Sunday, September 5, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Free Fallin'


GH this week was up and down. DOWN DOWN DOWWWWN!! You know why? Yep, we had Baldwins falling from the sky! (There's a lawyer joke in there somewhere)!  Since it was camping themed, grab your s'mores and cozy on up. 

Photo thx to: @onlyjutes 

ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: Oh there's always one!! This week goes to the dialog writers who kept dropping the fact that Jarly's wedding was 'TOMORROW". They said it on Friday. That means that we have 9 business days before the wedding even starts. STARTS. What the. I mean I know time moves slowly but come ON!!! Is the day/morning of the wedding lasting TWO WEEKS? Can I Last that long? UGH. 

HEAD TRAUMA OF THE WEEK:  Man down!! Right smack dab in the middle of Finn and Liz' camping trip!! Just when they were about to plant one on each other, he crashes down. Now, a lot of people on twitter hated this. I of course...loved it. So "campy" and SO GH. LOL. So 1980s. Anyway, Scott got thrown out of the plane by some goons and they took the time to put a parachute on him--and open it! He's bumped and bruised but not too badly. He did tell Liesl he loved her before they passed out. Gah! 

LOVE SHACK of the WEEK: Oh, poor Liesl... she's being held captive by... VICTOR CASSADINE! Played by  Charles Shaunghnessy  I like it!! He's dashing, the right age and I was just very pleased. The whole "prison bedroom" is over-used however and her being in her satin PJs? Sigh. BUT!! Intrigued! This will all tie in with Drew, Peter and that mystery woman (Hayden??) 

FLASHBACK OF THE WEEK: After Jax eats Josslyn's appetizer and she swoons over the sauce that 'tastes like Sonny's", he flashes to seeing him when he was in Nixon Falls. Putting the pieces together months later, he figures out that Sonny is probably Nina's secret boyfriend. Will he go find "Mike"? Will he confront Nina? Stop the wedding? Well, we have 2 weeks to find out! 

CLOCK-BLOCKER OF THE WEEK: Oh that watch of Sonny's! Just when he and Nina were in the bedroom ready to rumble, she sees this and freaks the hell out.  MikeSon can't believe he was turned down (with these dimples????) and pouts. Nina's feeling guilty and pushes him to 'find himself' before she can come to him fully. :wink: 

SLIP OF THE TONGUE OF THE WEEK: I'm saying it: Esme doesn't grab me as either a vamp or a rich bitch. Nope. No inflection, no flair, nothing. She could totally be Willow's long lost sister from the Prairie.  The only reason I'm mentioning her is that she got Nik and Spencer together by telling Spencer they needed the money and she called Kiki "Lauren". This will be important down the road. 

RETURN OF THE WEEK: Yeah! Cyrus! I wasn't sure we'd see him so soon. I'm happy. Like Jeff K.  He's also making trouble at the Jarly wedding. Here's hoping Gladys carries the bomb in her gift package. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: This has to go to NLG and if you know why, you know why. If not? Let's just say she's playing opposite someone that was pretty nasty on social media to her. Combined that with the fact they are polar political opposites and... well, you get the picture. She was stellar in this scene for her delivery and sheer acting power.  A ton of things were said with the eyes. Loved it. 

SHOWER OF THE WEEK PART ONE: Yes, I'm calling Jason's "party" a shower because I think the only point of it was to have Spinelli smash Joey Novak's face after he disparaged Carly. By the way, it's a wonder they didn't order malted milk.  PS I do like N'Neka the bartender. More please. 

SHOWER OF THE WEEK TWO: Yes, Carly had one. Yes, Brando was the stripper. No it wasn't exciting. He kept his black giant panties on. So... 

WUBS HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: The Boyscout Wyatt. Sorry, I love that little sprite just turning up rando here and there in the woods. He's like a gnome! Plus, he's Sam from OLTL. I want him to be Austin's nephew.  All I could get was an old pic when he helped Peter back in the day! 

FACE OF THE WEEK: Carly reacting to Gladys telling her she's Novak's plus one!! "I'll have the the fish!! No! The chicken"!!! Loved a drunk Gladys. 


