Friday, August 7, 2015

Oh Captain, My Captain

Geesh..what the hell am I going to do NOW?!!! This man got me through the Bush-War years. I even wrote a letter to the staff thanking them because if I didn't have Jon to watch I would have stabbed some of my ignorant friends. He's such a light..and finds the best talent out there. You saw the line up last night, amazing. 

He had to have been done-done though to leave now. Just when the presidential race is getting going. "The world is in way worse shape than when I started". An understatement. I can only hope he does some specials or cameos on Cobert and Oliver's shows. 

I wish I could find my fave clip from the show. It was "A look Baq at Iraq" and done about 6 months into the war.  It was a point-counter point about how it would look if no nuclear  weapons were found, if we stayed there for years/years and the cost. Hysterical and so accurate.  My second favorite clip is of course, the 9/11 broadcast. So many feels. Jon always knows just what to say to make things a bit better.

So, so long..I hope his family is happy he's around more. Maybe he'll direct movies like last year's "Rosewood". Whatever the path, I'm there...waiting for more laughs and bullshit cutting. 


  1. I'm right there with you, sobbing my eyes out and wondering what on Earth I'm going to do with myself now. I'll give Trevor Noah a chance. Heck, a loooong time ago I "gave Jon Stewart a chance" when he took over TDS for Kilborn, and that was a smart move on my part! I'll try Colbert's Late Night. But nothing and nobody will ever give to us the humor, intelligence, irreverence, wit, and basic thoughtful compassion that Jon Stewart has amazed and inspired us with for 16+ years.

  2. I noticed he told his wife "happy birthday." Maybe that was part of his timing? I still have about 40 Daily Shows on my DVR so I will wean myself. My favorite Jon moment was the Crossfire where he shredded Tucker Carlson. "Stop hurting America!"

  3. OMG..that's right, forgot about that moment!! Tucker Carson. geesh.
    And Carey, I had never seen Kilborn do TDS. For awhile I'd watch the show at 8pm or 7, can't was yesterday's episode. Can't believe it's been 16 years.

  4. I am with you, Karen. Hubby and I watched every second of his last show. Brilliant. How sad that he feels that our world isn't better because of him. He gave us sanity and insight into the world.

  5. I'm at a loss too. Losing both Colbert and Stewart in the same year is tough. There's no one like them.

  6. I miss him already, he's my hero and truly made me LOL every show. I cried watching the last show, he went out with class and I never expecting anything less.


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