Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Vocal Abuse

20150808 0904(41)
YES, I am the star !
I'm not nearly as excited as I was last week about the show but it's in the 'average' range, so I'm not going to completely complain! 
Things were  on a roll Monday then just fell off for me. The "aftermath" of such a frenzied pace is bound to be a bit slower.

No idea what to eat today. Strudel? Not that weird Toaster Strudel but the real stuff. Yum.  I wish Lesil was here to say the word for me ;)

20150803 1416(48)
The dress left to find Lucky
This week in a nutshell: Laura kept the secret and left town, Hayden woke up but seems not to know anything, Silas' murder mystery deepens, Jake still is Jake, and Sonny actually shot someone.
20150804 1426(31)

There, that's it! Seriously. That's it. Here it is in photos:

20150803 1422(6)
Where am I? Who am I and where do I get egg whites? 

Ok, so Hayden knows who she is but supposedly thinks Jake is her hubby. LOL. You, Sam and I know she's faking. Nikolas crept into her room to (maybe) kill her off on Friday but me thinks since Rebecca just got a contract, that ain't happening. 
20150804 1426(31)
DADDY!! DADDY!!!!!! wake up!! HELLOOO OOOOOO  wahhhhhh

Yes, trying to do Kiki's yelling justice but it's not possible. Whoa. It was painful. Even IF you thought she should be wailing, it just wasn't believable, imo. Not to me at least. This is where major vocal abuse occurred.  Kiki called  911 and Franco got arrested. He did have the knife, was found at the scene and there was a fingerprint. Even Nate could figure those clues out! Not that it's Franco's doing.  Seemed like it boiled down to Morgan, Denise, Ric and Donna Mills. No, Donna Mills wasn't even named but you know she's suspect. Heather hated Silas too and loved big knives.  It's going to take all month according to the promos so...stay tuned! And if you happened to miss a second of these scenes, the 900 flashbacks per episode should catch you up! 

20150805 1436(4)

Oh yeah, Sam found out Silas died.  Patrick too. Can't you tell? All those tissues around. Such sorrow. 

20150805 1429

Our Dimpled Don met with "The Five Families" in some restaurant. Serge, the poor Russian guy said the wrong thing and Sonny turned around and shot him. I suppose it was about showing that Sonny is still King of the Mob. Another interesting note is that the Wu lady was there, probably related to Brad in some way. We'll probably hear about it in a month or so. BTW, I at least was surprised that Sonny finally just killed someone without talking about it for ages. BOOM, gone. 

20150805 1441(38)

Nina wore my fave shirt all week! I love it's so glistening white even after pulling that knife out of Silas' back. Donna Mills tried to get her to sign some papers, just like Ric did. No dice. 
20150805 1405(34)

 Oh, and Nina gloriously grabbed a bald guy's head :)

20150808 0914(41)

Carly asked Morgan if he killed Silas.  Franco told Dr. O that Denise is Ava. Ava threatened Franco... yada yada.  Dr. O and Franco tho? GOLD. 

20150804 1432(5)

I'm still not happy with the amount of stories/characters GH has. This leads to such giant chunks of time out of pacing that things just get all muddied. Lucas and Brad are a prime example. You can have all the days you want of Brad looking nervous, talking to Felix and hemming and hawing, but move it along! Lucas sat in Carly's just doing some moping and nothing-- not one thing moved. YAWN.  Julian and Alexis have a few lines, go into the bedroom and that's about it for them. You know I can list a host of characters who are now languishing 
in no-man's land at the moment. Tracy? Paul? Anyone? Bueller? 

20150806 1447(30)

I would also like to point out that Brad and Felix had to move so Sam/Pat could have the 2x2 spot to sit in. Remember the old lounge? Where people actually had chairs and stuff? Yeah, Me too. 

20150805 1419(28)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: For my money it was Carly laying into  Moronigan. You go, Mom!

20150805 1449(29)

RUNNER  UP: Good Ol' Dead Silas pours DenAva a nice martini. Great execution.

20150808 0947(42)

PROP of the WEEK:  The Blinds (ominous music)...meaning someone might get KILLED! Such powers those blinds! 

20150804 1436(43)

FACE OF THE WEEK:  SO, So many to CHOOSE from!! 

20150805 1443(22)

 This blog is dedicated to Serge...and his ponytail. We hardly knew ye. 
I would like to note that last night on Twitter people were talking a lot about the GH Fan Club weekend events.  One big thing that came out and SID tweeted was that Bryan Craig (Morgan) was told by Frank (EP) that the Mob will become "front and center" again.  At Maurice's event, it was told again. So, buckle up. Apparently we're going to get the mobular crap all over the place. 
Oh, and the 3 actors kept it real classy about outgoing writer HW Ron.  You can watch it on You Tube for yourself.  I was a big critic of the writing these past 6-7 months but even I know that it's not just ONE person's game when it comes to what's on our screens.  People could have kept it classier especially since they had good material for a long time under this regime and praised them up and down at times. I guess TG made it all cool to dump on Ron when he's out the door. SMDH. I don't like this kind of bashing at all, especially at a public event.  There's "truth telling" and then there's just plain being ungrateful and grandstanding. 
I hope the new ladies write a lot of mob-centric stuff since that's what "the actors" are proposing  will save the ratings.
Somehow I doubt it. 


