Friday, June 21, 2024

WATCH THE SHOW TODAY! is still not working and it has a lot to do with technical things I have no idea how to do. SO if you're here! YEAH!! I'm hoping more people will get the message about the 'back door URL"!

Ok, at Finn's apartment he wakes up, has the phone playing music. He's still drunk. Chugs more. Sees there's blood on the table. Goes to look and sees his hand has glass in it. He pulls it out and then pours vodka on it and chugs. He shudders and falls to the floor. Violet comes in (Kyle the elevator guy walked her up) She sees Finn and grabs the phone. There's a missed call from Tracey right on the front screen so she calls her. "I think my Dad is dead"!! Tracey runs over. She is concerned. The paramedics come in-- they are like: Ma'm he's DRUNK. Tracey says that Violet didn't know that. Violet thinks it's her fault because she left. Tracey takes her out. 

They go to Chase and Brooks' apartment. Chase is surprised but takes Violet in. Brook and Vi go to hang up her wet swimsuit. Tracey has to tell Chase about Finn. IT'S SO GOOD, you have to watch it. Oh my goodness. Jane Elliot is amazing. Anyway, she tells Chase to take Violet to the Qs so Finn can't find her when he wakes up. She's also going to tell Finn a few things that Chase won't be able to say to him. 

Chase and Brook talk to Violet. She says she needs to learn how to cook so she can make her Dad something healthy so he won't be sick! :SOB: Chase says "it's not your..."And Brook shoots him a look and guides him to say: we'll go to the Qs and then I'll show you how to make French toast. GREAT SCENE. 

TRACEY goes to Finn's. He's sprawled in a chair. She can't wake him. She starts taking photos to show him later. She's crying. 

Valentin and Anna have dinner. He goes to get wine. Anna searches. He comes back and asks her if she found what she was looking for. She says: Oh just your book titles. He seems to buy it. Then she tells him she saw Jack Brennan at GH and he stabbed himself just to talk to Carly. He's like I don't want to talk about HIM, let's go on the patio. They come back in after dinner. He pours a port wine. They talk about ELQ and work. Anna says she has to go, he says don't. He says he loves her, it's in his DNA. He can't trust her and she can't trust him but he loves her. 

SAM PLAYS THE RECORDING FOR CARLY! Carly's like Um, that was 3 years did you even get it. Sam says that they got Cates ID and downloaded the voice recording. Carly's says "POOR JASON he did this to protect me". Sam's like JASON IS NOT THE VICTIM!! He let his kids think he was dead!! They argue. Carly says to blame Agent Cates. Sam says Carly never pays for anything!! stomps out. 

Sam goes to see Spinelli. She says Carly didn't know why Jason was gone for 2 years. Spinlli is like I hope Carly isn't charged. Sam says SHUT UP! lol

Jagger goes to see Jason and says he'd better have the evidence against Valentin. He's not going back to Quantico empty handed and he'll take Carly with him! 

Jagger goes to Carly's office with champagne--tells her he's thanking her for helping him when he was beat up. Plus, he's almost done with his case. He won't miss Port Charles but he will miss her. Carly asks about the bad guys. He says bad people. She asks if it's a woman. 


Tracey uses smelling salts to wake up Finn. He asks what happened and where is Violet --she says gone and not coming back. 

Valentin and Anna dance around love and such and I thought he was going to kill her!! They make out on the couch and Jason watches through the window. 


  1. ----I thought Val drugged Anna but then I thought IF that happens, GH is shutting down JPS/Valentin character - point of no I dunno.....then Jason is looking through the window and I thought 'I guess he did drug her;
    ----it's BEYOND my comprehension that JohnJag is SO STUPID that he believes ANNA is in charge of Pikeman/now he doesn't care about Sonny/he has a crush on Carly/not even TRYING to get other infomation.
    -----Sam is hard to watch - she is jealous - it ain't about the kids - she and Spinelli could be arrested too -----------where is Dante
    ----and as people say, "I will die on this hill" LOL that Sam acts like Jason would ONLY protect Carly - he would protect so many others......
    ------Carly will do something stupid - but at least now that she knows I DO beileve this thing is gonna wrap up IS interesting about the recording from 3 years ago----oooooo what if Selina or Cyrus had the recording?
    -----today was a must-see show -----Jane Elliott was perfection and Violet is such a great actress........

  2. Maxie's home:

    Maxie, James, Georgie and little V: Maxie wins the line of the day.

