Thursday, June 13, 2024

I May or May Not... I MAY!


Be here today! I'm subbing with 3 year olds and then doing an eval on a 2 year old so... not sure I'll be fit to do ANYTHING at 2pm LOL!! 

So I'll put this up and we'll see if I make it. Have a good day. I think the show today will be "Heather Centric". 

I'M HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Curtis goes to visit Heather in Pentonville. She says she doesn't watch the news because of all the terrible things in the world and she's contributed to them. Curtis says he's Trina's father. He talks to Heather about how much hurt she's caused and Heather cries and says she has no idea what to say to him. She sobs and says she's sorry. He says it doesn't matter but he wanted to meet her because of what is happening in the news (she doesn't read the news). Asks what she would have done if she hadn't been caught? Kill Trina? Then Heather says more about being sad and doesn't know why she tried to even murder people. Curtis says: are you practicing for when your case gets reopened. Heather is like: WHAT NOW? HUH? He tells her about Laura and she's like NO! I remember what happened and I don't deserve go get out!! She's sorry. He leaves. 

Trina goes to Laura's office to ask her why she's doing all of this. She says she's talking for all the victims and wants to hear it from Laura directly. Laura says she wants the court records to see if Heather's condition was represented. Trina says "It wasn't, so if it was, would she have been let go"? They talk more and then Kevin comes in. There's a rumor out there that Trina was going to give an interview with the Invader about the Heather case and she says that's not true, she said no. Then she asks Kevin how he feels about the Heather case. He talks about toxins and psychosis and removing the hip would help that. "Your mother insisted on it". Trina says she wishes she hadn't. She goes to leave. 

Alexis tells Adrian that he did click bait with the Heather story and the Mayor isn't happy.  He is saying that the paper can do what it wants and Diane walks in. Adrian leaves. Diane is all angry about the Heather case and asks Alexis if she's going to help her. They argue then Diane says how would you even argue this? Alexis says WELP, YOU DID!! with FRANCO'S TUMOR!! Diane is like: DOH!! WHOOPS! She's not happy. 

Stella and Tracey sit and talk on Greg's bench. They talk about him and the memorial. Tracey wants to be a better person. Stella says she was there to think about someone special to her that she lost long ago and "again today".  She says that she loved Marcus back in the day and gave him up to raise her sister's kids. No one held a candle to him and she found out he died today. (Marcus was in the Mike story because his wife was in the same hospital that Mike was in). 

Krissy and Blaze are talking about the baby and a fantasy where it is their baby!! UT OH!! They even talk about the house they'd buy and toys.. oooooooh. THEN Molly comes to the door sobbing says that she and TJ had a terrible fight. She wonders if they glossed over things because they were all so busy and didn't really have time to even talk about stuff. She basically tells them that TJ isn't happy about Kristina being the surrogate and only did it because it would make Molly happy. She says that they have to communicate more. Leaves. 


Laura says she has to do what's right and Kevin might be the only one on her side

Kristina realizes that TJ and Molly could spilt up and then what would her responsibilities be then?? Her rights? 


  1. I think I am in the minority here but I don't mind the surrogacy story. Molly and Kristina have come into their own and made the part theirs. Kristina's chin quivering in her scenes with Sonny was so good and accurate. Not a fan of TJ as of late but its the writers flip flopping. Guessing Molly will turn up PG as someone else suggested.

    1. It's okay to be in the minority! We still love ya!!!!

    2. Doesn't matter, Linda. Everyone's entitled to an opinion. It would be really boring if everyone thought the same. I remember a while back when it was post after post of "I agree" and those who didn't stayed away. A nice friendly debate is much better.

      Molly and Kristina have not only become watchable. They've become very entertaining. TJ has been abit off the rails lately but maybe that's good, for the actor. Being Molly's yes man must have been getting a little boring too.

      And I think they said Molly couldn't carry a child either or she would have IV treatments, wouldn't she?

  2. I haven't watched the actual show in about a year. But, I was home today and turned it on, towards the second half. I was actually surprised that I liked it.

