Monday, September 13, 2021

Day 5 of 9

 Spencer, Esme....Nikolas... he wants to know where Esme is from. She said "here, there and everywhere". Very evasive. Valentin walks up. He and Nik banter. Spencer joins his Dad's side. Esme is happy. Anna walks up. They keep arguing. Talk about how Valentin is keeping the Cassadine name but isn't really one. Yada yada. Anna drags him away,  Spencer tells Nikolas he will probably move back into Wyndmere. 

Maxie asks Austin AGAIN to go to the damn wedding. Oh! a patient calls. He leaves. WILL MAXIE GET A DATE? zzzzzzzzzzz. Oh by the end of the show, Austin says yes, he'll go. 

Phyllis picks up the phone MikeSon left when Nina calls. She says he's on the way back to the Tan-O. Nin says: Oh! He's here but we know it's PETER. ;eyeroll:  He says he figured out her plan and her Aunt is 'taken care' of and now it's her turn. yada yadaPeter makes her call Valentin about the baby--and he says nothing new. She asks him how room service is. Must be a clue. She hangs up. Peter isn't happy. Then, Phyllis walks in. Nina gives her some clues and Phyllis gets to go behind the bar and actually gets a GUN!! Pulls it out but Peter already is holding Nina with one.  Damn it, Phyllis caves and drops her weapon first. 

Jordan is awake. Curtis acting like he loves her. Portia walks out. Shawn and TJ are relieved. OH! Molly arrives! Austin comes out and tells them all she's in renal failure. She's going to Albany for a blood transfusion/dialysis etc. MAC IS TAKING OVER!! wehooo!! Everyone says goodbye to her. It totally felt like she was leaving the show...geesh!!! 

Ava arrives at Carly's "sorry, I know your wedding is today but it's important". She is leaving town and leaving Avery with the head of the mob. Oh! Ok! She'll be totally safe. Pffffffft. Carly says ok, sounds good. 

Joss and Trina talking about Spencer and Esme while they make the favors for the wedding. Trina tells Joss that Victor was really Spencer. She's sorry she didn't tell her sooner. 


Peter tells Nina and Phyllis they'll never leave the Tan-O again

Joss confronts Spencer at the Metro about being "Victor"

Jordan says goodbye. 

Ava wishes Carly luck


  1. REALLY - party favors? Maxie didn't cover that already and your mom is on like her 4th marriage! It IS funny that JaCarly and the FIVE FAMILIES are safer than one stalker??????
    Is Maura West taking a break or we just THINK she is? Maybe Trina figures it out, tells Ava, Ava pretends to leave but ACTUALLY hides in the tunnels of Wyndemere and cathces Emme....who IS gonna be Ryan's daughter....I just feel it...
    Jordan - BYE BYE ------------------ Hello, MAC!!!!!!!!!!!
    I still think Sonny might save Nina and get his memory back at the same time OR in GH time, Valentin and Anna get to Nixon Falls in 2 minutes...
    Please make this (PETER) go away and Nina be caught.

    1. Totally agree about Esme being Ryan's daughter.

    2. Why must people cave to PLP?!?!? She could have taken that shot!
      I'd love to see Ava hiding in Wyndemere and there be a plan (between her and Nik) while they are back together and all. ­čśë
      As for the party favors I don't see those as a big deal, they are being done by her daughter. Just a little something extra, bonus. From the heart. ❤
      I too agree that Esme could be Ryan's daughter. She seems crazy enough.

  2. MAC IS TAKING OVER!!...Yaah. I cheered at that part too. Maybe she's leaving the show and they're going to have her die off screen because they don't want to do a long storyline. She's not in anything else that I'm aware of. Either way I'm happy.

    Why in heavens name would Phyllis put the gun down. How would that save her life or Nina's. That was just giving up. grrrr I had they're shattered.

    I think Joss put 2 and 2 together and she may have figured out that Spence is the stalker. I hope so!!

    They really are trying to tone Carly down. I guess they didn't like the "banshee" nickname. lol

    And where the heck is Mike? He should have gotten home before Phyllis.

    1. Di, I thought the same thing - I was singing Ronnie Milsap's Let's Take the Long Way Around the World!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. "Di says, They really are trying to tone Carly down. I guess they didn't like the "banshee" nickname. lol

      ROFL! Yeah maybe :)

  3. Nixon falls spinoff:

    Pennsylvania side of the river LanTANO mountain bar:

    Nina and Hiney: Can someone just shoot him please?!?!! I mean the actor is hot, and I love his curly hair, but man I hate Hiney! Just kill him off, and then bring him back as a nice character!! I love how Nina gave V.C. clues. :)

    Niney, Hiney, and Phyllis: Oh dammit! SHOOT HIM PHYLLIS SHOOT HIM! Don't put the gun down! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Port Chuckles:

    Carson home:

    Ava and Carly: Where are you going Ava? Nixon falls? You going to find the Tribbles?