Scotty and Liesl's plane goes down; he's thrown out, she's captured by Victor Cassadine

Carly has a shower with a stripper (Brando)

Jason's bach party is interrupted by Joey Novak and a punch from Spinelli

Ava decides to leave town but isn't quite out yet

Jax remembers seeing Sonny in Nixon Falls when he's shot

Esme name drops "Lauren" instead of Kiki, puzzling Trina

Spencer makes up with Nikolas for his room at the mansion and credit cards

Camping turns into falling objects when Scotty drops from a plane

Scotty and Britt fear for Liesl's life

Brando stripped for the ladies 

Jordan and Shawn decide to work together to catch Hayden's shooter

Sam is working with Dante and Anna on Drew's plane crash and phone call 

Gladys gets invited by Novak Sr. to the Jarly Ball; wants chicken 

Oh, Finn knows how to pitch a tent. 

NEWS OF THE WEEK:  The big news is.... Mandatory Vaccines on the set of GH by October. Oh boy oh boy! Some actors have made themselves clear on this subject. What will the fallout be? We will be watching the behind the scenes social media play out!!  

NO new GH Monday because it's Labor Day 

My husband's cousin, Fabienne Andre came in 4th out of a field of 9 in her wheelchair race at the ParaOlympics in Tokyo Friday!!  She's just amazing. 22 years old and until two years ago competed at swimming. :Clapping: 

SPOILERS:  The only one I'm really interested in is that Austin will be looking at little Leo in a diagnostic light. I think Olivia will be in denial but Ned already suspects something. Other stuff is that Portia finds out a secret and Britt looks for her mama. 

That's a wrap! GH was watchable this week and for me, lover of old soapy crazy, it was a hit. As someone mentioned on twitter, there was a big "Miss" of the week and that was not having Molly at Carly's shower to watch Brando strip!! Dang it. And Kristina has all but evaporated. You finally have a Bi Character on and...she's gone? I can't believe it's going to be two weeks to the wedding and they are going to play the days out like this. Is every day and hour to the wedding? I don't know. They should have saved the showers. I don't get it. Hey, Peter wasn't on. yippee. 


  1. They should do the lead-up to the wedding "24" style. That would make sense if the ceremony is indeed "tomorrow".

    1. Yes, Frank that would make more sense to do it "24" style than what they are doing. How are all the other story lines going to work out "slow mo" as well????

    2. I thought about this as well...didn't they do that kind of with Peter's falling down the stairs?

  2. Peter wasn't on, so BIG yippee. Congrats to your husband's cousin on her race!!!

    I love Charles Shaughnessy from the Nanny so I don't care who he plays. lol

    I am team NLG all the way!!!!!! She always does a fabulous acting job even in tough circumstances. Enough said on that.

    The only couples I like right now are Jason and Britt (who are not a couple), Anna and Valentin (not a couple) and Leisl and Scott. Leisl and Scott are both quirky characters and seem to fit together so well. And, Lucy smacking him in the head was so Lucy, and great. I am not liking much on the show right now.

    Some of the characters being so MIA is so obvious. Just not right without Kristina having a say in the wedding. The 2 of them should have definitely been at Carly's shower. Kristina and Molly. Sam should be spitting nails and not being like "Oh, I am so happy for you Carly and Jason, what can I do to help?" WTF. Jason almost kissing Carly. WTF. Some stuff just doesn't make sense. The woman is Cell 3 is probably Hayden, but why oh why would Peter, Victor or whoever have Hayden hostage? Is Nic involved too? IDK. The writers just make it up on the fly. 2 week wedding should be interesting. Not. Is everything else going to slowwwwwwwwwwww downnnnnnnnn too on the show?

    Oh, ok, I guess Sasha was turned on by Brandon's dancing, but I wouldn't be ok with my boyfriend/ baby daddy being a stripper like that. Weird. (I personally don't find Brando attractive either; just me I guess.)

    1. PS. Camping is not Finn's style at all. Not the camping type IMO.

  3. I realize Kiki was Lauren by birth but what's the deal? Is Esme still gonna ride that pony?? I don't get it?
    As for Molly not being there, uhhh probably a good idea as they slept together. I'm sure TJ wouldn't have been to happy finding out she went to a bachelor party where her lay was the major event. 🤣
    The wedding is 9 days away I'm sure they'll stretch it out. I can't wait for "Mike" to be found out!