    I would say it was about "girlfriends." The always enertaining Alexis and Diane friendship was on-point. Such marvelous actresses that have such great chemistry. And then, Tracy and Stella are just heart-warming. I love their scenes together.

    Another "girlfriend" moment was Molly, Kristina and Blaze. Yes, I know that Molly and Kristina are sisters, but it still felt like a "girlfriends" moment between the three of them.

    Regarding Heather...Uh! Mixed feelings. She is one of my all-time favorite characters on this show. But, her "redemption arc" seems stupid. She should not have been the hook killer in the first place. Heather was always so subtle with her evil deeds, not a serial killer! And, I wish that the writers would have Laura talk more about Heather being a part of her family since she was a teenager. Bring back more of the history as to why Laura wants to help her.

    1. Zak are you going to start watching it again? :)

    2. I used to DVR it and watch at night. But stopped because it got so bad. I get all of my updates here. Maybe. I let you all help to gauge if it is getting better or not. So...maybe?

  3. I stand by liking a mean Heather! She was a hoot.

  4. Krissy's home:

    Kraze and Molly: This is a dumb scene! Molly go talk to your mother! I thought you didn't want to upset Krissy! And I'm thinking what is she going to say to Krissy? Oh I'm afraid that you are going to take our baby? UGH! Anyway, Molly stop babbling I don't know what the hell you are talking about!

    Molly: TJ and I will be fine. We'll be fine.

    Uh huh.

    Kraze: Oh you two stop fantasizing!!! UGH! And yes Blaze even domestic relationships can break up! Thank you!!!!

    Laura's office:

    Laura and Trina: Great scene! I'm glad Laura clarified, and I'm so glad Trina didn't blow up like her mother does!

    Kevlar and Trina: DAMN! Trina better talk to that Dimwit guy!!!!


    Heather and Curtis: Wow great scene!!! Heather made me cry!!! Curtis looks good! :) But Curtis why are you lying to her about Laura's intentions? Come on now! Alley Mills is so fantastic! :) And at the end of their scene, Heather means it Curtis!!

    The REAL park:

    Stella and Tracy: Awwww! Sitting on Gregory's bench! :) Great scene!!! Marcus died?! Oh no! :( I'm so sorry Stella. Didn't Marcus's wife die? Well, now Stella can be with Mr. Hat man! :D

    Alexis's office:

    Alexis and Dimwit: I wonder what would happen if someone wrote about Dimwit that's not true. He would probably cry foul!!

    Alexis and Diane: GREAT SCENE!!! BOBTODD! HA! :D Diane wins the line of the day.

    Diane: Oh okay. So Heather is all nice now.


    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to August 27th 1987. Sean, Robert, and Anna and their Dusty mission. Felicia offers to help.

  5. Overall, I enjoyed Thursday's episode. Not earth-shattering stuff but some storylines that I weren't particularly thrilled about are starting to move in interesting directions.

    My hope is that Heather won't get out of prison but will be exonerated for being a serial killer. I think this is the current writing team's way of undoing what they think was a bad choice by a previous team.

    1. That's the route I'd like to see them go too, Kevin. And some of the new strylines look like they could be quite interesting.

    2. "Kevin says, My hope is that Heather won't get out of prison but will be exonerated for being a serial killer."

      Wait what? How can she be exonerated but still be in prison? She should be free then.

    3. Heather was already in prison for other crimes before she ever became the Hook Killer, like dosing Olivia with LSD.

  6. The first thing that I thought of when Molly was going on about how she and TJ never fight and agree on everything is that she must not remember TJs one night stand with Taylor or her one night stand with Brando.

    1. Haha she wants to forget what happened! :)

    2. Oh, Taylor....She was Felix's sister. The character had so much potential, but they just dropped her!

  7. Trina's sudden visit to the mayor and Curtis' visit to Heather were both inappropriate and just plain weird. So is the darn story. Unless they bring dead Franco back. lol


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