Friday, September 10, 2021

Day 4 of 9

 It's Time... FRIDAY IS HERE! 

Jarly Kisses..and kisses again. Jason says they don't have to be afraid now. "Will you marry me"?? Carly says "With all my heart". She's all giddy to be getting married now. Carly wants to dance in the space because it's "old Jake's ..where they first met". 

ALL OF THE OTHER FOUR FAMILIES ARE gunning for Jarly!! They all meet and are ready to blow up the warehouse tonight. (night of the wedding) 

Hospital: Jordan, passed out. Portia gets checked. Portia is on oxygen. 

Jordan is intubated, Curtis waits with her. Austin tells him she might need a chamber thing because her CO levels are bad. TJ finds out. She might need dialysis. TJ calls Shawn. Everyone is talking about the Fingerlakes and what it all means. 

Nina is freaking out about Jax telling on her. He reminds her that Mike doesn't exist. She says he does too!! He says how did you feel about Fake Sasha!!? She cries..cries. CRIES. Then says all Jax is caring about is that Carly is marrying Jason. Jax brings up Sonny's kids. She says he's right-- she has to tell him. But in PRIVATE PLEASE!! Jax agrees (idiot). 
Sonny left his phone on the bench with Phyllis for some reason. I think it's important.

Sonny talks to Phyllis. Said he threw his watch into the river to move forward with Nina. Nina talks.

Brando, Gladys and Sasha. Gladys won't move. Sasha tells her Brando is a stripper. 

Maxie lays into Brook Lynn about how she's caring for Bailey. 


you think Sonny is going to walk into the Tan-O and it's Peter 

Curtis cries for Jordan to wake up..she moves her finger and he kisses it and Porita sees it. 


  1. Peter may harm or kidnap Jax.. this is the only thing that will allow Nina to continue
    this terrible story.

    No thank you to the Jarly kisses... yes to the explosion if it means the wedding doesn't happen

    1. Yup. Peter will kidnap Jax and he'll wind up with Drew and company

    2. What if he kidnaps Nina. Sonny walks in looking for her. Then Jax. They look for her together. Please let it end soon.

  2. Anyone else notice the weird scene when Nina and Jax walked to the door and opened it? They showed the shoulder of someone wearing a plaid shirt....not Mike. He had on a dark plaid. Then they skipped back to them inside and no one else was with them. Poor editing, maybe?

    I think Gladys will walk back with Jax's phone and maybe Peter ends up killing someone. Hope it's Nina, or even better... Sonny and Peter take each other out.

    I thought Novak was with Jason and Carly. Hope that was a call from him to Jason at the end tellin about the attacks.

    And I loved hearing Gladys' snide remark about upstaging the bride. I hope she tries and gets taken out by mistake.

    Yes. I'm in a murderous mood today. This crap has been going on waaaay too long.

    1. That was the delivery guy with boxes for whatever reason.

    2. "Di says, Anyone else notice the weird scene when Nina and Jax walked to the door and opened it? They showed the shoulder of someone wearing a plaid shirt....not Mike. He had on a dark plaid. Then they skipped back to them inside and no one else was with them. Poor editing, maybe?"

      Yeah I noticed!!!! Ghost of Lenny? :)

      "And I loved hearing Gladys' snide remark about upstaging the bride. I hope she tries and gets taken out by mistake."

      Yeah me too!!! One of the 4 families thinks she is Carly and shoots her and kills her.

      "Yes. I'm in a murderous mood today."

      ROFL! Me too! :)

      "This crap has been going on waaaay too long."

      9 months!!!!!!!!

      "zazu says, That was the delivery guy with boxes"

      That was later that they showed him.

    3. ok, anybody else have the thought that Sonny regained his memory awhile back and doesn't want to return?
      I hope Peter gets rid of high and mighty when he lied to Nina for months.

    4. I hate to defend Jax, but there is no comparison really to what he did and what Nina is doing? And no, I have not had the thought that Sonny regained his memory.

  3. Jarly make me want to puke. It's so stupid.Jason was crazy about Britt 2 days ago and NOT in love with Carly. Makes absolutely no sense at all.

  4. I have to laugh about everyone discusses cases giving names to just anyone at the hospital!

  5. Have not watched past two days. Do not think I can watch Carly and Jason - it is going to change the friendship for them and really screw Jason up for good. No good can come from it...Back away Jason before it is too late!

