Friday, August 14, 2015

Sonny's BullShit

They so need to put all the "next-ran" people in the Brownstone. Bobbie running it. Val, Felix, Brad, Lucas...Scotty...Lucy, Rosie-- hell it would save money. 

Brad/Lucas were arguing again. JUST SAY IT. Nope they'll "talk later"... Finally at 2:45 they go into a room to talk. Brad says he didn't marry for "Love". 

Rosie comes in to get Hayden with Nikolas. BTW, Valerie is moving OUT of Wyndemere because Hayden is moving in? HUH? aren't there like 55 rooms there? Not that I care. Val can move to Kansas. yep. Kansas.
Rosie asks Lucas out. awww. He says he's gay, engaged and it's 'complicated"... I wonder if she's Brad's wife. 

Dante and Lulu ..talking about the mob. Dante acting like Sonny wouldn't shoot someone? WTF. And you can SKYPE with Your Mama if you want to!
They make WUB on the couch

Carly and Jake. He shows her the ring for Liz. Carly doesn't like that idea. OF COURSE.  She finds out Hayden is awake. 
OMG..Sonny tells Carly that JAKE IS DANGEROUS. OMG
Sonny's such an ass.  He kills a big head of "the Five Families" and worries NOW about "Jake"????? Dear GOD. 

Sam brought Danny to hang out with Jake. Boring and awkward.  Jake comes in later and has a present for Jake Jr. JUST for Jake Jr. Not one for Cam or Aiden, just Jake! LOL then he proopses to Liz on his knee. 

Later, Hayden remembers throwing the vase. I guess she's not faking her memory loss

OLIVIA is back! :) No baby tho. 

And Rosie IS Brad's wife.  Yep. They've been at the same hospital for like a year when she was with Nina??!!! Weren't they both at the Nurses' Ball? WHAT. 


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who was going WTH at Jake's gift. And then Liz lets Jake Jr go upstairs to show it to the other boys. Good grief! Do any of these writers have kids? I know it's a soap but a little reality is needed in situations like this. Bad enough everyone who's had brain surgery walks out with a full head of hair, but singling out one child for a gift is definitely WRONG!

    I was also wondering why Rosie had never run into Brad before, but I'll take it. She could be the daughter of a rival mobster and they were uniting a couple of "families".( She wouldn't want her true identity coming out in that case.) Brad may have gone along with it because he was hiding his sexuality from his family.

    that whole Carly/Sonny conversation was ridiculous. Yep, Sonny. jake is dangerous. have you got all that gun powder residue off your hand yet?

    ahhh...Hayden....More memory flashbacks. I wonder if Jake will start getting them again now too.

    And they really need that Brownstone opened up for tenants. Bobbie should definitely run it.

  2. Oh I'm super bummed that he's married to Rosalie. I'm not invested in her character at all (even tho I think there's good potential and she's a great actress). I was really hoping Brad was married to Britt!! That could explain why he is still married, because she went on the run and he doesn't know how to contact her for an annulment. Darn. Well, I'm willing to see how this plays out. Certainly more interesting than the CarSon show.

    Has anyone ever brought up the time Nik had complete amnesia and was taken in by that crazy lady because he looked just like her "dead" husband, Connor? Seems like people would bring that up since he's so heavily involved in the Jake/Hayden amnesia plots. Sigh.

  3. i wonder if anyone other than AntJoan is happy to see Sonny shoved down our throats almost every day. i have been sick of him for many years.

  4. Valerie's needs to stay to get with Dante, While Lulu needs to get with Dillon. Emme has more chemistry with Robert Palmer Watkins then with Dom.

  5. Sonny, Jake didn't shoot Carly in the head. Wow. Just wow. Sonny would be so much more tolerable if he were self-aware.

  6. I'd be happy if just the writers were self aware. Stop writing him like he's a hero.

  7. Lante home: They are still talking about trying to get past the kiss. Zzzzzzzzzzz. Now it's sex time. OH OLIVIA! YAY!!!!!! How is the baby?!!?! Does the baby still have no name and is the baby still very very tiny?

    Heidi from Shadybrook: 00

    Sonny's home:

    Sonny: Be careful!!!!!

    Carly: Be careful!!!!!

    Heidi from Shadybrook: 00

    Liz's home: Oh! Time for meeting for the brothers!! Danny and little Jakey!!! WOAH! Jakey knows that Jason is his father! I like that Sam and Liz are friends.. It's gonna be short lived though. OH big Jake got little Jake a present! Wow little Jake is so excited about the present. So excited, that Liz opened up the present for him! ROFL! Big Jake went on his one knee and gave her the ring! Ahhh much better. :)

    Maxie and Nathan: Chit chat about Val. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. They spent the whole hour in bed chit chatting. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Heidi from Shadybrook: Zzzzzzzzzzz.

