Friday, August 28, 2015

Ratings are TANKED

Can't get much lower, people...down to 350K for 18-49 demos. OUCH. Read all at We Love Soaps
Interesting because all the PTB and some actors were all gung-ho for this mobular boot-up. When will they learn?
I really need GH to make Nina a Quartermaine (Either Alan's or Ed's daughter) and sue them and move in. Start tying some stuff together. They also HAVE to get some young people. They have to get a guy/girl/girl/guy against all odds 'love or die' story. I'm telling you, that's what ropes people in !


Franco gave it up, he told KIKI! Kiki won't believe it at first because she's basically an idiot. Then she thinks Morgan may have killed Silas. 

Carly and Sonny agree to have Morgan see a psychiatrist. Sonny says he 'doesn't want it to be true' (about the bipolar). 
Morgan walks in all shaky and humming with energy...good scene. They all did a great job.  Hard conversation to have with your kid-- and it rang true. 
And this was UNDER RC's why the hell would MB and BC crap on Ron when they had this material? GEESH... makes no sense. 

Nina didn't get bail. And Donna Mills, NLG and Michelle were all in one scene together! I was in heaven!! 

Ric got out. I think he's working for the PCPD. Yep, Donna Mills went to see Silas to get a signature before he died.
She did it. 

Ava's all sad. Jules talks to her. 

The movie. Dillon thinks Lulu should do it. Lulu thinks Maxie should do it. OMG I LOVE Maxie's dress. She's been in such great outfits lately. 


  1. kd said...They have to get a guy/girl/girl/guy against all odds 'love or die' story.

    Maybe they think they already have that with the clown couple.

  2. I just can't feel bad for Sonny when he has people killed for a living. If I can't have Dante and Valerie. I will Dante and Jordan.

  3. "kd said...They have to get a guy/girl/girl/guy against all odds 'love or die' story."

    Yes, teenage Emily/Xander is what drew me to GH when I was younger.

    I know the cast is already huge but I would love it if they found a good actress for Serena Baldwin (legacy child, YES PLEASE) to come shake things up in the younger 20's demographic with Michael/Morgan/Christina and get rid of Kiki.

  4. Sonny's home: Sonny and Carly talking about the same things.

    Carly: Morgan Morgan Morgan. Bipolar bipolar bipolar.

    Sonny: Ava Ava Ava Ava Ava Ava Ava.

    But then the scene got so much better, when Morgan shows up! Wow Morgan is so hyper! Great scene between Morgan and his parents!!! BRAVO! Made me cry! Sonny wins the line of the day.

    Sonny: I thought it was going to be worse. I thought Morgan was going to punch me when we started talking about mental health.


    Haunted Star: This whole Dyan's movie is so ridiculous! Do you really think they are going to show the movie? I don't. It's just a plot point, so this is a waste of time to even discuss this.

    BobTodd's jail cell: BobTodd FINALLY tells Kiwi that her boyfriend and mama did the deed!! :) I'm glad she didn't ask what deed are you talking about? :) Oh oh now she thinks Morgan killed her papa!

    Ava's jail cell: Morgan ends it with her, and Julian shows up while Ava is all boo hooing like a teenager in her room crying on her bed because her boyfriend dumped her. Oh crap Julian didn't get that hard drive!!! Will someone get it please?!!?!? The thing is suffocating in there!!

    Nina's courtroom:

    Nina: I am innocent!!!! And so is Franco! He is an amazing wonderful lovely man! And he is innocent! He is innocent.

    Judge: Sit down.

    Nina; Franco is innocent! He is innocent! I just wanted to let you know, that Franco is innocent!

    Awwww Ric and Mama Magda were faking their sincerity! Isn't that just beautiful? Oh oh Mama Magda is busted! Ric has got a paper that she got McSilas to sign!!!! Sooo the cops were using Ric to get to the REAL killer eh? Nicely done. :)Yup Friday cliffhanger! :)

    McSilas's home: Poor Kiwi is looking at her daddy's picture and is struggling of what to do with Morgan!

    Kiwi: Oh daddy! What am I going to do?! Morgan cheated on me with my mother! What do I do about it?!

    Me: Uh dump his ass?

    Oh there is Morgan! What is Kiwi going to do now?! Look to the side to read her cue cards? Start exercising her face with no tears? We shall see on the next episode of General hospital.

  5. Aloha! Just home from a few weeks vacation in Hawaii. :) Huge thanks to Karen, Sonya, and everyone here for their updates and insights. I watched a few episodes on my Hulu app while I was away, and caught up on the "AAAAAVAAAAAAA. I AM AVA JEROME" courtroom episode on my DVR last night. Deleted the rest of them. Between you all and the flashbacks-extraordinaire, I feel all caught up.