  1. I guess I'll be tuning out again.....still not happy about Silas and now it's more mob, no thanks. Great SS as always.

  2. They've got to get the stories moving faster! Jake has to become Jason yesterday! Perhaps the new Kiki is a good actress, but she is miscast. She doesn't have the vulnerability to pull the scenes off.

  3. I saw the commotion on Twitter last night and just watched the video. It was worse than I thought! So disrespectful! The man was fired. He wrote some great stuff that saved the show. Comment on that, and say we are looking forward to new writers. There was a gracious way t get the point across-- although the audience seemed to love it. I didn't start watching again until Ron came on after at least 4 years (although I always read your blog!) I am depressed! I loved Sonny when he was first on and conflicted about his life, now he seems to just talk sbout the territory, Boring. I know the Jake thing is dragging on, but one reason I loved Billy Miller on YR is because he was fun! Like Tyler C I think he has chemistry with everyone, I'd rather see that than random people with good ponytails getting shot!

  4. I couldn't watch all the video - just couldn't stomach the jackasses being so unprofessional.

    In the part I did watch it seemed like Maurice & Bryan were really in to the bashing & Chad stayed quiet with his arms crossed like he was very uncomfortable. Did he later engage in the bashing?

  5. Not really..Chad looked VERY uncomfortable. His girlfriend, KA LOVES Ron from her OLTL days. I'm sure she read him the riot act when they were done.
    And stupid Bryan't Ron's regime BRING YOUR CHARACTER BACK!? What an ass.

    You know I've been critical of the writing but I just think that's wrong-- especially calling him "the writer" just like TG did. I think Mo jumped on that bandwagon as soon as Tony said it.

  6. love your comments feel the same way-Monday seems to always start out well & then it just goes away

    I watched the periscope video of MB and thought that was not only uncalled for but stupidly arrogant and unprofessional. BC needs to be gone & take ava with him-I love MW but I loathe her character just like I do the whole mob s/l

    I hope tptb took note of what was said & done yesterday-shame on MB, BC and anyone that chose to act the fool. RC was not a one man wrecking crew FV helped and is still there pulling strings.

    I can't wait to see what is said next year at the annual GH FCW

  7. I have a hard time feeling bad for Mo too and Bryan I saw on a couple twitter pages people throwing shade at how the acters are acting toward Ron. Michele Val Jean and Sara Bibel had shade on their pages about they are acting toward Ron. SourceJenn has good shade on her page too.

  8. Just throwing my two cents in the ring about Mo's words at his fan club event.

    Didn't bother me at all. It was like he was referencing Sonny, Chad said I brought Sonny, Mo said the writer didn't like me/Sonny, then spoke as Sonny, BC said you don't cross Sonny.... It's almost as if Mo was speaking as the character Sonny for that and even if he really wasn't, bottom line is..... Mo spoke HIS truths.

    Hey, was it unprofessional? Yes and No. Mo's a grown man. I'm sure he can handle any grief TPTB give him, if any. Lol!

    "Soap twitter" and the pearl clutching over this video is insanely funny. If you're not on Twitter sign yourself up because it's hilariously ridiculous!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I want to give NuKiKi the benefit of the doubt that we just loved RealKiKi so much that she can't fill her shoes, but my God she is terrible in this part. All that screaming and crying and not 1 damn tear, really? She just found her Father dead with a knife in his back.

    When I watched Sonny shoot Sergio, I said out loud, OMG he actually shot someone himself.

    Nina is amazing and I love the dynamic that she and Todd have. They are so good together. Also love him with Dr. O.

    I think the story-lines were better this week. I have been FF through most of the show for a good while, but I watched every bit of it this week. The music playing at the end of the show in the aftermath of Si's killing made it movie quality to me. I really hope this is a good sign of things to come. It has been so blah for so long. GH Gods please bless us!

  11. I am of the opinion the mob stuff coming up is a directive from the head honchos at ABC.
    It has been like that forever.
    I think every network has a certain philosophy about their daytime and night time programming.
    ABC.... Scandal, Revenge, how to get away with murder,...
    I think CBS has more character driven shows in daytime and night time. Even the CSI's are done with the main characters having real depth and relate-ability.

  12. I'm new to the whole periscope thing. I downloaded the periscope for twitter cause I'm interested in what happened with all the bashing but am lost. I am a Ron fan having watched OLTL but Karen I'm with you, granted the last yr really sucked but these people should be more grateful. He saved their show. I am however not getting over killing Silas anytime soon....

