJ?
    Still waiting on Stuart Damon episode..............

    1. Jax will keep Nina's secret

    2. Ya killin' me --- please no!

    3. I doubt he'll keep the secret. He doesn't want carly to marry Jason. And Joss would never forgive him if he kept her from knowing the truth.

    4. The only way I think he *May* keep the secret is if they keep him from telling. (lock him up or something ridiculous)

    5. This might not be popular, but I’m not much of a Curtis fan. He acts high and mighty a lot. So I would not be disappointed if he could not forgive Portia and she moved on. In fact, if he does forgive Portia, he would be a hypocrite.

  3. lol Well I guess the writers are no longer completely constipated because we actually had a little movement today.

    I noticed that Jordan didn't ask Portia to check if the guy was really dead because we now know the doctors at GH have trouble getting that right.

    And I can see why GH wants to say Curtis is Trina's dad because as much as we love Taggert I don't think the actor is up to any long term roles, and Curtis will obviously be here for a long time. (hopefully)

    Joss and Trina need to team up to out Esme. Should be fun.

    And is it evil to hope that Jordan doesn't make it? maybe Mac can take over her role. I know it's 2021 but women don't have to be in charge of everything!

    1. Women can be in charge. Just not Jordan.

    2. I know women can be in charge. I just don't want to see them in charge of everything on my tv shows , especially when it means someone inexperienced takes over from someone who was doing a good job.

    3. "Di says Well I guess the writers are no longer completely constipated"


  4. Thank you writers! NO CARLY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yes soaps take liberties. Dead people coming back to life etc. But an adult waking up in an unknown place and staying for months never questioning if they had children and/or loved ones in their real life is preposterous. I see Nina and Mike as weak. Just like the writers have done with so many characters.
    Honestly, I have forgotten who the 3 stooges are looking for and why. Don't care.

    1. Plus we have GOOGLE and Internet now - people would KNOW Sonny Corinthos....STUPID that Phyllis and Lenny never TRIED to find out who he was by using the internet!

  6. Nixon falls spinoff:

    Pennsylvania side of the river LanTANO mountain bar:

    Nina and Jax: Yeah Nina, Jax is not leaving.. Okay this is good. I like that Jax is there and not in Port Chuckles whining to Carly or whining about Carly.

    Nina, Jax, and Mike: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! :) The explosion! :) Great scene!!!

    Port Chuckles:

    Ava's art gallery:

    Nava: Hmmm covid kiss.. Someone on twitter said that Marcus Coloma isn't vaccinated.. Well if that is the case, then I'm glad they have the covid kiss.

    Nava, Bubba, and Floyd: Ava said they were from the UFO! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Hmmm Bubba? From Bubba Gump shrimp?! :)

    Bubba, Floyd, and Nik: Bubba wins the line of the day.

    Bubba: WAIT! Not the face!

    BAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Why not? Because there would be no evidence? :) Ava didn't say to beat him up!!!! Come on you guys! Now you upset her!

    Metrocourt rooftop pool:

    Vampire girl, Chad, and Trina: Vampire girl is turning all on Trina!!! Just so that she takes the attention off of her and Chad! Wow this girl is good.

    Vampire girl and Chad: WOW! She is a very good manipulator!!! I wonder if Chad sent the text to Trina.

    Carson home:

    Jason and Joss: Joss is panicked!!!! She should be panicked over the missing Tribbles!!!!! Not her mother.

    Joss and Trina: Trina venting! :) Love that she is venting to Joss! Love the besties!!! :)

    Fingerlakes house: OH MAN! Who is this bad guy?! Jordan should not be wearing white! She could get shot and since she is wearing white, yikes! And yes the old Spencer childhood home. :)

    Curtis and bad guy: YEAH CURTIS YEAH! GET THAT GUY! :)

    Portia and Jordan: When Jordan passed out the 2nd time, it made me laugh. It was just so unexpected. We weren't warned and we didn't see it happen. Oh oh the gas leak!!!

    Portia: I need to tell Trina the truth.

    My ears perked up and waited for her to say it!!

    Portia: The truth about her father.

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! I waited a long time for this! :) And now I bet when they get out, Portia will be quiet, and won't tell Trina that her bio father is Curtis. I love how Portia was holding Jordan.

    1. I thought Curtis would get shot and need blood-Trina's - and then I realized the boy has already BEEN SHOT! LOL!

    2. "mufasa says, I thought Curtis would get shot and need blood-Trina's - and then I realized the boy has already BEEN SHOT! LOL!"

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! I guess Curtis getting shot didn't make Portia want to tell Curtis the truth, but almost dying from gas, that will do it. ROFL!

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  8. Can't stand the Mike/Nina story. He has small children. She kept him away from them. How despicable. Love Trina! She gives the best stares!!!

    1. Yes! Me too! Her eyes get all small and squinty! She's the best!! She needs to out Esme!! 🤮🤮

    2. Trina is figuring out that Esme might have torched Ava's car. That is a lot faster than Jordan and the PCP or Anna when she lost her brain and covered for Peter have every cracked a case. Trina for Police Commissioner!!!!

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  10. Just wanted to say thanks for all of the recaps/comments. Had a family emergency (which is all good now) and missed 2 weeks of our favorite soap. I know I'm late to the party, but WHY is PLP alive? Arg!!! And where are the Tribbles? And I really wish I could have seen Scottie falling from the sky, lol!

    Gotta say I still adore Trina and seriously this Nixon Falls thing is stupid!

    Thanks again friends!


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