Wednesday, September 1, 2021

FUN SHOW today!

 CYRUS!! He talks about Carly and Jason. Says Carly is a liability. Cyrus wants the Five Families to use the wedding as a venue to strike. They'll all have alibis. 

Gladys is with Novak and he's wondering when Jarly got together. She says right away although Jason went with Britt for awhile. Gladys is trying to get invited to the wedding.  YES! He invites her to the wedding!! 

Joss and Jax eat Sonny's sauce on the mozz sticks.  She talks about he and Carly fighting.  They taste the appetizer. Joss gets a funny , sad look on her face. He asks about it. She says that it's just like Sonny's and it's smoky yada yada. 

Nina and Sonny. She sees he got spag sauce on him. Wants him to take his shirt off. Oh they end up going into the bedroom. Her hair gets tangled in his watch. They take it off and she sees the inscription. She says she can't do this. 

Carly and Jason hug, Britt sees it. Britt wishes them the best (GROSS). Carly leaves. Britt and Jason talk a bit, then she meets her date (just some rando guy). 

Liz and Finn almost kiss and see something fall from the sky. OMG IT'S SCOTTY!! AHAHAHA with a parachute..knocked out on the ground!! LIz is like: SCOTT!!!???? and IT'S SAM FROM OLTL as the boyscout again! (He found Peter back when) OMG. I LOVE that kid. He's just out in the woods and helps out. THey go to GH Scotty wakes up and says "Are we there yet"? Jordan is called and asks him what happened. He is asking where Liesl is... 

Sasha and Brando talking about a date at his garage. Then they talk about moving in together sometime. He says he's trying to make more money by 'side gigs" just then Carly walks up to talk to him. Ut Oh, Sasha going to think he's working for the MOB again!  Sasha goes to pee and Carly talks to Brando.  Brando says he kept a coded notebook AHAHHA. OMG Okay. 


Jax flashes back to seeing Sonny when he was shot. 

Gladys tells Carly she's a plus one at the wedding heh (it's funny) '

Boyscout finds Liesl's locket on the forest floor. 


  1. I gotta repeat this - EVERYONE needs to be reading WUBS twitter as she watches - it is SOLID GOLD!!

    1. I need a link for that as I don't use twitter and I can never figure out how to find answers and the replies to them.

    2. Twitter makes me dizzy but I have read her tweets after.

    3. YES!!!! IT'S HYSTERICAL!!!! I die many times. :)

    4. "Di says, I need a link for that"

    5. "Di says, Thanks, sonya."

      You're welcome. :)

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  3. Sorry had two typos and it was less confusing if I just deleted it rather than correcting it underneath.

    Yes, everything is definitely coming to a head soon. Glad Novack wasn't lying. I kinda like him too. He knows how to handle Gladys.She'll be a hoot at the wedding too, I'm sure.

    Glad Scotty remembered he was with Liesl. I hope he remembers the 2 men soon. And thank heavens Nina is getting her act together because I think Jax will be heading to the Tan-O tomorrow.

    1. "Di says, I hope he remembers the 2 men soon."

      Scotty didn't even see the two men because he was passed out!

  4. Did Wyatt call Finn Dr. Clay? Nice to see the young lad again.
    Some progress today. It's like they throw a lot into one show every so often but the ones in between are lacking in many ways.
    Gladys is a hoot. A most annoying hoot but so funny.

    1. DID He?? Oh my, I didn't catch that!! I was just so happy to see him again LOL Gladys sure puts everything into her role! LOL I loved seeing Carly speechless

  5. Nixon falls spinoff:

    Pennsylvania side of the river LanTANO mountain bar:

    Mike and Nina: Man the look on Mike's face when he was looking at her.. He is in wuv! :) OH! The kisses!!!! :) Yum!


    Mike and Nina: HOT HOT HOT! :) Oh that damn watch!!! Oh no now Nina is feeling all the guilt feels!!!! Actually this is a great scene!!!! You see? He don't want to know who he really is!!!

    Nina: Find out who you are.

    Great line!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) And then when he remembers who he is, he won't be angry with Nina! :)

    Port Chuckles:

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Gladys and Novak: Oh they are going to have a date!!! To the wedding!!! They do look cute together.. He is very handsome. Gladys wins the line of the day.

    Novak: How soon after Sonny's passing did Mrs Corinthos and Mr. Morgan connect?

    Gladys: Practically at the wake!


    Britch and her date: WOW! He is HOT! What the? What is she blowing him off and lying to him? Will we see him again?

    Jax's home:

    Jax and Joss: Stop getting so close together! Don't touch his hand! 6 feet apart!! Man Ingo sounds like he has a cold!!!! Oh look yes the sauce is the best in the world!!!! Time for you to go to Nixon Falls Jax? Yeah just go to Nixon falls so you can stop going from one person to another to whine.


