Friday, June 7, 2024



I was sad Finola didn't win best actress but happy that Michelle gave her a shout out. The show was slow but at least it was on CBS and looked like a "real" awards show!! GH table looked the most fun. 



  1. CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE WHO WON! :) I was hoping Cynthia would win, but Michelle won and that was great! :) Cameron Mathison showing his chest! Hahahaha. I thought he was going to take his shirt off. :)

  2. I watched and taped so people were right - I didn't understand WHY Steve's new girlfriend walked on stage BUT he DID encourage her to go......I think that was stupid.
    ----in my opinion cause I rewatched this morning-----Cynthia really looked mad...LOVED that Maura was embarrassed by Cameron
    ----I hate hate hate the stupid silly bantering they write for presenters......not funny and so fake.....

    1. The only time I saw Cynthia make a face was when Laura was making a fool out of herself on stage. Let's call it Carly Hospital. Cynthia was not the only one making a face.


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