  6. Sorry I just don't see Curtis still in love with Jordan - now Portia will drop Curtis and at some point Jordan will remember what Portia said about Trina.....I foresee one YEAR of this....which Portia and Curtis weren't even really invested either....the timing on GH is HORRIBLE ---- Liz with Finn after a few months....Jason and Britt and now Carly----
    anyway, I seriously think we need a support group about the Mike/Nina/Sonny/Jax/Peter story----cause sometimes I am afraid I could hurt an innocent person - with words calm down - but I seem to snap at people........
    Please for the love of everything good and kind, let this stop now - Jax, grow a pair and tell people!!!!!!
    Nina and Jax - go ahead...
    WHY did Jason think Cyrus and Creighton were related?????

  7. Nixon falls spin off:

    Pennsylvania side of the river LanTANO mountain bar:

    Jax and Nina: Come on Jax! You can tell Mike the truth! Take a picture of him and send it to everyone!

    Nina and Hiney: OH CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The park:

    Mike and Phyllis: Wow Phyllis looks really good! Love the clothes and the hair! :) I hope when the truth comes out, Phyllis goes to Port Chuckles!!

    Port Chuckles:


    Jarly: KISSY KISSY! Are they going to wait until the wedding to have all the zex? :) Okay now that they spilled their guts to each other, it's time to go find the Tribbles.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Brasha and Gladys: Gladys and her bloody dress hahahaha. Man it's so red!!! Gladys's reaction about Brando stripping hahahhaha! Gladys wins the line of the day.

    Gladys: You stripped for Carly?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Oh hello Mr. Novak.. Hmm is he going to mess with Brasha?

    The hospital: Oh boy. Portia is coughing. Maybe that isn't such a good idea for the actress to do that right now!

    Brooky and Maxie: Oh can we stop this already! It's getting old.

    Portia's room: Oh glad Portia is okay!


    Pawtucket Holtster and Curtis: Wait wait wait! Is this why Jordan had that scene with her son the other day? Because Jordan is going to die?

    Jordan's room: Boy a lot of visitors.

    Curtis and Jordan: Uh. What is this? Does this mean Curtis wants Jordan back? Well you two aren't divorced.. The papers were thrown out. Where is Stella? Oh great Portia is watching. Does this mean she won't tell Curtis that Trina is his daughter?

    The pier:

    The 4 families: I LOVE IT! Especially Miss. Wu!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Wait they are going to bomb the warehouse?!?!!?! So no bomb at the wedding? :(

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to August 18, 1980* Alan tells everyone that Rick is not the father of baby AJ! There are 3 parts to it. You can look for the rest.

  8. hmmmm Maybe Phyllis will turn out to be Jordan's mom and she'll give her a kidney. Personally I'd rather that talk with TJ was a goodbye.

    Maybe Sonny's guys stop the warehouse bombing and some of the gang of 5 go back and shoot up the weeding....Bye Gladys.

    1. That should be wedding. I blame it on you,sonya. You and your tribble talk had my brain in the green zone.

    2. "Di says, That should be wedding. I blame it on you,sonya. You and your tribble talk had my brain in the green zone."


  9. If Peter IS working with Victor, then wouldn’t Victor have said the conference in St. Lucia is fake? I know Nina never mentioned Liesal to Peter but still. Peter telling Victor he was going there WOULD make them suspicious right? Or does Victor only have Liesal and SOMEHOW we are supposed to believe Peter does everything in his own. Stupid and confusing writing.

  10. I have watched “GH” off and on since 1980. One of the following things should happen…

    1) A new writing team is hired, or…

    2) Carly is shot and killed, preferably by Peter. (Oh, the irony.) LOL

    1. Three Musketeers run the show and the writers. Not going anywhere

  11. Watching Jarly was like watching a brother and sister kiss. And not in the steamy Game of Thrones way.

    I'm rooting for the Four Families.

    1. Ditto. Disgusting. Writers have lost their minds.

  12. The Curtis and Jordan thing is weird too. Curtis has been saying for a long time he is done with Jordan. This will go on another 2 years.

    1. I'm starting to think that the writers don't work as a team. They write individually. Then TPTB let them take turns using their story. I killed him....I brought him back....I killed him again...I had him disappear....I brought him back....

      Couples.. I broke them up...I put them back together...I have them playing flirty flirty...I have them ignoring each other...I put them together again.

      Oops I fell asleep so my child in middle school has them playing house again...

      You get the message I'm sure. And it definitely explains some of the crap we've been seeing this past year.

    2. I agree Di. The story lines make no sense and they are just all over the place. Characters missing. Stories dropped. Re-writing history; they probably don't read or watch the history and just write whatever........

  13. Do any of you remember the show Electra Woman and Dina Girl? I just saw a picture of the gorgeous Deirdre Hall and thought of that show. Lol


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