Friday, June 14, 2024

The Garage


WELL, it's FRIDAY and we made it, gang!! 

Kristina goes to talk to Alexis about the surrogacy. Wonders what would happen if TJ and Molly break up.  She said they are fighting and Alexis told her that the only people with legal claim to the baby are Krissy and TJ. She's asking about custody and the 'contract' that Alexis says won't hold up in court because Kristina is the bio mom. Alexis basically says: I TOLD YOU BOTH all of this and I'm not going to choose between you two and what happens. Kristina is all "I NEED TO KNOW WHAT TO DO" Alexis sends her some links to bookmarks about cases. She tells her not to go back on her promise she made. Krissy leaves. Chase comes in and talks to her about Finn's behavior. She lets slip he told her he drank at Chases's wedding. Chase is like what!! She said it was an accident. Chase asks if she's seen him at AA meetings. 

Congressman McConkey asks Drew if he's going to run or not.  Drew says he will be honored. They shake. McConkey says Drew should run on the Quartermaine name LOL. Nina bops in, wonders why Drew hasn't called her back. The congressman says Oh! Did you know Drew is running? Nina's like NO! I did NOT! They talk a bit and Nina says she thinks it's a good idea. Congress guy leaves. Nina says she has a favor to ask Drew.  Willow's birthday is coming up and she wants to get her a present. Drew says that Michael is having a party for her and he may be able to arrange for her to come IF she PLAYS IT COOL! 

Trina invited Gio to go to the Gallery and meet Ava to play for an art show. Ava finds out he knows Sonny.  He plays the violin for them, they love it. Ava says he has the job. They go and talk price. Joss comes in while Trina is touching Gio's violin. Joss says they have to go look at apartments. Trina says Gio is an "artist" with the violin. Oh brother. She says he makes the paintings "Sing" .. :eyeroll: Anyway, 2 of the apartments are gone by the time they get talking. Giovanni says: HEY! the Q's have one over their garage!! 

The three of them go to a cute apartment over the garage. Gio says they'll have to ask but he thinks it's available.  Joss thinks they should.  "The lake, the courts". Trina thinks it's too good to be true. 

Liz and Chase meet for coffee to talk about Finn. She tells him all about BARB and she had to end things. He gets it but says he can't end things, he's his brother. They talk about the plan to have Violet go to the Qs. She likes that and will go talk to Finn about it. 

Finn is asleep on the couch and wakes up fast. Violet asks what is wrong. Finn chugs water. She asks if they can go. He's like: GO WHERE? Violet says he told her that after his nap they could go to the pool. He doesn't remember. He says he'll clean up and they'll go. Thank goodness Liz shows up! Violet hugs her and Finn just pouts. Violet goes to the lobby to get the mail. Liz tells Finn she'll take Vi to the pool and then to dinner at her house. Her cousins want to see her. Finn says DID Chase send you?? Is this a wellness check? They go back and forth. He finally yells at her that they won't take Violet from him!! 

Finn tells Liz to leave

The girls take the apartment


  1. Gio plays beautifully. Nice apartment for the girls.
    This Finn story is obviously leading to a major catastrophe. This would be the time for Violet's mother to show up.

    1. Now's the time for Finn to have a drink before he goes out, and get arrested for Drunk driving after a fender bender.

      Gio is a great player but the song sounded like a funeral dirge.

    2. Di - I play the piano for funerals and you are SPOT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. "Di says, the song sounded like a funeral dirge."

      What is? It sounded like a wedding march to me at first. :)

    4. He played "Nessun Dorma" of my only favorite classic pieces.

    5. Sonya,
      It's a beautiful pice but a little perverse for a wedding piece. I guess you don't speak Italian.

    6. "Di says, Sonya, It's a beautiful pice but a little perverse for a wedding piece."

      I thought he was doing the wedding march in a different sound.

      "I guess you don't speak Italian."

      I do speak Italian, but not fluent. And I didn't mean to say what is!!! I meant it does? :)

    7. lol I knew what you meant....many years as a teacher gives one that gift, thank heavens.

  2. I think that Nikolas knows where Victor had Hayden being kept. They need to bring Nikolas back and have him tell where she is.

  3. I cannot even comment on Kristina and surrogacy cause I hate it...
    I like Gio and Trina ------- but today the sudden apartment over the garage at the Q's was a little's about Gio and Trina I know but we all know that the Q house is NOT near anything and out of city limits....not near PCU.....

    Liz saying 'get help before something bad happens' obviously means yep, an accident i.e. drunk driving with Violet or someone....

    STILL waiting on Drew to tell the MOTHER OF HIS DAUGHTER HIS I got a weird feeling from the Congressman like he might want Drew to do something (no clue what - even thought about Jason/Sonny)

  4. Central perk coffee place :

    Chase and Liz: Oh this is so stupid. Okay she is worried about little V that's fine, but for the wrong reason. *Facepalm*

    Alexis's office:

    Krissy and Alexis: Yeah Krissy you are jumping to conclusions!!! And of course Alexis has it bookmarked! She was ready for it!

    Chase and Alexis: *Facepalm*

    Ava's art gallery:

    Ava, Gio, and Trina: Ooooo Gio is fantastic!!!! Bravo Gio! Bravo!

    Trina alone with the violin: Oh boy! Trina is fondling the violin.

    Trina and Joss: Trina is in love with Gio's art and so am I! She is right about his art! :)

    Q's apartment:

    Gio, Trina, and Joss: I had a phone call, so when I came back to GH, I saw this, and thought this was Gio's apartment! Where did THAT come from? Wow! It's a beautiful apartment. I love it! :)

    Drew aka Ryan Lavery's office:

    Drew aka Ryan Lavery and Congressman McConkey: Why is McConkey insistent on him changing his last name to Quartermaine? This is like I think the 3rd time he has said it. Oh hi Nina!!

    Drina: Hmmm no afterglow after the zex? I wonder how long it was this time. An hour and a half? ROFL! Nina wins the line of the day.

    Nina: Your brand of loathsome is perfect for Washington.


    Nina: I need a favor.

    What favor Nina? You need your itch scratched again? ROFL! OH WILLOW!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLOW! How old is she? 29? In her 30's?

    Finchy's home:

    Finchy and little V: Awwwwwwwwww so sweet!!!!

    Liz and little V: Awwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Liz and Finchy: You can't take little V away from Finchy Liz! There is nothing wrong with him except he is in mourning! He just lost his dad!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1999* Jason had to admit to AJ that Michael is AJ's son!

    1. Sonya, we were reminded today that Finchy started drinking before his father died. He's an alcoholic and he's lying and refusing help. It s not a good situation for poor Violet.


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