Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Apathy

20150819 1403(30)

Well, I feel like I'm at the place I was when Wolfe took over after Guza left GH. I was hanging on by a thread with the show..and then it just got worse and I had to leave for a bit. I almost left a year ago because of work. 
I'm looking at GH in the rearview mirror again! I didn't watch Wed/Thursday's shows other than FF at a hectic pace.  Friday was...meh.  Even with the "possible" Ava reveal?  It's so not exciting.  Hey, when twitter is more entertaining than the show you know it's in trouble! 

Ok, so.... this will be a blog to avoid if you are going to say to me that I'm way too negative on this show and why do I watch.  Leave if you want sunshine and light! 

 I have some cheesecake here left from last night. I'm stuffing my face with it! 

Me, trying to do the blog this week. 

This week, I just didn't care. Summer is usually one of my fave soap times. I think things started going south awhile ago and the management affected the writing/editing and candance of this show. Call my crazy but that's my take.  It's fractured. 

Here I am:

I don't care about ONE THING on this show right now. 
Don't care if Ava's identity is revealed to the 2 people that don't know it already
Don't care about TJ
Don't care about Morgan's supposed  instant pop-up "bipolar" story
Maxie/Nathan are a bore.
Don't care if it comes out about Valerie. 
Don't care who killed Silas
CarSon wedding? Saw it...four times before 
Dillon's movie? Zzzzz
Hayden? Whatever
Brad/Lucas Wedding: I did care until you messed it all up with nonsense
Jake/Jason: Fell asleep in April over this 
Mob Shit? OVER It about 6 years ago. 

20150819 1416(13)

What's a poor Wubber to do?  I know new writers are coming. I think  we are seeing some changes now. Maybe it's the flux of the show-- maybe it's because GH has way way too many things going on that get dangled then dropped. Or dangled and picked up every other week. Maddening.
GH is just too boring and has way too many characters for me to care about.  Not sure what will happen, but if I'm not on the blog for a bit, this is why. 

Let me get one thing straight though--the actors for the most part are on point.  The dialog can be tricky and rich--they have lots to say in a little bit of time. The gems I get here and there are everything. 

By the way, Rumor has it Vincent Irizarry (David on AMC) may be coming to the show. I tell you what...he's a fave of mine but nope. Too many people on the show already, imo. WAY too many. Genie's back in the fall too! 


Glaring things this week:

20150822 1037(22)

Olivia being THE most hypocritical one of the bunch with Sonny/Avery. She GUSHED about him having his daughter back! Is Tickled Michael "came to his senses"...lah lah lah. At the exact same time she's trying to decide if she's going to let Julian live in the same town as their kid. Um...okay. Makes NO sense and I'm sick of the Sonny propping.  
Sonny's in full "Don" mode now. Mentor to TJ, inviting Julian into "Casa Corinthos" next Monday. Shooting a guy just to show what a man he is. Getting married to the same woman for the 5th time. Yeah zzzzzzzzzz. Rumor is he gets shot. SNORE. SO what? It would be like him getting arrested again. Who cares? 

20150819 1520(2)

The Trial: Please. 3 soap days after Franco is arrested he's on trial. Yeah, I want things to move fast but come on. And the courtroom? Franco's running the joint. LOL... It wasn't even like real court! I mean REALLY not like real court--not even like soap court!! 

20150821 0458(18)

The BiPolar Excuse: So, Sonny's a murderer because he's bipolar? No..he's a murderer who happens to have a bipolar condition. This crap about him killing AJ because of that is a mess. Now the hurried thing about Morgan maybe being bipolar too? He's acting like a paranoid jerk-off more like it. I haven't seen the manic-depressive things we should have seen for awhile now. Sabrina gave Michael a little lesson in the disease but...seriously? Hey, when you portray mental illness you'd better get it right, that's all I'm saying.  Who doesn't want to smack Morgan's smug face up there?! 

20150820 1444(33)

Nina and the Papers: She didn't sign them. End of story.  She and Heidi continue to be a high point for me. 

20150822 1212(10)

Ava and Her DNA:  Scotty's got it. What's he going to do with it?  The one thing I'm glad for here? Kin Shriner. He's awesome. Hey, there's that ugly shirt Kiki wears. See it? LOL

20150817 1448(14)

The Brad Wedding: So he married Rosie so they couldn't testify against each other. But neither one knew where the other was for almost 18 months. Okay...?? They were on Monday, then not again all week. Ergo...another story on perpetual hold. Dropping the aftermath of this (or at least having a scene where Brad and Ro chatted alone) is the exact reason why no one CARES! Where is your momentum? 

