Wednesday, August 5, 2015


YEP, they all met. Russian, Asian, Italian..Jewish, you name it, they were there! Sonny: My Territory was VIOLATED!! bahahahha.
Serge, the Russian guy with the glorious ponytail is totally plugged by Sonny--shot dead. It was a weird scene.
I guess there's 4 families now. 

I so wish Julian just knew that was Ava already.

Morgan is acting so stupid. Carly is just laying into him!! 

Franco...Jordan...Kiki trying to cry...

Donna Mills visits Nina at 10:30 at NIGHT?

Sam finds out Silas is dead... she's shocked but not too shaken up.  Flashbacks. 

The end is good with Ava and "Silas"...


  1. Ummm...Mo tweeted that he was really excited about today's show. The five families? Yikes! This is why we can't have nice things.

  2. I liked that little scene with Silas at the end too, kd. It was a great touch.

    I must admit that Sonny's new bodyguard looks much more like a bodyguard than Max and his brother. And I like the way he's always "in the scene" even when it's a long one. He never loses focus. -sign of a good actor.

  3. who shoots a gun like that? O.o lol

  4. NYC Delia's restaurant:

    At first I was confused, but then oh I get it! The 5 families!! Is Brad's father there? Karen I love the 5 family picture! ROFL! Hey that Russian guy is hot. :) Oh oh very disrespectful hot guy to Sonny! WOAH SONNY SHOOTS THE GUY BY HIMSELF?!!?! And he didn't miss!??!! HOLY COW! GREAT SCENE! :)Are they going to throw the Russian guy in the water and let him swim with the fishes? And yes Karen, I was thinking the same thing.. Now it's 4 families. Maybe the 5th family can be Brad's dad?

    Police station:

    BobTodd and Jordan: Franco Baldwin!!! ROFL! It should be Robert Baldwin! :) Come on writers!! :)

    BobTodd: Come closer. Closer. Closer. Closer. Closer. Closer! Go to hell!

    Then he bites her, and she becomes a vampire. :)

    Dante and Kiwi: Yesterday I forgot to mention, that Kiwi had the hyperventilating cry! Just like what Sabrina used to do! I was thinking yesterday someone give her a bag!!! But nobody did. Today she is hyperventilating crying again with no tears! Someone freaking give her a bag!!! And some chocolate! A lot of chocolate! She may be menstruating too! Oh she is exercising her face again! Oh now she has that I hate you Franco look like she had yesterday! And she is still wearing that same outfit she wore when she left to go to her BFF's bridal shower! It's the same day?!!?! Wow she got to Port Chuckles home so fast!

    Julian's home: Actually, I really love Moochie's wrap dress. It's pretty. She looks good in that dress. Yes Julian, Moochie didn't know McSilas all that well, but she was so broken up about his death! Or not? Love the McSilas flashbacks! OH GHOST MCSILAS! Love it! Goodbye McSilas! I love you. :(

    Carly's home: Wow! Great scene!!! Listen to your mother Morgan! Go find Kiwi!!! She is right!!!! What's the matter with you? Feeling guilty for cheating on Kiwi? Hmmm?

    Carly: You are so impulsive!!!

    You mean just like you Carly? :)

    Carly: I am your mother! You show me respect!

    YEAH!!! :) Now say that to Corn child whenever you see her! :) Carly wins the line of the day!

    Carly: You are so much like me I don't trust you right now.


    Shadybrook: Hey that lady patient who was watching the news, was funny! We need to see more of her and that guy patient who was excited to see BobTodd! :) I love how Nina grabs the doctor's face hahaha! Oh oh Nina threatens her mother!! HIDE THE LAMPS HIDE THE LAMPS! I SEE ONE!!!! HIDE IT!!! Oh whew the lamps are safe. :)

    SamTrick's home: Sam finds out on the news that McSilas died and she is sad. Oh look it's tears! Actually, it's a great scene.

  5. I don't understand why Kiki came back. If you were away and your dad left you a phone message saying he had something important to tell you, would you skip the party you travelled to attend and fly back home? Most people would give dad a call and say, "What's up?"

    I swear she and Morgan don't have a brain cell between them.

    Morgan didn't even bat an eyelash or say a word when he heard that his girlfriend's father was murdered. He just sat there like a lump, kind of like the antithesis of Kiki. lol

    The Sam/Patrick scene was good.

    I swear she and Morgan don't have a brain cell between them.

  6. Di!! I said that on TWITTER!! Why would she come running back if he just said he had to see her when she got back??? UGH

    Morgan. Putty.

  7. "Di said...I don't understand why Kiki came back. If you were away and your dad left you a phone message saying he had something important to tell you, would you skip the party you travelled to attend and fly back home? Most people would give dad a call and say, "What's up?"

    Because she is a dumb dumb!

    "I swear she and Morgan don't have a brain cell between them."

    They don't!!!!!

  8. I haven't finished the show yet (just finished working), but WHERE is the Child of the Corn? If she wasn't on today, then she has been MIA all summer. I hope they keep the actress, she is really good. And I also miss little Spencer. Not much with the kiddies this summer, last summer they featured them at Lila's Kids.

  9. Interesting...the five families. There have been quite a few of them. Didn't Faith Rosco shoot up (and kill) the five families at one of their meetings?

    Then there have been quite a few major and minor mob families/organization members in GH history besides the Corinthos family (Sonny, Jason, enforcer Johnny, Ric, Mike, Courtney, Max, Milo, Diane, Spinelli, Johnny Zacchara, Shawn Butler, etc., etc., and all his flings/ex's: Karen, Brenda, Lily, Cindy, Hannah, Carly (X4), Angel, Alexis, Faith, Sam, Reese, Emily, Kate/Connie, Claudia, Claire, Olivia, Ava...and all those offspring)

    Smith Family (Frank Smith, Jennifer Smith,...members Roy Dilucca, Luke Spencer...later Sonny Corinthos...later Damian Smith)
    Wu Family (Mr. Wu, Kim Wu who is Brad's father, Jade)
    Lavery Family (Angus McKay, Duke Lavery, Camelia McKay)
    Jerome Family (Victor, Julian, Olivia, Evan, Dino, later Ava, Carlos, and the Jerome offspring)
    Scully Family (Joe Scully, Sonny Corinthos...later Joe Scully Jr.)
    Rivera Family (Rivera, Lily Rivera, later Carlos Rivera)
    Sorel Family (Joseph Sorel, daughter Angel)
    Alcazar Family (Luis, Lorenzo, Diego, Sage, Roy Dilucca)
    Rosco Family (Sonny killed Faith's husband, Faith)
    Ruiz Family (Hector, Javier, Manny, Mateo)
    Zacchara Family (Anthony, Claudia, Johnny, later Carlos Rivera)
    Balkan Family (Theo Hoffman, Suzanne, Aleksander, Alec (Aleksander son with Brenda), Shawn Butler)

    Oh, and Tracy was head of the Soleito family during her time on "The City" after Gino died.

    I'm sure I'm missing some. :-/

  10. Wow, I am impressed! Yes, TOO MUCH crime on GH, SOAP WATCHERS ARE NOT interested in crime stories, don't the writers know this?

  11. Writers for Wed the 5th:

    Elizabeth Korte

    Daniel James O'Connor
    Anna Theresa Cascio
    Chris Van Etten
    Katherine Schock

    Director: Larry Carpenter

    The five families pic Karen!!! Baaahahahaaa! Love it! Scallopini! *heheheee

  12. for a minute I was afraid that Guza was in the building with that 5 families crap


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