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Sunday Surgery: Soaked


Whopper of a week in many respects, especially for Liz fans!! We've got Liason, Tequila, baby-wars, hips and violins to discuss. 

Grad some coffee and let's go! 

A LOT happened this week. I have to say the show is heavy on dialog and deep scenes causing me to have to type at warp speed when I live Tweet. Sorry if this is long but many things need attention. Maybe you'll need several coffees or at least a Vente to get you through! 

So, just as we suspected, Liz walked in on ol' Finn and Barb when they were making out on the couch. What did Finn do? Well, he acted all: HEY! How YOU Doin'?? Barb left in a huff and then he and Elizabeth squared off.  Finn played the victim and then blamed Liz for her own past and helping her deal with it all. She was superb ...was calm, rational and patient. THEN... DUN DUN DUN...

Jason shows up!! Why? Their son called him because he was afraid for his mom. Jason just went and told Finn to take his hands off her and to leave her alone. I'm not a huge Liason stan or anything like that but it did give me nostalgia goosebumps!!! Later, he took her to the Metro Pool to talk. He listened while she described what happened and Finn's addiction. Gave a little advice and that was that. Just a really great scene AND Steve took his shoes off and dipped his toes in the pool!! :thud:  Loved this little mini arc with Jake, Dad and Mom. More please. 

I need to present this character again because SO much was focused around him. Conversations galore with Brook and Chase took place until they came up with a plan to get Violet to the Qs for the summer while he went to rehab. Elizabeth talked to Chase about what to do and she even went BACK over to say: "Hey, that's my niece and I'm worried". He was having NONE of it. Even waking up from a wicked hangover and chugging water didn't convince him.  Chase then went to Alexis and asked her to try to reach his big brother.  Everything is headed for a disaster (I'm thinking Violet) with this story. 

Elizbeth used the word "niece" and "cousin" in regards to Vi and it warmed my soapy heart. 

It was also a big week for Alexis!! She had to deal with the Heather saga, her daughter's and the surrogacy she warned against AND Finn woes from Chase. No wonder she had a headache. 

Speaking of "the baby"... welp, as you can see from this photo these two are mighty attached to it right now. Pile on top of that TJ acting like he never wanted this in the first place and Molly crying  and... well, you know what's going to happen. There's no binding contract because Kristina is the biological mother. She's already pretty selfish and her own mother needed to remind her the promises she made. Maybe there will be surprise twins in there and they can each have one??? 

The Caper-Kids pulled off a successful nabbing of Jagger Cates' FBI ID so Spinelli could get into the FBI file "room" in the cloud. Sam faked a twisted ankle and Jagger was so taken with her he never noticed Spinelli (looking like Gilligan) take his pass (and return it!!) The ONLY reason I'm interested in this is because I do believe Sam finds out just WHY Jason was away for 2 years and it has to do with C-A-R-L-Y.  Heh. Can't wait for those scenes!! 

Oh, boy... we are going to be listening to the violin a LOT this summer, aren't we?? Gio got the gig at the Art Gallery and Trina was all up in her feels after hearing him play.  The dialog was so over the top "It was like the paintings were singing"...that it was just TEW MUCH.  If this is going where we think it's going, I'll say it again: It's way too soon for anything romantical for Tri. So many more avenues to take with her!! 

Oh Ms. Mayor, you're heading for impeachment girl!! She's acting like poking around in court records is A-OK and 'won't mean anything'. Sounds just like a politician!! LOL.  Even Trina came in to plead her case. In the end, she and Kevin talked and guess what? She MUST do what's right even though it may 'hurt other people'.  Good Lord. WHYYYYYYY. Curtis visited Heather 
and seemed surprised by her genuine remorse but was also: Lady, you need to be locked up forever. Heather actually agreed. It was the first time she'd heard of any rumblings of her case being up for appeal. Now watch: Laura will go and try to convince her she needs to go back to court so she can 'see Ace'.  *sigh*

On the "other" Channel of GH, Nina and Drew once again had office sex and she found out about his running for congress. Nina is also concerned about Willow's birthday and learns there's a party on Monday. What can possibly go wrong? 

FACE OF THE WEEK: Diane realizing that it's her case with the Franco Tumor that might set precedent for ol' Heather's hip defense. 

FACE OF THE WEEK  2:  Tracey thinking about all the straggler kids at the Q house over the summer! Wait until she finds Joss and Tri moved in over the garage!! 