  13. I know I'll be right back to fast forwarding once we're back to Sonny and the mob every day. I've already gotten back in practice since that's what I did thru most of TG's final stuff

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. "There, that's it! Seriously. That's it. Here it is in photos:
    DADDY!! DADDY!!!!!! wake up!! HELLOOO OOOOOO wahhhhhh"

    ROFL! Thanks for the pictures! I'm glad she didn't ask, can you hear me? ROFL!

    "Franco told Dr. O that Denise is Ava. Ava threatened Franco... yada yada. Dr. O and Franco tho? GOLD."

    YES! GOLD!!! :)

    "Amanda says, When I watched Sonny shoot Sergio, I said out loud, OMG he actually shot someone himself."

    I know! RIGHT?!!?! :) I didn't see that one coming! I thought he was going to tell his right hand man to do it!

  16. I havent seen an episode in 2 wks. Between travelling, moving and no dvr, the timing wasnt there. I do read this blog daily to keep up. Karen had a point today that made me want to comment.

    Two weeks can be a wealth of story telling and must see television. What exactly did I miss in 2 weeks?


    That's it. No Brad's wife reveal. No Jason reveal. No Ava reveal. No Rosalie's secret reveal. No flashback to Dante and Val having sex. No Laura working at a job. I am assuming Anna hasnt returned.

    Yeah, I know Silas was killed. But this is GH. Its not shocking since in 9-12 months he will come back from the dead after spending some time with Helena on Cassadine Island. No one ever dies on this show.

    It's a shame, but I can honestly say based on all or your posts and blogs, I missed absolutely NOTHING. Which begs the question, "Why should I come back to watching the show at all if every week is going to be like this?"


  17. Laura left? Well then what the hell did she show up for in the first place? (dont say it. just DO NOT say the "L" word...)

    If any show in the history of television knows how to WASTE an actresses' time and talent, it is this one.

  18. Personally I'm not a fan of the mob stuff. Back in the Frank Smith days, the mob was the bad guys. Luke wanted to get out. Then Sonny came along and somehow Jason became the moral center of the show. I know some people do enjoy mob centered stories and that's totally fine. But I don't think the answer to the ratings decline is to have more mob. It's OK to bring Sonny off the back burner if that's what they want, but please don't make the mob the center of GH again.

    It sounds like there were a lot of unhappy actors on GH under RC. I'm not a fan of RC at all. His storytelling never felt like GH to me after that first wonderful year. But in that video...maybe not the classiest way to address it. MB and BC seemed kind of gleeful. Unless it was so bad and we just don't know how bad it was behind the scenes.

  19. As usual another successful surgery!! Thank you Karen! I've only been watching in bits and pieces and reading here. The last full episodes I watched(kind of) was the Laura/Liz/Nicholas days and I'm sorry but that did it for me. I know in the past she's been a lying enabling mother/woman but I was hoping they're were going to write her as a strong,independent woman who's changed for the better. The way she handled the whole situation just left a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe after the Jake reveal or if the reviews here get better I'll start watching full episodes again.

  20. Maurice's Sonny is like the Elmo of General Hospital! He came along and just took over and everything and everyone else got shuffled to the background. Ron C did tone down the mob crap for the longest time. At least we were not subject to Sonny every single day of the week. I for one, was thankful for that! Don't get me wrong, I do understand there is a major fan base for the character but, he does not have to take Geary's place now that Luke has drifted into the fog. Sorry but, this show needs BALANCE! Writers must rember its roots and respect that title, General HOSPITAL. Ron C put the Sonny character in jail for longer than a two day stint. Got to respect that. I'm guessing Maurice was not a fan of going on the back burner for a little and allowing others a chance to shine. The show needs to bring back the romance. Respect the hospital and legacy families such as The Quartermaines and Webbers. Sure keep the crime boss but, this really should not be the core of General Hospital. Realistically speaking and I'm asking you guys on here, what is truly left for the character of Sonny Corinthos? What can be done that has not been done? What can happen in this characters world that would not bore us all into hitting that FF button? I honestly got nothing...

  21. Mob front and center?!!?! So the two writers who are women like the mob?! Or is it just Frank who does?

  22. "sonya said...
    Mob front and center?!!?! So the two writers who are women like the mob?! Or is it just Frank who does?"

    I get the impression that the mob stuff has more to do with actor ego and demand but who knows.

  23. The controversial video has been removed from Twitter. Doesn't matter. The damage was done, and with social media these days you can't unscrew the pooch.

    Ever since RC's departure, I can't help but feel that the backstage politics at GH & the Mickey Mouse network have gotten even uglier and the egos are out of control.

    More mob stuff? Good god, this is the death knell of this show. No one wants that tired crap. Talented people like Michelle Stafford and Roger Howarth are the only reason I still tune in.

  24. "SaveOurSuds said... I get the impression that the mob stuff has more to do with actor ego and demand but who knows."

    Well, whatever reason, it has to stop! :(


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