    1. I think the point is she knew Kiki's real name. How?
      I'm thinking Ryan connection obviously

    2. It's the tell that Esme made or just planted the ID badge at the car fire which we (but not Trina) already know she set. If Esme only knows Ava's daughter as "Lauren", then maybe Trina will figure out her link to the badge.

  4. Are there others actors besides NLG and IR who are vocal about their stand on vaccines? Although I am on NLGs “side”, I find them both to be pretty obnoxious.

    1. SO glad you said this, because I have to say this - I think all should be vaccinated - and I am ---- but the Vaccine doesn't prevent you from getting it - just not as bad - and MANY of my friends got it and still got the Delta variant but not horribly sick. and were grateful they had the shot...
      I don't follow science people in politics, NLG, because they change it daily - masks/no masks/distance 8 feet/no maybe 6 feet.........
      I read the medical journal and articles. THOSE are the ones I trust
      Having said that, I too am tired of both of them on social media dragging their feelings into the rest of us - they are people/actors - not experts.....
      One more thing and ya'll don't hate me - but it IS ironic that NLG and others posted that a woman should have a right to do whatever she wants with the body and YET demand that every person in the USA should be MADE to have a vaccine put inside their body....just sayin/
      I read WUBS and others to discuss GH but had to say this...

    2. The vaccine is not a woman's right, or anyone's right, issue. It is about getting rid of this virus and bringing this country back to a healthy one. Everyone should want that.

    3. If Twitter is any indication, the actors who play Jason, Nikolas and Brando are on Ingo's side.

  5. NOW about GH - I still think Sonny returns with no memory and Carly and Jason marry knowing he is alive....cause of 5 Families.and that Jax is shot (cause Frank wants him gone) and Joss has a storyline of hate.....Sonny back with no memory I can get on board with for sure!
    My weekly---------where is Taggart, Greg and Jackie? Know Robert is returning but Mac???
    still do not like Gladys...

  6. Thanks for another great SS!
    At least we had movement this week. Not too sure about the long day ahead but maybe they will do it like they did Hiney which I found quite confusing.
    Nina telling Mike to find out his identity is absurd. The whole story is. And not in a good soapy way. Only good thing about it is Phyllis.

  7. Has anyone else noticed how gaunt some of the male actors are looking? I first noticed Steve Burton, but thought maybe since he tested positive for COVID, perhaps he lost some weight. Then I saw Nicholas Cassadine and said wow those cheekbones are prominent. Are they just lighting them differently, or are they on diets?

    1. Not just guys. Lighting is weird now. DOOL lighting weird too!!

    2. Between the lighting and the clearance bin sale of grey paint used on every set, everyone looks tired.

  8. I am wondering what the producers have against Kristina? The character and actress are both good, and it seems like most viewers (including me) would love to see her. But she is never around. Grrr.

    1. I agree. It’s the one character who could actually add to story, unlike Brando, Willow, Sasha, Chase, and the list goes ON! She’s sexually fluid, she’s a mob boss daughter—if she wasn’t such a hot mess and so immature she would be next in line to run the Corinthos organization! Still, there is a ton of story to tell with her yet she’s never there. Ava wants to sell Charlie’s—she could run that! I do see the actress on Instagram traveling a lot, not sure how one affords that, but if she’s just not available then recast!

    2. Not me. Can’t stand Kristina.

  9. Jason and Carly’s marriage will be illegal no matter what happens with Sonny. I didn’t think they had him declared dead so soon. Great SS - hope this week is great, too. Big difference between women”s rights and vaccine rights. Non-vacciners are extending this pandemic. This isn’t like a flu shot, where your personal choice doesn’t matter to anyone else.

    1. I think they had to declare him dead right away because it was leaving his organization in limbo, if I remember.

      I’m with you on the comparisons people are trying to make with the whole “my body, my choice” thing. Ingo posted that non-sensible argument on his Instagram and it came off super tone deaf. Your pregnancy won’t cause other people to get sick and die. You not being vaccinated just might. There’s nothing new about required vaccinations, George Washington insisted all his soldiers be vaccinated against small pox for heaven’s sake. Still, whiners gotta whine.