NEW SET ALERT: Thought you'd like to see the cute new apartment that Tri and Joss will be moving into. 

BEST LOOK: We aren't worthy. Make up and Wardrobe have really stepped it up. Maura always looks good but-- wow. 


TJ isn't happy his baby is growing inside of Kristina. You're too late, pal. 

Elizabeth catches Finn with Barb and a bunch of alcohol. Jason shows up. She's done.

Jason and Elizabeth share a moment at the pool 

Everyone tries to get Finn to see reason but he's not having any of it 

Sonny apologizes to Kristina and brings her baby a present

Kristina is afraid of a Molly/TJ break up and asks her mother for advice 

Alexis tells Diane it's her tumor case with Franco that might set Heather free

Curtis pays Heather a visit in jail...he's surprised by her responses but still wants her locked up

Gio plays his violin for Trina and Ava. Ava hires him, Trina swoons a bit. 

Trina and Joss will move into the apartment above the Q garage

Tracey and Stella share a nice moment on Greg's bench. Stella tells her Marcus died 

Drew and Nina have zex and she later finds out he's running for congress 

NEWS and NOTES:  JJY is back as Mac and here he is on the set. I'll be so happy to see him again. He's been through a lot health wise and it's just so great to see him! 

The March for "Justice for Johnny" was posted by Parry Shen (Brad). They are still looking for Johnny's killers and hopes are they find them soon. Parry had some good videos of the event and you can find them on his IG and Twitter accounts. 

I made a late night tweet after being out (dangerous in any circumstance) about Fans calling actors out for not 'supporting' each other. Since there are so many arguments there, I want to clarify that I was talking specifically about Eden and Tabyana. Eden hasn't even been on Twitter forever. Taby certainly owes no one clap-backs about people bullying Eden. POINT IS... just be nice. Hardly any actors even post anymore because all they get is grief. Of course SOME actors post JUST TO GET GRIEF so, there ya go. LOL Lesson? DON'T TWEET LATE AT NIGHT WITH VODKA IN YOU!! 

SO THAT'S A WRAP!! I found last week to be tolerable and enjoyable. I watched all 5 days live and except for one or two times, was really invested in what is happening. I'm still hoping the Pikeman stuff goes away soon and that the Sonny meds thing is cleared up. Although the surrogacy story is a MESS, the mess is getting GOOD. We have until August for angst and fighting about the kid--and NuMolly is hitting it out of the park. Maybe a medical emergency with the baby will bring everyone together in the end. Who knows? Heather could be out to kidnap it! LOL !! 

Have a great Father's Day.. Cheers!! 


  1. --great recap!
    ---can we all agree that Finn is leaving and that something bad will happen to cause his leaving? I STILL think Gregory's death timing was because of Michael E leaving.
    ----an entire week without Pikeman/pills - all about Finn and the surrogacy - sorry, Karen, I hate the storyline and Molly, TJ and Kristina.
    ---and I just think the Congressman is up to something - there has to be a reason for Drew running for Congress (I think he will marry Nina to have a wife) but he STILL hasn't talked with Sam!
    ------Spencer died in January/February, so I kinda like Trina having an interest and a spark just let her go back to school.
    -----I hadn't thought about Laura being impeached, but Genie DOES take off August and September so maybe she leaves and Jordan is the mayor (again). Bring back Dr O
    -----No Robert in forever - he and Diane???? No Marshall in Selina in forever
    ------what are they gonna do with Lois now? Tracy?
    ------GREAT week without Lucy.....

  2. by the way, I couldn't access through - I had to go through your twitter

    1. oh THANK YOU!! My domain name is up!! Thank you!!

  3. Sending out a special birthday greeting to Sue Fraser Kurth (Wally Kurth’s mom) on her 100th Birthday today!


  5. Thanks for another great SS! I almost forgot with no FB reminder.
    Michael Easton has played many cool characters. Until he was a doctor, not that he practiced much.
    I have disliked the surrogacy story from the start so it being close to done is a good thing. No matter who gets the baybay. But TJ needs to chill. Too bad Kristina and Molly are sisters. They'd make a nice couple.

    1. It didn't PUBLISH Thank you for telling me!!!!!!! I had no idea

  6. I love that JJY is back soon.

    Genie takes 3 months off in the summer to go to Maine with her family.

    Did I miss something? Since when do the Quartermaines have an apartment over the garage and WHY would they have one? Do they think this is the movie Sabrina?


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