    Wyndemere: Dillon and Val talking again about Lante! Zzzzzzz. Oh Val is going to move?!!?! She wants to live at Carly's!?!! VAL YOU CAN LIVE AT THE BROWNSTONE DUH! Oh a Vallon kiss! GreenHayden has a memory! She really DOESN'T remember!!!

    The hospital:

    Sam and Patrick: So cute so cute! They are so cute together. Sam is happy that Liz is going to marry Jake.

    Brad and Lucas:

    Oh Brad! Lucas has every right to be angry! Lucas listen to what Brad has to say!

    GreenHayden's room: Oh look it's Rosalie and she is hitting on Lucas! ROFL!

    Rosalie: Brad? What are you doing here?

    Lucas: Wait a minute you two know each other?

    And Brad wins the line of the day!

    Brad: You can say that. She's my wife.


    *runs to Shadybrook to tell Heidi*

  8. Today was stupid!!! Karen I agree with everything you said. Really thought Hayden remembered but guess not. I thought it was weird that he didn't bring gifts for Aiden and Cam as well. OH and don't get me started on Rosalie and this big stupid secret, really......that she's married to gay Brad, this is as bad as changing the Fluke storyline 500 times!!! How stupid was Dante about Sonny killing that guy. Wake up and smell the doughnuts and coffee! I had to ff thru Sonny, just couldn't take anymore....wait til he finds out the guy he's been trash talking is his best friend enforcer.

  9. Heidi? I did ff today but I didn't see Heidi or Shadybrook....guess I need to rewatch..Di funny as hell about Sonny and gun residue on his hands!!

  10. "Michelle Latta said...Heidi? I did ff today but I didn't see Heidi or Shadybrook....guess I need to rewatch.."

    No no no. I was only kidding! ROFL! I do miss Heidi though. :)

  11. Forgot to mention about Friday Cliffhanger.. The announcer was right!! There ARE Friday Cliffhangers! Awesome!!! :)

  12. Sonya, I love your Heidi! She was hilarious at Shadybrook with Nina, wasn't she?!

  13. "Julie Langley said...Sonya, I love your Heidi!"

    Hahaha. Thanks. :)

    "She was hilarious at Shadybrook with Nina, wasn't she?!"

    Yes she was!!! I want to see more of her! And I want to see more of that guy patient who was excited to see BobTodd! :)And a side order of that lady patient who was watching the news and making comments haha.

  14. Heidi is more interesting to me than Sonny! And I'm also thinking, she's more self aware than Sonny! I'm scared with Geary gone and Ron C. gone, we will be subject to the Sonny, Carly, Jason and Sam show before too long. That is when I will tune out along with Heidi. Reserve me a spot at Shadybrook..

  15. "Avalonn says I'm scared with Geary gone and Ron C. gone, we will be subject to the Sonny, Carly, Jason and Sam show before too long."

    Oh no!! Not the Carsason show again! The last time it was with Courtney, and now it will be Sam!

    "That is when I will tune out along with Heidi. Reserve me a spot at Shadybrook.."

    ROFL! Let's all go to Shadybrook and be with Heidi! :)

  16. I think the top of my head blew off while Sonny was explaining to Carly (and us) how dangerous Jake is. The man is not a hero....The Writers, please listen to us....he's a mobster and we were tired of it a long time ago

  17. Dar: Hehehe . . . at least you remember how much I LOVE Sonny (but only with Brenda, not with Carly). Yes, I still love him and his dimples, always will, I can't help it if the writers suck.

    As for Nik, I do remember him or someone speaking about his time as "Connor" during the initial Hayden/Jake story.

  18. I call foul with Rosalie's "secret." I remember Nina calling it her "dirty little secret" and referred to what Rosalie "did." I don't think the writers had any idea what her secret actually was going to be. I bet it was never supposed to be that she is married to Brad. And come on, like you said she's been in PC a long time, often at the hospital when she was Nina's fake nurse, and if she was at the Nurses' Ball she would have seen Brad get up and sing, now suddenly they lay eyes on each other?

    Sonny's hypocrisy continues to be amusing!

  19. Writers for Friday the 14th:

    Suzanne Flynn
    Elizabeth Korte

    Daniel James O'Connor
    Anna Theresa Cascio
    Jean Passanante
    Chris Van Etten

    Director: Larry Carpenter


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