  6. "CareyN said...Aloha! Just home from a few weeks vacation in Hawaii. :)"

    Oh! I didn't know you went to Hawaii! Was it beautiful weather?:) Welcome back!

    "Huge thanks to Karen, Sonya, and everyone here for their updates and insights."

    You're welcome!

    "I watched a few episodes on my Hulu app while I was away, and caught up on the "AAAAAVAAAAAAA. I AM AVA JEROME"

    Yeah that was the best! :)

  7. The actress who plays Kiki smiles inappropriately when she should be serious and that weird dimple doesn't help. Carly's red top is so unflattering and she shouldn't wear heels with Sonny. Looks like Donna M. will be taking a hike. Wish it were Nina, Franco & Kiki. I think they are dragging down the show.

  8. since we are offering suggestions for storyline, i thought i would add a few of my own.

    this cant all happen at once due to the large cast. consider this a 3 year plan.

    Maxie and Nathan. They have become a boring couple, havent they? I dont want them to go through the shakeup dante and lulu went through. But I think they are due for a wedding. A real wedding. Not one of the typical GH weddings where everything is a disaster. But a classy wedding where everyone in pc turns out. At the altar, Lucy asks Nathan the vows question and Nathan says “I do”. Then Lucy asks the question to Maxie and she says “I’m pregnant. I mean, I do. I do. Ugh. wait...”

    Before the wedding, georgie visits maxie while she is getting dressed. Then, in the front row, Felicia reaches over and takes mac’s hand and holds it. then flea extends her hand the other side and georgie is sitting next to her and she holds georgies hand. they look at each other and smile. cut away to maxie. then cut back and it is an empty chair next to flea, saved by maxie for georgie.

    Jake tries to see Michael at the Qs again, but runs into Monica. THey sit down and talk some more. Monica slips and calls Jake “Jason”. She apologizes and says how sorry she is for saying that. Jake has a blank stare and then takes her hand and says “Its ok.”. Then he excuses himself and leaves. At the front door, outside, after the door is shut, Jake stands motionless and mouths the word “mom”.

    Michael and Sabrina get married. It is a comical, typically crazy, Quartermaine wedding. Flashbacks to previous Q weddings, including the sean and elsie mae crumholtz wedding. arguably, the greatest moment in gh history (my opinion) Everything that can go wrong does, and there are a lot of in-jokes and references to past Q weddings. In the end, they do get married. In 9 months, a Q heir is born. Her name is Adrienne Jessica Quartermaine. (it will dawn on you eventually)

    Michael says that due to Nik’s raiding of ELQ, there is not enough funds anymore for the AJ clinic. MIchael is determined to find the money on his own. At the hospital Shirley Jones (Mrs McCain) walks in for an appt. and sees Monica and says “Monica?” (It turns out that Shirley is best friends with gail baldwin, which in turns shows that she knows Monica) Monica somehow discusses the finance problem with the clinic and how they are trying to raise $1 million. It turns out that the husband that shirley was visiting in the cemetary on her only day on GH was loaded with money and left shirley with millions of dollars. The next day, an envelope is delivered to the Q mansion with an anonymous cashiers check for $1 million

    lee baldwin dies off camera. gail comes on for one episode to comfort scotty and also visit monica.

  9. sarah and serena come to town, finally and pair up with morgan and dillon

    tracy/paul/laura triangle. this has been rumored on the internet. i am all for it.

    silas/donnamills/ava/nina/franco/kiki - an experiment that ran its course. say goodbye to all of them

    Patrick and Sam are better as best friends than they are as lovers. Get them engaged and starting to plan the wedding and just as that happens, Jason is revealed and Robin comes home for awhile. This will put their relationship to the test.

    Break up Lucas and Brad. I never bought them as a couple. send brad off canvas. Have a guy in his 40s come into the ER and let Lucas take care of him. I always thought that there was some kind of negative relationship issue that plaqued Lucas in seattle but the writers never explored it. With brad’s deception, Lucas should have blinders on in regards to relationships. The patient runs into lucas at kellys and the floating rib and lucas is oblivious that the guy is interested in him. But he will eventually come around.

    dante and lulu and valerie. as suggested by many, let val totally go fatal attraction psycho. breaking into the apartment, rearranging things, stealing dante’s shirts and keeping them in her desk at work. one night dante and lulu can be making love and the camera pans out and there is valeria under the bed.. really crazy without anyone knowing until the end. finally send her off to ferncliff. (with heather)

    with jason as jason, the shares in edwards will are recalculated and nik no longer has a majority. laura convinces him to drop the takeover and tracy is elected ceo. (michael decides to work for the company but concentrate on his expanding family)

    the whole jason thing blows up in liz’s face and jason breaks up with her. jason temporarily moves into the q mansion and tries to legally get jake away from liz and wants his son. it will get nasty. jason keeps working for michael, although he is feeling guilty for not working for sonny.

    kiki finds out about morgan and ava and leaves town. ava goes to jail from the outburst at the wedding. morgan is alone. he turned to sonny and carly for a job, but they turn him down. he has a huge fight with michael (physical) and morgan crashes and burns really hard. he overdoses on pills and liquor and tries to kill himself and michael comes back to apologize and finds him and calls 911. he stays with him through the night, blaming himself.

