Friday, August 14, 2015

The CarSon Wedding Show

Why ..OH Why... for the 5th time, we'll be treated to Carly and Sonny getting hitched in the fall. Maybe it won't happen. Maybe it will be another mobular extravaganza. All I know is I'm just plain tired of it. 
Carly's been married 7 or 8 times.  Sonny has been married 478 times. Not counting his "near miss" weddings which stand at 4. 

Found the photos. 


Suggested Wedding Dress:


  1. Yeah I'm not excited either. GH should have spend the money and energy on a wedding for a different couple like Naxie, NiCo, Julexis or Sakey and made it an actually romantic event. But nope. Mobster wedding disaster story here we come!

  2. Rosalie's secret is out! She is Brad's wife! Did not see that one coming.

  3. Is SB wearing a robe in that first photo? Or a satin coat over her wedding dress?
    I love your choice for the Dress #5!! Or is it #479? ;)

  4. Oh, please, NOT ANOTHER CarSon wedding, noooooooo . . . .


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