    Maxie: Okay we're all winners.

    ROFL! Your kids are exasperating eh Maxie? Hahahaha! Little V it's not your responsibility to take care of your daddy. I hate this. :(

    Spixie, James, Georgie, and little V.:

    Spinny: Hello family. And little lovely Violet. Sorry I missed dinner.

    *Spinny kisses Maxie on the side of her head*

    Awwwwwwwww so real!!! I love this family!!! :)

    Spixie: Awwwwwwwww! :)

    Spixie and Sam: Oh brother Sam!!! Forget Jason! Concentrate on your own family.

    Sam and Spinny: *Facepalm*

    Jason's coffee warehouse:

    Jason and John: John needs a different storyline instead of having the same conversations.. He needs a love interest! :)

    Finchy's home: OH NO!!! FINCHY IS HURT!!! :( Yeah I was telling him don't put the vodka on your hand! HE DIDN'T LISTEN AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :( OUCH!!!!

    Finchy and Little V. Poor little V is breaking my heart. No honey he isn't dead! :(

    Tracy, Little V, Finchy, and the paramedics:

    Tracy: I think your dad is just sleeping.

    Sleeping?! Little V is too smart for that Tracy! :(

    Paramedic lady: Drunk is not an emergency.

    Are you serious right now?! Just take him to the hospital!!!!

    Brase home:

    Brase: Awwww love. :) I really want Chase to have his own child.

    Brase, Tracy, and little V: Little V is breaking my heart! :(

    Tracy and Chase: Yes little V should stay with Brase!!!! :(

    Brase and little V: No Brooky don't tell Chase what to say! He should say to little V that it's not her responsibility to take care of your daddy!!!

    V.C.'s home:

    V.C. and Anna: NO NO NO NO STOP IT! I don't like this!!!!! Jason what are you going to do now?

    Carly's office:

    Carly and Sam: Sam are you really surprised that Carly is defending Jason? Come on now!

    Carly and John: Hmmm. They are using each other, but this could lead to wuv. :)

    Finchy's home:

    Finchy and Tracy: WHAT?! The paramedics just leave him there!?!!?! The paramedics are a freakin joke! Great scene with Tracy though!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to December 22nd, 2015* Michael finds out the baby is Caaaaaaaarlos's! Hmmm that baby is 8 years old now. :)

  3. An EMT tells Tracy that drunk is not an emergency! Who is writing this? They would never say that, alcohol poisoning can be fatal, and yes, it certainly is when the person is out cold, bloody and their little girl is standing there. Tracy is great and the scenes are done well but please get some facts right.
    When have we seen Sam with her kids, unless she is scolding Danny. Who is Scout anyway.
    Is it Anna? Valentine? Robert? Brennan? We haven't seen Charlotte in a long time. Maybe she SORAS and is the queen of Pikeman!

  4. "Zazu says, An EMT tells Tracy that drunk is not an emergency! Who is writing this? They would never say that, alcohol poisoning can be fatal, and yes, it certainly is when the person is out cold, bloody and their little girl is standing there."

    YES! And then they just leave him there!!! He was all alone! What the hell?!!?

  5. As horrible as his character is right now I think ME is knocking it out oif the park with his acting. Vanna are still just divine together even when they play cat and mouse. Sam was absolutely right about Carly-whatever she is involved in or creates she goes scott free but Sam should have confronted Jason first for his actions. Tracy was amazing and so was little Violet.

    1. not with you on Sam but 1000 percent with you about Michael Easton - he has been amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I agree ME is doing a great job, Jane Elliot is doing a great job and so is little Jophielle Love. That little girl is going places. Hope she is on GH for a long time though.

      I watched yesterday only because you said to watch, and it actually was a good show for once lately.

      I too still miss VAnna. I am SO upset with what they have done with them and that is one reason I don't watch anymore. And, yes they are still DIVINE in my book too.

    3. OMG I think he's doing awesome too-did you ever watch Port Charles when he was Caleb? My fave ME part

  6. For crying out loud, her name is spelled "TRACY".

    1. well, excuse me ... me.. in the olden days when I first watched it was spelled TRACEY. But now that you've pointed that out and made a huge deal of it, I will spell it correctly. Sorry.

    2. You'll notice they didn't even know how to spell their name, kd. They just used me. lol

  7. Regarding Sam, as Karen said on Twitter Carly sure was pissed when Nina let her kids think Sonny was dead. Jason did the same thing to Sam and Liz

  8. casting news ...


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