Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wedding Date

TJ and Sonny--Sonny talking about his mother. SO DON'T CARE!! TJ then goes to Jordan and they semi-make up. 

Mobular "Charlie" guy being questioned by Jordan, Dante and Nate. He rolls over (too easy) and names Julian as his boss. Which he obviously isn't. 

Maxie looks adorable today in her lime  green! Stupid Val didn't even ask Carly if she could stay at the house. Bobbie just told her to. She and Val bond over Carly's ugly jewelry (trying to pick out wedding stuff). They are total BFFs now!! 

Olivia goes to talk to Julian. She tells him the baby name is Leonardo. BUT!! A knock at the door and it's Dante/Nate to take him in for questioning. So of course, Olivia thinks he's still in the mob and won't tell him now. 

Lucas wants to know what Brad and Rosie did/saw. They HAVE to stay together. Now why the hell didn't they know where the other was for 2 years? UGH.. 
Brad and Lucas make up. 

Carson set a date: September 2nd. 


  1. Even if they set 9/2 as the wedding date, there won't be an actual wedding day until some time in October.

  2. Wow1 Hot pants are back - for anyone old enough to remember them.

  3. Carly's home:

    Maxie: CarSon are soul mates.

    Hahahaha. She used Sonny and Carly's squish name! I love it! :) And I LOVE Maxie's outfit!!!! I have noticed Maxie's roots. She still hasn't fixed them yet. Oh wow Carly had no idea Val moved in!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA! Even though Bobbie told her that it's okay to move in, Val should have told Carly. Oh Val and Maxie are bonding over the family members that died. I liked the bonding moment and that they are friends now! It won't last, but I still like it. At first I thought they were going talk to much about Lulu and Dante again, but they didn't.

    Sonny's home: They are getting married in 2 weeks!! Oh no! We have to wait 2 weeks until we find out Val got the preggers!?!?! And other secrets. What happens if Jake Doe gets shot? Will Liz scream out, JASON! JASON!!!!! :) Oh come on TJ! Forgive your mother! :(

    Julian's home: Oh rats! Olivia was going to tell Julian about Leo being alive, but then Dante and Nathan show up! I want little Leo to be Leonardo Jerome!!! :)Little LJ! :)

    Jordan's office: Wow! TJ is wearing white, Jordan is wearing white, The picture of TJ that Jordan has, he is wearing white, and parts of the room has white!!! I am surrounded by white!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!! Even Carly was in white today! Besides the white, it was a nice scene between TJ and Jordan. Love the hug!

    Lante home:

    Lulu: Have you thought about having kids?

    Dillon: No I don't want kids. I don't think I would be a very good father.

    Lulu: Oh you should have a kid. You should have one with Valerie.

    Dillon: We just started dating. We only had two dates!

    Oh yeah. They are SOOOOO setting this up for Val to be pregnant and Dillon to pretend he is the father!!! I smell it a mile away!!! :)Hmmmm I wonder if the new writers are going to change course.

    Brad, Lucas, and Rosie: They can't EVER divorce!!! Why?!!?! Because of the mob?

    Brad: Tell me that you still love me.

    Oh damn it!!! Brad made me tear up over this line!!!! :( Come on Lucas!!! Forgive him and get back together! And Lucas does! YAY! :) Rosie wins the line of the day!

    Rosie: If we tell you what we did, you are legally bound to report it, and if you don't you become an accessory. They put you on the stand, they can make you screw us over. At least until group marriage is legalized.


  4. " At least until group marriage is legalized. "

    I cracked up over that line too.

  5. Di said...I cracked up over that line too.

    Hahaha! Yeah it was great! :)

  6. It looks like Olivia is breast feeding . . . She looks great!! Maxie looks great also-she lost every ounce of weight she had put on with the baby . . . WHY did that mobster guy capitulate, like, immediately?

  7. Here is an article about GreenHayden and Nik being the next supercouple!

    General Hospital spoilers examine the future of Hayden and Nik and show why they are destined to be the next GH super couple. What do you get when you have a female con artist nymphomaniac with a Russian Prince you get GH’s next new super couple Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) and Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher).

    Yes Nikolas tried to kill Hayden sending his henchman to put a bullet in her head and yes she blackmailed him for months but on GH these are the things great couples are made of. Nothing says I am really into you like a bullet to the brain or a little blackmail to keep it interesting – look at Luke (Tony Geary) and Laura (Genie Francis), General Hospital’s greatest couple of all time. Luke was created to be a monster that raped Laura yet the couple ended up getting married in 1981 with 30 million viewers tuning in. That episode is still the highest rated hour in soap history


    GreenHayden and Nik the next supercouple?!!!?! ROFL! I just don't see it.

  8. NEW GH PROMO! It looks great!!!!! Go Scotty!!!!


  9. Thanks for the promo, sonya. It looks great.

  10. "Di said...Thanks for the promo, sonya. It looks great."

    You're welcome! Yeah it does! I can't wait for the courtroom scenes! I can't wait until the truth about her being Ava is out!!! :)

  11. Writers for Tuesday 18th:

    Scott Sickles
    Elizabeth Korte

    Chris Van Etten
    Anna THeresa Cascio
    Daniel James O'Connor
    Jean Passanante

    Scott McKinsey



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