Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Oh, Shoot


Jason asks Anna who answered the phone. She hesitates and tells him to leave. He says : WHO! She tries to tell him but is choked up. "Valentin" she says. She can't believe he's the actual head of the organization. She tells Jason even so, he shouldn't be covering for Sonny. He says she covers for Valentin. They talk about the WSB in the 80's AGAIN. zzzzzz. Jason is thankful that Anna told him about Valentin. OMG Anna won't let Jason tell Cates/Jagger about Valentin even though that was the deal Jason signed up for. He would be free of the FBI. Anna won't let him tell Jagger because Valentin might get away as they have no evidence, then they'd have Jason forever. He agrees and says he's going to go get evidence from Valentin. Anna says no, she has to do it. Valentin might suspect her but he loves her too and he'll let her in his house. BUT! It will take time. 

Jagger goes into the warehouse to question Sonny. Says he hires bad help since not one of them actually shot Jason. Diane tells him to cool it. Jagger says he could take him in and arrest him.  Diane: yada yada... yada yada. NO. I'm so sick of her. Jagger slinks away but mentions Sonny preying on young people like Karen and Jason when he had brain damage and he'll be glad to lock him up. 

Liz shows up at Finn's. Aidan baked brownies for Violet. Liz loves Finn and wants to support him. He says you know, I was an addict because of my disease, it wasn't booze that did it. I can still drink. I made the decision not to.  They kiss... and then she leaves. Finn cries. 

Drew goes to Carly's house to tell her he's running for Congress. Like in DC. I thought it was NYS! LOL. He says that the SEC stuff will come up if he runs and is it okay because her name will be in the news again. She mentions Jason being his brother and mob ties. He says his kid died of cancer and he's doing good with the cancer charity. She says GO FOR IT! :eyeroll: 

Chase brings his Dad's ashes back to the apartment. He tells Brook they are scattering them tomorrow. They talk about Gregory.  A LOT. And some more. Chase is sad. Misses his voice.  He says he has a 10% chance of having ALS. 

Sonny comes to Carly and is saying "boo hoo everyone thinks I tried to kill Jason but I didn't Carleeeeeeee I didn't!! She believes him. Sonny asks her to tell Jason. She says He needs to do that. 

NOTE: Anna THOUGHT VALENTIN was the head of Pikeman ages ago and she wrote his name and circled it on a piece of paper! Talked to Felicia about it!! it's just.. insane. 


ANNA convinces Jason to do the Valentin take down her way

Sonny says he's done with Jason--AGAIN

Finn picks up Greg's cane and cries. 

TOMORROW: The Memorial 


  1. ---that was a good bye kiss between Liz and Finn I think but I don't understand why she is STILL mad at him for how he treated her that one time..
    -----I just can't handle this Pikeman thing if this bleeds until November sweeps. Anna is either crying or BEING STUPID! She is STILL gonna try to get Val out of this and probably Val will blame Brennan etc.....what is Anna gonna tell Cates?
    -----Gregory's death has had more airtime than Spencer's death. ANYONE called Jackie/Jenny?
    -----Carly IS right - Sonny comes to her cause she will tell the truth and he DOES still care about Jason...
    ------Carly the voice of reason with Drew......and has he told like - SAM? His daughter's MOTHER? and HIS OWN MOTHER??? I don't get this purpose until he wins in the fall and has to take down Jason???? I just do not care.....
    -----JohnJag came to PC to PROTECT Sonny and today all of that forgotten?

    1. "Mufasa says, that was a good bye kiss between Liz and Finn"

      Yeah felt like that to me too.

    2. I hope so mufasa. Give poor Liz a break. Let her eventually find someone who puts her first and puts a happy smile back on her face. Leaves the healing of others at work.

  2. Love Diane but...she and JohnJag are in a dead heat of who is more obnoxious right now.
    Another day of a strong not sick Sonny. SMH.
    The 20 minute wedding joy is long gone. GH is in a long dark tunnel. No fun allowed. For this we needed new writers? And then again...

  3. Police station:

    Jason Mr. Tattoo man and Anna: Oh come on let's get on with it! Don't stop him Anna! Hmm sounds like Finola Hughes has a cold.

    Jason's warehouse:

    Sonny, Diane, and John: Wow look at that!!! A cop lady taking pictures of the dead coffee beans!!! So much of coffee's blood on the ground! :(

    Carly's kitchen:

    Carly and Drew aka Ryan Lavery: I'm thinking why is he telling her he is running for congress? Ohhhhh because of the SEC stuff. Okay.. Yeah I thought it was in NYS too! Hey the Tribbles are so pretty today! :)

    Carly and Sonny: Geez it's like he is hyped up on something. I'm glad Carly believes him. The Tribbles believe him too.. Now where is Ava? She needs to let him listen to her audio of Natalia!

    Finchy's home:


    Finchy: I'm not an alcoholic. I'm an addict.

    YES! Thank you writers!!!

    Finchy: Once I got clean I made a decision to not drink. Out of caution, but as far as drinking was concerned, alcohol wasn't really the problem.

    YES!!! Thank you writers! It was driving me crazy when people were just focused on his drinking! Geez the look on Liz's face, it's like she doesn't believe him! After the kiss, that was really strange. It felt like they were breaking up and then his tears felt like it was over.

    Finchy with the cane: GAHHHHH! He is all crying! He made me cry! :(

    Brase home:

    Brase: Great scene!! Awww Chase! Your dad is never gone! :( Brooky is right listen to her! I hope Chase doesn't get ALS! :(

  4. Why was there a tree branch in a big-ass jug on Carly's kitchen table? That's all I got from yesterday's show.


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