    Trina and Joss: Victor victor victor.. Esme Esme Esme. Spencer Spencer Spencer. Why aren't they talking about The Tribbles!!!! Don't they miss them? Don't they wonder where they are?!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Chad, Vampire girl, and Nik: Same ol same ol. Oh hi V.C. Oh now we are getting somewhere in the scene. Oh hi Anna.. Ohhhhhh Anna sticking up for V.C. YAY! Vanna power! :)

    V.C. and Anna:

    Anna: You're my friend too.

    Awwwwwwwwwwww. :) I love Vanna! I love the look on her face when she said that. I'm glad V.C. realized that something is wrong with Nina. I'm glad Vanna is going to Nixon falls.. Together. :)

    Anna: How soon do we get to Nixon falls?

    You just know what he is going to say.

    V.C.: We can go in my teleport and it will be within seconds.

    The hospital:

    Maxie and Brooky: Oh Brooky! Stop pimping out Maxie! ARGH!

    Maxie, Brooky, and Dr. Holtster: Are you happy now Brooky? Dr. Holtster is going to the wedding.. Do you want Maxie to kiss him too?

    Jordan's room: Oh so Jordan is going to Albany? Is Albany an hour away from Port Chuckles? So we have 2 people leaving. Are they leaving because of the pandemic? And there are some people who are unvaccinated? Who else is leaving?

    Jordan and Portia: OH! Jordan knows Portia's secret! Oh wait she doesn't.

    Jordan and Curtis: WOW! Jordan wasn't blinking and that was creepy. So are they getting back together or what? I mean they aren't divorced yet. The divorce papers were ruined and thrown out.

    Curtis and Portia: Uh is this the end of them? :(

    Goodbye to Jordan: How long is she going to be gone?

    1. Please writers lets Vanna be the ones to hand Peter his A$$

    2. sonya said,"Anna: How soon do we get to Nixon falls?"

      *** They'll probably get there before poor old Mike ambles in. Phyllis already beat him back.

    3. When VAnna get to Nixon Falls Peter will be gone. They will get there before Mike. lol. Are Jax and Mike talking across town or something? Jax would just tell Mike who he is. This is so stupid.

    4. "Linda says, Please writers lets Vanna be the ones to hand Peter his A$$"

      I wish! That would be great!

      "Di says, They'll probably get there before poor old Mike ambles in. Phyllis already beat him back."

      ROFL! Where the hell is he? Wait tomorrow's preview he is still at the park and talking to Jax! Why is Mike still at the park?!

    5. "lindie says, Are Jax and Mike talking across town or something?"


      "Jax would just tell Mike who he is."

      Oh he can't because he promised Nina he would let her tell him.

    6. And how did they get past Phyllis. lol Such great continuity.

  4. Why are Ava and Jordan going? WHY leave your daughter with mobsters? Peter makes me ill. One of them could have killed him by now without the yapping

    1. I want to barf. Ava propping Carly is disgraceful

    2. That's the writers for ya. Always... Carly gets everything and gets bowed down to like a heroine.

  5. I have nothing positive to say about today's show. I do have a feeling that these writers will try to make Hiney just like his father. Disappearing and popping up every once in a while to do something horrible. He will NEVER be Faison. Nor will he ever be dead. Just a feeling folks.

    1. I sadly completely agree with you zazu. Valentin and Anna are on their way to Nixon Falls, but the writers will make them look like idiots again.

    2. I will be so happy if we are wrong and they let them have the limelight

  6. I am repeating myself I am sure - but State of Mind with Laura and Maurice has many insightful things - good and bad - including Laura talking about how hateful people are about the storylines----- from Maurice saying he gets it though - 8 months (it's really NINE) of the Nixon Falls.

  7. and I am the only one who now thinks Emme is gonna make a move on Nik???

  8. sorry I am on a roll tonight - JaCarly marry Sept 17th and the kids are NOT in college already???

  9. So the actress playing Jordan is leaving... wonder who will take her place.
    Obviously they would have just killed her off if they weren't recasting.

    1. Did you read something about her leaving?

    2. Just saw her announcement. Wubs posted it on FB.

    3. Yeh I saw that. I bet we have alot of people rejoicing because they hated (this) Jordan. Have to say I'm sad to see her go. Guess we'll see what happens....


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