Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Winterthorne: Wardrobe Secrets of this Delicious Drama!

I am so excited for this online soapy series! Winterthorne will premiere August 27th on the Winterthorne.com website. It has to be one of the most highly-anticipated shows of the summer.

There are two awesome actors from GH on the show: Kirsten Storms and Kathleen Gati.
 Other cast members include Linda Gray (Dallas), John Paul Lavoisier (OLTL).  You know they'll be fun to watch. I will be giving tidbits in the blog about the show as it progresses. I feel the need to branch out a bit and this is just perfect. 

Michael Caruso  is behind the creation of this online drama. First noted for "DeVanity", Caruso  has gone a step further into the fantasy soap world.  Being in the candy business is a dangerous mixture of pleasure and pain. The Winterthornes have a whole bundle of delicious secrets just waiting to spill out. 

The costumes are simply the best I've seen in a long time.  I'm calling them "Vamp-Goth". The sets are lush and inviting. Candy is all over the place. Yummy.  I asked Mr. Caruso about the wardrobe: 

My wife Barbara and I did the costume design for all of the characters. All of the feather pieces were brought in from London and Denmark. All of the other costumes we compiled over a period of time from different place in Los Angeles. Martha wears several independent designers such asAlice&Olivia and Gucci as well as vintage furs. Kathleen Gati wore a dress by Tadashi Shoji. Kirsten Storms wore Alice & Olivia also, , and Linda Gray wore a Donna Karan dress from her private collection. I had a VERY specific look I was going for. We have a very good friend who is a costume designer. Her name is Carolina Forni, and she made Martha's butterfly dress. We bought a vintage base dress and she hand sewed 80 artificial butterflies to it and added the bronze chain. All of the jewelry was sourced from downtown Los Angeles. I went to the same stores that I used during DeVanity."

Oh, the wardrobe isn' the only fun part of this show! The make-up is amazing too. Caruso explains: "We used 8 different sets of nails on Martha Madison (Miranda). Sometimes she had to change her nail color during the middle of the shoot. She has everything from black and gold, deep raspberry to silver, and three different shades of nudes with crystals embedded in them. They were all press on or glue on nails so we could change her look quickly if we had to. The show takes place over ten years so Martha has 9 different costume changes in only 4 episodes!"
What's this delight?! Why it's a ring given to Miranda by her mother and she never takes it off. Designed by LAS jewelry, it's a bronze cast antelope skull.  You know I want one--or at least a copy in a brooch. 

Dominic Delacourt (Kevin Spirtas) 

The male wardrobe is also something to behold.  The Winterthorne Husbands are all 'required' to wear black. (I can't wait to find out why!)   Victor (played by Caruso) and Maximillian  (Gordon Thompson) don period piece waistcoat jackets.  All the men look dashing and apparently, love fur.  By the way, JPL looks the best he's looked in years; beard and all. 

Kathleen Gati, Photo Credit Winterthorne
Goddess Goti as Valentina Winterthorne 

Steve Silverman, the man behind two of my other fave webseries (Pretty, The Inn) is involved as co-producer. If you watched either of those shows, you know this will also be a great ride. 

Why, yes, those ARE spearmint leaves! 
One last note: ALL the candy you see on the show (and there's a lot)  is real. Right down to the last gumball. I bet they are happy I wasn't around!  I'm told most of the candy was used as "decoration"--but I bet more than a few pieces got gobbled right up. 

So, hope you tune into the premiere and we'll dish about it later right here! I'll bring the lollipops and licorice. 

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