    Fiz: OH THEY WERE GOING TO KISS!!! What the hell is that sound??!!?!

    Fiz, Scotty, and Wyatt: SCOTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you are okay. Whew! Hi Wyatt! Good to see you again. :)

    The hospital:

    Scotty's room: Yes yes go find Dr. O!!!!! Britch go find your mother!!!!! Did Lucy find out about Scotty yet?

    Jail waiting area:

    Cyrus and Bucheme. Mmmmmm deliciously evil! :)

    The garage:

    Brasha: For a second there that didn't look like Sasha at all. That was odd. Wait don't they already live together? Or was that just for the baby? I'm confused.

    Carly and Brando: Boy I'm glad Sasha is listening in. :)

    Carly, Brasha, and Gladys: WAIT WAIT WAIT! Gladys is drunk? How the hell did that happen? Where did she go after the Metrocourt? Fish or chicken? Well whatever she wants just poison it. :)

    1. Ingo better not have COVID if he sounds like he has a cold.

    2. Well he's a non vaxxer if I'm not mistaken so....his fault.

    3. "lindie says, Ingo better not have COVID if he sounds like he has a cold."

      Yeah no kidding! Did you hear him? He sounded stuffy!

    4. I mean I hope Ingo is not spreading Covid to all the others.

    5. Just stop!! People with the "vaxx" are getting and spreading "the virus"! I know that doesn't fit the agenda but it's true.

    6. You are so right Googlesux. A lot of people that are fully vaxinated have still gotten Covid.

    7. GoogleSux63: Your info is incorrect. Don't spread lies.
      Ingo has been a problem on set.

    8. When they returned to work at the beginning of August, Frank V said, "Before anyone could even walk into the building, COVID-19 tests came first. Testing negative was mandatory. Testing will continue and Valentini says masks are now worn at all times, except when actors are taping a scene.

      The amount of physical intimacy is limited," said Valentini. "We're going to leave a lot more to the imagination."

      Ingo obviously did not test possitive. 2 actors did. Being unvaccinated doesn't mean you're positive. He's taking a bigger risk of catching it from those who did test positive. And were they vaccinated?

      We should all just stop speculating at let it go. They are testing. They're taking precautions and everyone has a diffent opinion. Those who don't get the virus are the winners, not the loudest voices.

    9. Sounds like you are all wishing that he gets sick. What a wonderful group of people!! If you watch This is Us, do you hope the actress that plays Kate has a heart attack? She is morbidly obese. Are people screaming for her to exercise and eat healthy? No, it's her choice to make.

    10. "GoogleSux63 says, Sounds like you are all wishing that he gets sick."

      Nope I don't want him to get sick. I want him safe. I don't wish this virus on anybody.

  6. Was the Pres on AGAIN today?????? It still isn't on Hulu and it's after 9pm (central). What gives? It's normally on at 7.

    1. No he wasn't.. Are you still going on Hulu? You don't need Hulu! Go here.

    2. Sometimes Hulu is late on posting the episode. It's irritating.

    3. It was wasn't late, it was there but not there. It was on the watch latest episode but not where all the all the episodes are. So I just clicked on watch latest episode.

    4. Sonya I pay for Hulu so I'll watch it there but thanks. 💖
      It was a great episode! Good to see Wyatt. I didn't catch him saying Mr. Clay. I'll have to watch again. Soooo I'm guessing that Jax will out "Mike" and he'll Carly Sonny is alive? Maybe everyone really will end up Nixon Falls?? 🤣

    5. "Michelle L says, Sonya I pay for Hulu so I'll watch it there but thanks. 💖"

      Oh okay.. :) But sometimes Hulu is late and you want to watch it really badly you could go on that site.. Haha sorry just wanted to help. :)

  7. You're right, today's show was fun. I liked seeing Wyatt again and Gladys drunk at the end was a hoot. Thankfully, it looks like "Mike" is going to be found soon. Hasn't he been in Nixon Falls since January, if I am not mistaken?

    1. “Kevin says Hasn't he been in Nixon Falls since January, if I am not mistaken?“

      He ‘died’ in December, Christmas. So yeah In January.

  8. Replies
    1. Yes mufasa!! Crazy!! Isn't it!!

    2. Gawd, yes. I didn't know it was that long. Where has my life gone?

      Glad you finally got to watch it michelle. it was fun.

    3. Tragedy Strikes When Sonny Confronts Julian on the Footbridge ... Friday, December 18, 2020

  9. Did Mike dye his hair again before their date? Can't wait for Jax to bust Nixon Falls. It just has to end already. We had tornado warnings all day but watched on Hulu this am. Gladys was a hoot - the actress is really good at smarmy. Britt looked gorgeous - much better than Carly.


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