20150820 1400(19)

Molly and TJ: When you have a character like Molly and she's on about 2x in 3 months, don't care. 

20150817 1404(44)

Over Usage of A Zillon Flashbacks: What the hell? Friday had FOUR flashbacks in one episode. Flashbacks of the same week mostly.  Time wasters.  And the Hayden ones? OMG if I have to sit through her getting her memory back to remember who Jake/Jason is I'll scream. 

20150819 0437(5)

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Ok, do NOT FAINT but..I really loved  the Maxie Valerie scene. Loved them looking at Carly's jewelry and laughing. It was very natural and a great build up to them becoming friends. (until Maxie finds out lol) We need so many more of these types of things.  Maxie's outfit was just adorable as well.

20150820 1404(33)

PROP OF THE WEEK: Once again, Heidi. Best job on GH! 

20150821 0441(20)

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Julian...he just had one bummer of a week, didn't he? 

And that's it... !  There's one interview you really should read and it's Michael Fairman and Billy Miller. Very good and has a lot of info but Mr. Miller keeps it classy.  Here's the LINK

I hope your week of watching was better than mine. I know there are quite a few people that are liking the show at the moment. I'm happy. Seriously, glad that people are into it.
Have a great Sunday!! 


  1. I read the interview and I love Billy Miller even more! I too am so over the mob scene, have been for like, ever. If Sonny got shot and died I wouldn't cry. My mom saw him and said she loves him, I shot her a dirty look LOL and said she just doesn't even know. I keep saying I'm gonna tune out but not there yet, just a lot of ff...I am glad for the Ava reveal and was happy for a Silas flashback. The petition to bring Michael Easton back now has over 12,000 signatures!!! Hope the new writers right a wrong....

  2. Oh good grief, Michelle. I hope they don't bring him back. they need to have a few more join him.

    I agree wholeheartedly about Morgan and the bipolar story line, kd. He has not exhibited symptoms. He hasn't had a manic moment since he's been on the show. Losing his temper once or twice a year doesn't make him bipolar, just a typical immature kid who wants his own way. His parents are just looking for an excuse for his behavior because they think he murdered Silas. ( And God forbid they use bad parenting!)

    They've even used it to excuse Sonny's killing of A.J. Enough already. I want someone to shoot Morgan and Sonny. And Kiki can just go away.

    I also liked the Maxie/Valerie scene. It was so light and girly and real. We don't have happy young people on the show enough any more. They're all in bed if they're old enough, or absent if they're not. Even the nine year olds were obsessed with finding a mate.

    I hope the new writers ignore the twitter feed and just start writers for the characters - with good continuity and no more flashbacks.

  3. I COULD NOT STAND that Franco's trial happened immediately, and that they called all the witnesses in one day! And, as someone else commented, Denise having her cell phone on in court?

    Whenever they shoot trials in GH, they seem to move through everything in one day. I would imagine most trials of this nature would go on for months. And don't most people wait months or years for their trial to start? Most stories on GH drag on for months or years, yet trials are resolved in one day, drives me crazy . . .

  4. The Maxie / Valerie scenes were the highlight for me. Hey - who doesn't love a little "Lily PUlitzer" moment with Val's pink top and Maxie's lime green suite. It was all very "sparkly". I loved Kirsten's vibe with Brytni..

    I've been one of the "few" that have loved Brytni's Valerie for a few months. And really hope the writing continues to feature similar moments. She may be a "new face" but one that I could invest in simply because she has a history with a core family. She needs to stay out of the Lante orbit and let that marriage implode on its own. I hope the Vante affair just "goes away".

    The rest of the week was an endless loop of exposition and dialog. I feel like I have watched it all before. Over and Over and Over...

    These writers have such a challenge. Big difference between Ron taking over in 2012 is the cast. At least then it was a cast the #GH audience recognized. And now? Just so many "new" faces - some recasts, some not. Too many brought on as the proverbial "plot point".

    My wish is the same. I can embrace Corinthos, Falconeri, Weber, Spencer, Q, Drake etc. I just want balanced storytelling featuring characters played by actors that make me "feel". Just a good story.