    2. Thank you Shelley. I am a nurse and that is a very good way to explain it about the vaccinations and COVID. If you get Delta variant you can pass it to others. As a matter of fact one person can pass it around to up to 8 others, and those 8 to 8 each and on and on. Which is why the Delta variant is spreading so rampantly. If you are vaccinated then you can get Delta but your changes are much lower of being hospitalized and dying. If you are unvaccinated no matter what age you changes are MUCH greater of being hospitalized and dying. I see many COVID patients in the hospital these days and most are not vaccinated. I personally have been wearing a mask throughout this pandemic and especially when I am around people if I don't know if they are vaccinated. I took an oath to protect those who are vulnerable. I personally would live with myself much better knowing that I have protected others. I also don't want this pandemic to be around forever. Getting vaccinated and wearing masks are the only way to stop this. Shelley I like how you mentioned George Washington. I am of a certain age where I had a polio vaccine and as many many of us do have a small pox vaccine scar on our upper left arm. We'd still be battling polio and small pox if we all were not vaccinated back then. Sorry, as a medical professional I had to give my two cents. I have done lots of research on vaccines and have done much reading. All vaccines have some rare risk and side effects, but these MRNA vaccines are safe.

    3. Thank you lindie. From a lifelong needle phobic person. It was tough for me but I did it because it's the right thing to do. Unless there is a serious medical issue getting a vaccine, there is NO excuse. And thank you for being a nurse.

    4. Thanks zazu. I used to be very afraid of needles when I was a young person. I got used to them when I found out I was hypothyroid and had to get lots of blood work all the time. So, I do understand the needle fear. AND, thanks for getting the vaccine. I care about people and don't like to see anyone hurting.

  10. I was wondering if the person belonging to the legs in Liesel's room was Alex.

    1. I think the legs were going into Scotty’s room and it was Ava.

  11. So Jax will go to Nixon Falls and he will keep Nina's secret now. And they will stay there another year.

    1. If that happens, I am out for good..........but I know Steve and Maurice filmed scenes so it has to be ending soon? At least Nixon Falls part....#keepPhyllis

  12. WHO is the person who contacted Phyllis via social media about Creighton?

  13. Today's episode is a repeat because of labor day. From November 18th 2020. I'll just copy and paste what I said then.

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Cyrus and Jules: Great scene!!!!!!!!!!! :) I love it! :) Cyrus wins the line of the day.

    Cyrus: You keep making deals with the devil and you're surprised that your hand keeps getting burned.

    ROFL! Yes yes!!! Keep spilling those truth bombs!!! There are a lot! :) Cyrus yelling again! YAY! :) Hmm he tied up 1 last loose end? I'm thinking he must be talking about Ryan.

    Carson home:

    Taggart and Sonny: Besties!!! :) Oh Taggy! Sonny isn't happy with you! Stay hidden dammit! ROFL!

    Nik, Ava, and Sonny: Sonny calling Nik amateur. Sonny so are you sometimes! You don't shoot very well!! :) Nik protecting Ava awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. :)

    The hospital:

    Jason and Britch: Love the scene!!! She can't believe that anyone would trust her hahahaha. Awwww Jason believes in you! :) Oops Sam texting.. Where is he? He is with his someday soon hopefully soon lova!! ROFL!

    Sasha's room:

    Carly and Michael: There is that word again that Carly, Michael, Willow, and Chase kept saying today. Affair Affair Affair Affair. It's like Chillow were married and Chase had an affair with Sasha. OH Michael is getting upset! Oh wait no that's just gas. He is calm now.

    Private room:

    Chillow: They are so sparkly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He still wuvs her!!!! Get back together dammit!!!

    Nurses station:

    *Brad is wheeled in*

    WHAT?!?!!?!! The whole time and even now, all I can say is, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no! Cyrus wasn't talking about Ryan being the loose end! It's Brad!!!!!!!!!! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( Will Lucas go see him? Can you imagine Recast tall tall Lucas with Brad? ROFL! I can't see it. Anyway Brad NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :(


    Today's comments: I miss Julian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( That's all. :(


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