Friday, August 21, 2015

I Object!

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Nabbed From Twitter. 

I sort of watched Wed/Thursday shows but FF through a lot. I'm so over trials, I can't tell you lol. 
By the way, how fast was that thing? I mean he got arrested 3 days ago in soap-time. I'm all for not dragging things out but geesh. 

The trial is like a joke, no? Who lets people do that? Anyway, Scott tells everyone Ava is Ava. (with some DNA test thing) the show ends like @@~~ 

Olivia goes and gushes over Sonny's baby--but can't bring herself to even let Julian be in the same town as theirs! OH WELL!

Carly and Donna Mills talk mental problems. All of a sudden everyone is discussing bipolar. Plot point or what? I know Morgan's been a little idiotic and rash, but to all of a sudden be all "he might be bipolar" is just not cool. IF they are going to use this to dismiss a murder, that's even worse. Sabrina giving symptoms of the disorder.  I can't even. I know people who suffer from it and I even knew someone that took their life because of it. Not sure this story is going to fly ...period. 

Nina talked to Nathan.
Seems like every other story is on hold. Michael doesn't even talk about ELQ anymore. It's all Silas' murder and the "Wedding".  


  1. Shadybrook:

    Visiting hours:

    Tuesday & Thursday

    10 am - 12 pm


    2 pm - 6 pm

    Julian's home: Alexis and Julian chit chat about Olivia! Oh everyone is telling Alexis that Julian is a big bad man!!!! Oh whatever will she do?!

    Q home: Michael and Sabrina! Sabrina is sitting down a lot. Don't want us to see the baby bump? :) Oh she stands up! I see a little bit of the baby bump! :) Michael is still struggling over Sonny! It's simple Michael! Don't forgive him and don't go to the wedding! Oh talk about Morgan and bipolar. All this talk about it, Oh yeah he is gonna have bipolar!!! :)

    Magda and Carly: Are they gonna be besties?!!! That would be great! :)

    Sonny's home: Sonny with little AJ! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Look at those chubby cheeks! And she has her thumb in her mouth! :) Oh nice visit with Olivia. I forgot to mention yesterday, that TJ told Molly, that Sonny has a movie cinema down the basement!!! I'm moving in! :)


    BobTodd's courtroom: Ric wins the line of the day!

    Ric: What is this the dating game?

    ROFL! So true Ric so true! :) Go Scotty go!!!! :) Hmmm not much of a Friday cliffhanger! All Scotty was doing at the end of the show was accusing Moochie of being Ava! This Friday cliffhanger would have been better:

    Scotty: You are Ava aren't you?! ADMIT IT!



  2. why couldnt scotty just pull the wig off in front of everyone?

  3. "david said...why couldnt scotty just pull the wig off in front of everyone?"

    Yes!! That would have been great too!!!

    Friday Cliffhanger: *Scotty pulls Ava's wig off and people gasp*


  4. David,
    Back when the whole 'Denise" charade began, Carlivatisaid that although Maura is wearing a wig Denise is not. I assume they are still pretending that she has the world's worst dye job rather than the world's worst wig.

  5. Why does Sonny the killer of his son's father think he is a better parent then Ava the killer of one of Sonny's girls. I'm so mad nobody calls him on it.. Ava is scum and so are you buddy. The days of Saint Sonny are over. All I see now is a man who hates Jullian yet he is a mobster himself. What a hypocrite. Now they are trying to blame his action on being bi-polar? Give me a break.

  6. I think today's episode set the record for most number of flashbacks. I wasn't counting and maybe it wasn't really that many, but it seemed like there were a LOT of them!

    I can't wait until Ava is unmasked (or de-wigged/un-dyed) and we can say goodbye to Denise DeMuccio the walking, talking stereotype.

    I really hope TJ doesn't end up a casualty of stupid Sonny. A lot of people name TJ when listing characters to get rid of, but he's hardly ever on so it's not like that would free up space on the show when they should get rid of some of these big name actors currently hogging up the screen. Anyway I think Tequan Richmond is a good young actor and he and Molly are the only younger people in their age range. I'm wondering if since Molly is so concerned maybe she gets caught in the crossfire (but not killed, just injured).

    I almost choked yesterday when Sonny made some kind of comment about how great it was that Michael was doing the clinic in AJ's memory - I mean, he killed AJ! I hope Michael doesn't forgive Sonny so fast. It was epic when he turned his back on Sonny and Carly and I think they could get more years of story out of it. Sonny was pardoned and got his daughter back, he came out smelling like a rose and it is a bit much for my taste. However it might be good when he and Ava eventually fight for Avery's custody.

