Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Freaking FLASHBACK DAY they show the entire Ava wake up in FLASHBACKS. why. why WHY???? This is just NOT good storytelling, imo. The entire right to die story sucked and now this? 
Ava's still keeping up the pretense with Silas at the PH for a bit...Like she couldn't drop the act but had to "hear the whole story" because...IT'S GH. That's why! And Silas just tells the entire story to her.
SO basically it's what we all know: he gave her Avery's bone marrow, she woke up.
Yet, she's still talking like JWow. 

Dillon better be a good actor. He looks ok. So far ok. He's not very feisty tho. The entire scene with TG and he...wet noodles. Both of them. VERY UN-Dramatic. Like it was underwater. LOL 
Tracy says she can't believe Luke is Luke. He wants a trial period "30 Days" ... to prove it.
Luke want to have an engagement party TONIGHT on the Haunted Star. The place where the BOMB was.
 For you youngin's...Dillon got LULU Pregnant and she had an abortion. 

Metro Bar: There are NO customers anywhere anymore. Nikolas is doing this bidding via Rosie. Rosie goes to visit Nina. I so don't care about this take over crap. Michael is telling Nik all about the Q take over...LOL. Like Nik's not a Cassadine.
THE Q's have paper SHARES? PAPER?????? Seriously? Like ON PAPER???? ahahha. Rosie is trying to give Nina's cash. She took the cash, Michael thinks she didn't. 

Kiki and Moronigan. Slackers hangin' out at the gym. Because that's what they do. 


  1. What a let down!!! I wanted Dylan to FIGHT for his mother. If Ned told him everything, why the heck was Dylan so passive? And TG is just phoning it in. It is his pod person now. Go away, Tony G., Go away.
    Olivia in real life had a baby girl. How sweet. Funny to see the scene she shot before she left. She sure got a whole lot of close ups there at the end. LOL
    So busy multitasking and fast forwarding these days. Please, writers, get out of your rut, and save our soap. If this goes much further, I don't see how the show can go on.
    Boy, did Rosie play Nina like a violin or what? That was funny cause it was a total turnaround for the two of them. She manipulated Nina, and it made me chuckle.

  2. At least Morgan said he was going to shower today. lol

    Rosie was great.

    And I think nuDillon did well with what he was given. He stayed in the scene and followed their lead. I think he'll do well if he gets something meatier. Today was just a "explaining the past" for the 2 fans who might not know what's been going

    The scene with Ava...errr Denise...and Silas was boring as hell. That could have been done as it occurred at the hospital and it would have been really exciting. As is we all know what happened so it fell flat for me. Flashbacks like that only insult the intelligence of the viewers; like all we "old people" couldn't figure out what happened.

  3. Gym: Awww Morgan and Michael! You both look great with your shirts off! Don't put your shirts back on!!!!

    Kiwi: We are going to have to be a lot quieter when he's home.

    Morgan: Oh I can be quiet.

    Kiwi: So can I.

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Just replace Kiwi with Ava. And have her say the same thing! ROFL!

    Julian's home: Oh goodie! Flashbacks. It all happened off screen! So stupid. Ah well, we can still make fun of it.

    Ava: You gave me those drugs so that I can sleep forever.

    McSilas: *blank stare*

    Ava: To take away my pain. I wanted to die.

    McSilas: *blank stare*

    Ava: You agreed with me. We said our goodbyes.

    McSilas: *blank stare*

    Ava: SAY SOMETHING!!!!!



    Nina and Ric's room: What?! Rosie is all nervous? Oh come on now! Well Rosie you are doing a very good job here with Nina!

    Metrocourt restaurant: How come Nik didn't ask Michael about his lip?!!?! Oh no! Don't talk about Emily! Enough talk about Emily, and take both of your shirts off! Rosie shows up and doesn't even ask Michael about his lip either?!!?! Nik and Rosie are both blind. Hey! The plan worked!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!

    Q home:

    Eeyore: Oh bother! Where is Christopher Robin?