  5. I signed that petition and I agree the new writers should right the wrong of firing Michael Easton. He's about the only thing I cared about on the show. I have been Sonnyed out for many years. Sam and Patrick don't fit for me. Still don't like Valerie. i don't want Stone Cold back so I hope Jakeson goes another way. I liked Vincent on AMC but agree, there's no room for him on GH, just like I don't think there's room for Hayden/Greens. And I don't want Spencer the brat either. Okay off my soapbox

  6. There are over 12,000 fans that feel the same way. :) Not a fan of Dillon or Valerie to name a few and if they left I'd be happy! GH cast is bloated and yet they want to add VI, no offense to the actor but no.....I hope the writers take GH from a 3 ring circus to something better, it's a shell of it's former self. Clean house, and I agree about Spencer, cute kid actor but the stuff he gets away with!! I think that's part of the 3 ring circus.

  7. I signed the petition, too. ME could have been a great part of the cast if not for the writers. They keep trying to make Franco and Nina characters we should care about & failing miserably. I liked Maxie with Val-how about giving Maxie a career again. Who supports her anyway?

  8. "GET OFF YOUR ASS..."


    "PROP OF THE WEEK: Once again, Heidi. Best job on GH!"

    Heidi prop of the week?!! ROFL!

    "By the way, Rumor has it Vincent Irizarry (David on AMC) may be coming to the show. I tell you what...he's a fave of mine but nope. Too many people on the show already, imo."

    Yeah I heard about that rumor. I know that there are too many people on GH, but I love VI and it would be great to see him again! :) There is also rumors that Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos isn't really dead and that Rosalie's parents are Lily and Sonny! That Lilly and Rosalie never died in that explosion! Sonny doesn't need anymore children! He has too many as it is! So I don't like that rumor. But I would love if Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos was alive! :)

  9. I like Valerie, So I hope they do more with her. I just can't believe how Lulu has treated Valerie crap yet no one has called Lulu out on it. Brytni does have awesome chemistry with both Dominic and Robert but I will take Dante and Valerie and Dillon and Lulu.

  10. I think the show has entered its final year oe two. ABC does not care. It's a zombie show now.

  11. "Cosmoetica said...I think the show has entered its final year oe two. ABC does not care. It's a zombie show now."

    I don't think it's a zombie show, but yeah ABC does not care. They did say they want to get out of the soap opera business.. So, yeah, we probably do only have a year or two left.

  12. I really do not get people's fondness of ME. While the character of Sila's was a complete bore I found ME's acting to be completely flat and expressionless in all three characters he played on GH. He ranks right up there with Courtney and Lady in White as the folks I would least like to see return.
    If anyone was going to return my votes would be for:
    1. Jax. He was father figure to Morgan. Morgan needs that now. He could also work with Michael and Tracy re: ELQ.
    2. Jerry. If Jax is not going to return to straighten Morgan out, Jerry can return and take Morgan in the opposite direction.
    3. Robert. I don't want to see Anna fight with Tracy (and probably Laura) over Paul. and...he's Robert Freaking Scorpio!
    4. Ned and/or Jimmy Lee. We need more Q's.
    5. Matt Hunter - Patrick needs family and we need more doctors. Plus Nathan is a bore...Maxie needs some spice in her life.

    Watching the court scenes last week anyone else think Scotty and Ava would be an interesting couple?

  13. Thank heavens, friscogh. Another voice of reason. I FF'd every time ME was on and went into one of his long stares. I also found him flat and expressionless. It was great that he managed one or two scenes at the end where he showed some life, but that doesn't mean he should come back. Let sleeping...errr...dead...dogs lie.

    I'd love to see Robert back. Loved him with everyone. And Matt Hunter could come back too. Patrick may need some family support soon.

    I think Ingo must be back in Aus as I haven't heard much about him lately. He was a breath of fresh air in that family.

  14. Yes, characters need to leave but Michael Easton needs to come back as McBain and solve his murder. He and Jake can work together to solve it jake becomes Jason and they can join Sam's detective agency along with Spinelli! And please someone let Sonny and Carly take a 6 month honeymoon and maybe lost at sea and they can take Morgon and Kiki
    Yes, Heidi Nina and Heidi were the best part of the week. I actually replayed them especially when Nina was trying to sketch Heidi - she just wouldn't stay still!

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