  10. Anna returns to town, wanting to reinvent herself. she no longer wants to have anything to do with police or spies. She goes to Patrick who has been keeping her mail, and finds a big envelope. Opens it and a key falls out. There is a legal document that states that in dukes will, he left her property and there is an address. It looks familiar to her. she grabs the key and goes. Near the waterfront we see her smile. then laugh. then cry. It’s “Duke’s Club” (from the 1980s) Its boarded up and run down. SHe puts the key in and opens door and we immediately get a flashback to a scene from the 80s with everyone in the club in its heydey. Back to anna present day. She has a long sililoquy talking to duke, laughing and crying and decided that she is going to remodel the cloub and reopen it in memory of duke. while walking out, she his a loose board on the floor. looks down and sees a cigar box. puts it on the bar, goes through the contents and there is a piece of paper she starts reading. the club can wait. Anna is off on a mysterious adventure based on the contents of the cigar box.

    the mayoral election finally comes to light as being rigged. felicia is offered the mayor position but turns it down. a new election is held and PC welcomes Mayor Mac Scorpio.

    leslie will work part-time at the clinic

    felicia sells part of her aztec collection. with the money, she buys Wyndams. (Is that the store made famous by luke and laura in the 80s?) SHe hires lucy to be the business manager, who brings her deception line to the store. (LUcy wants to call a perfume “fascination” and Laura says “No. anything but that…”) Laura is hired as a buyer/public relations person and Maxie designs lines of clothing and wedding dresses.

    thats all i got.

  11. "David says Adrienne Jessica Quartermaine. (it will dawn on you eventually)"

    AJ Q!!!! Hahahaha! :)

  12. What are you talking about? My faves Julian and Alexis took most of the summer off because there was no writing for them for most of the summer and apparently no problem with Alexis being back burned for the entire summer. I hung around because I think Jane Elliot as Tracy is awesome. Aside from her, the rest of the summer's stories sucked. I did appreciate some belated Julian and Alexis later one and watched for them but they weren't involved in any story. I enjoyed them but with September approaching I am burned out so I might just wait until the episodes with the new writers start airing. RC basically had his newbies out front and center most of the summer minus the obligatory bye bye Luke story and viewers checked out by the hundreds of thousands. Maybe they didn't recognize the show they'd grown to love anymore. Hopefully they'll return.

  13. I have said it before, and I will continue to say (and think) it: David and Karen should write this show. The ideas the two of you come up with are so much better than anything we are actually seeing, or are likely to see anytime soon. While I don't like all the stories suggested, they are soooooo much better than what is on. I wish someone from the network would pay attention to this blog, and the comments. And as an added bonus, Karen could help some of the actors out with their speech. Hee hee hee.

  14. I second what ishouldreadmore said. I would love to watch a GH with stories as imagined by david and Karen.

  15. :)
    I have to say, those ideas are gold Mac Scorpio for mayor! awesome.
    My husband's name is David
    My brother's name is David
    My co-writer is David? LOL

  16. Ahhhhh David. That's some soapy goodness. I choked up a bit reading your first paragraph.

    I'd love to see Mac as mayor. Why does every mayor have to be corrupt? Oh yeah, because it's a show about the mob! The new writers need to get back to an honest mayor and D A. Have a genuine on going battle between the police and the mob. That would make for good tv, not predictable drivel where the cops are morons and no one ever pays for their crimes.

  17. Oh David! You got some great stories there! Especially this one.

    "Anna is off on a mysterious adventure based on the contents of the cigar box."

    Oh? Is Duke alive?!!?!! :)

  18. I'd keep Valerie on the show for Dante while Dillon can go be with Lulu.

  19. Lucky and Liz got me hooked on GH. They are magical together. I haven't been able to make myself watch the show since JJ was back for a short time and gone again. Their love story was so beautifully done. I wish they'd give Liz something beautiful, again.

  20. Writer for Friday's Episode:

    Andrea Archer Compton
    Elizabeth Korte

    Jean Passanante
    Anna Theresa Cascio
    Daniel James O'Connor
    Chris Van Etten

    Director: William Ludel


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