    Christopher Robin: I'm here.

    Eeyore: I'm bored, and I don't want to watch Luke ask Tracy to marry him.

    Pilet: Well, at least she has a month to decide to marry him or not.

    Eeyore: Yeah but they are going to have a party very soon.

    Christopher Robin: Maybe Laura will be skulking around and Luke will see her.

    Eeyore: I hope Luke sees Laura. Do you think Luke and Tracy will actually get married?

    Tigger: No!!!! Tony Geary is supposed to leave! They aren't going to get married!! Now if you don't mind, I have to bounce out of here!

    *Tigger bounces here and there and everywhere like a gummy bear.*

    "Karen says SO basically it's what we all know: he gave her Avery's bone marrow, she woke up.Yet, she's still talking like JWow."

    ROFL! JWow!!! You are right! Hahahaha!

  4. Something just occurred to me: wasn't Luke the one who ordered the crash that killed Sabrina's baby? Oh, that would be so sweet, if Sabrina was the one to take Luke out. Sorry, gang, but I know he is going, and I hope it's a really good story when it happens. (Not him just deciding to leave town like he always does. That would be a total let down.) Sabrina could have another "crack up" like she did when she tried to kill Ava. Only this time use a gun instead of pills. And Sabrina is not a character who will be missed too much. Maybe they could use her pay to bring back some one we care about.

  5. "ishouldreadmore said...Something just occurred to me: wasn't Luke the one who ordered the crash that killed Sabrina's baby?"

    Nope! It wasn't Luke. It was Rafe who ran Patrick, Emma, and Sabrina off the road. And Victor Cassadine told him to do it.

  6. ishouldreadmore, it turned out to be Victor Cassadine who ordered the car crash. It was to send a message to Robin and keep her in her place by endangering her family. But Ava let Carlos think it was her, and Fluke let Spencer think it was him. Not sure if anyone but Robin, Victor, and the viewers ever found out the truth.... Anyone here remember?

  7. Thank you, Sonya and CareyN. I completely forgot about Rafe. Don't know if it's a commentary on my memory or on how unmemorable the here-today-gone-tomorrow characters on the show are.

  8. "ishouldreadmore said...Thank you, Sonya"

    You're welcome!!! :)

    "I completely forgot about Rafe. Don't know if it's a commentary on my memory or on how unmemorable the here-today-gone-tomorrow characters on the show are."

    Probably the here today gone tomorrow characters. :)I mean they didn't show Rafe for a long time! Then poof he comes back and he is addicted to drugs!

  9. According to TV Line both Jonathan Jackson and Nathan Parsons will appear on GH as part of Luke's exit.

  10. Agree - hated the 'flashbacks.' Very insulting to our intelligence - we all know how it played out. We didn't need to see it.

    So far, I do think the Dillon actor is good. I am glad the character is back, and FINALLY, a recast that I think works.

    I can't believe Tracy didn't make a crack when Luke suggested they have a party on the Haunted Star! Who the hell would go to a party hosted by Luke on that damn boat???

    I know Laura is back on Friday, so I SO hope she's there. I'm betting she will be.

  11. I thought the scenes with Dillon were so so QUIET. Not feisty at all--it was like SHRUG. I'm sure he was directed to play it that way I said wet noodle. TG wasn't giving anything so...

    Laura and Holly both have guns so I'm thinking Ethan/Lucky are in dangerrrr?

  12. Oh, Karen - good guess re. Ethan and Lucky!

  13. The flashbacks were misplaced. I think they would have worked better before "Denise" showed up. Would have been forgivable if Silas & Ava were a good pairing and I had a strong desire to see those emotional beats played but I have no desire to root for them. That coupled with the fact that the "Denise" and Silas scenes they were cut with were pretty lame.

    As for the rest of the episode, it wasn't bad. I'm curious to see where some of these stories are going. The Nina/Rosalie scenes were really good. Liking nuDillon.

  14. I'll be happy to see JJ and Nathan but I just don't care about Luke/TG leaving anymore.



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