  7. The court scenes were beyond ridiculous. Sonny and Carly are so concerned about Morgan's mental state but it never bothered them that he didn't work or go to school. And neither did his girlfriend.

  8. LSV422 said... Sonny and Carly are so concerned about Morgan's mental state but it never bothered them that he didn't work or go to school.

    My thoughts exactly. Being a lazy entitled spoiled brat who's never had to pay for anything or had any consequences for his actions is what's wrong with Morgan, not being bipolar. I really hope the new writers don't continue with that charade.

  9. I agree with you to infinity and beyond Karen especially on the mental illness issues being discussed and portrayed on the show lately. As someone who has dealt with and a day at a time deal with and also have very close friends and family members who deal with not only bipolar but a number of other mental illnesses I've been offended more than once. And even though the actress who portrays the catatonic patient Nina confides in does a good job I feel like they are poking fun at a very serious mental illness. I haven't been watching much and this stuff is part of the many reasons. Remember,this is just my opinion. What a circus the court crap was today. In what city,state or county are you allowed to bring your cell phone to the witness stand?? Can't they make it even a little believable???!! Thank you for your patience.

  10. What a speedy trial. Glad Scott at least is not acting stupid.

  11. Its sloppy writing. And, once again, treating us like we are stupid.

    Has anyone asked Denise to provide paystubs from her previous job?

    A social security number?

    Last year's tax returns?

    Application for Obamacare?

    Another family member to attest to the fact that she is Denise?

    A piece of mail that has her name and address on it?

    A government document with photo ID such as driver's license?

    I can go on. See, I just moved to NV and I have to jump through hoops to prove I am who I say I am. Since I have to, why doesn't she?

    She swore under oath to tell the truth and the whole truth, (she has nothing to hide, right?) let Scotty ask her to state her social security number in front of the court room.

    THAT would be good writing AND good drama.

    Unfortunately, we have neither. We have kiki and morgan. :(

  12. david said....Unfortunately, we have neither. We have kiki and morgan. :(

    The day they leave Port Charles will be the day I tune back in. The characters are both a waste of space.

  13. Billy Miller interview

    At the present time, “Jake” is not a man of many words! (Laughs)

    "BILLY: Correct. What is interesting about this character, as compared to Billy Abbott, “Jake” doesn’t do a lot of talking. When I was on Y&R, I used to say to myself, “Shut up Billy!” Also, I’ve learned that my lower voice and soft speech can be a problem. GH is mostly mic’d from above, so we are losing my end of the dialogue sometimes on this show. It is a problem I know, and I’m addressing it. When I got to GH I was like, “Why is everybody yelling at me? I hear you!” (Laughs) And then after the first two shows aired, I could see why, as I was very low on the audio."


  14. Thanks for the link. I love that he said that his scene with Monica was the best scene that he's had on GH thus far. It was my favourite too.

  15. Thank you, Karen and Gracegirl for your comments on mental illness. It is not a joke, it is not to be diagnosed by arm chair psychologists or worse, arm chair amateurs who read an article years ago about mental illness and now consider themselves knowledgeable. The laughter at the character Heidi really bothered me, because catatonia is a severe disorder, not a laughing matter. And she would not be sitting in the general population where anyone can do anything to her (such as Madeline pushing the wheelchair out of the way).
    And Carly and Sonny FINALLY being concerned about Morgan, but only cause they "think" he may have a psych diagnosis is stupid. As was Carly telling Madeline about being worried about Morgan. Totally unreal; Carly wouldn't pal up with Madeline for any reason I can see. (Nina is not bipolar; a big part of her problem is her mother, and another is being stuck in the 20 years ago world she went to sleep to, that and bad writing.)

  16. "Di said..Thanks for the link. I love that he said that his scene with Monica was the best scene that he's had on GH thus far. It was my favourite too."

    You're welcome! Yeah the Monica and Jake scene was the best! :)I loved it.

  17. THe reason I like Heidi is because she's just a great 'sounding board"..I'm not making fun of her. I am pretending she's an undercover cop. How perfect would that be!?

  18. I like the actress playing Heidi. I think it's amazing that she can stay in the scene that well. I'm definitely not making fun of Heidi or her condition.

    I think her actually being an undercover cop would be great, kd.



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