Friday, June 19, 2015

Triple L Diner

Frank, Luke and Jennifer (Smith)... Frank Smith mention today

It's the old Diner... it didn't blow up. I thought it did, but it was the truck outside. I just watched on You Tube because I was sure it was the Diner. 
It's a romp of nostalgia. 
"You made me whole...but I felt I never deserved you Laura and I was terrified of family life"... Luke says. He says he didn't regret their life or their family. 
Laura's phone rings. 
at the end, SOMEONE walks in the diner. 

This Ava 'Story' is stupid and I HATE IT. Seriously? This is character growth? WTF? UGHHHHH. Her character goes though all she did with the baby, being shot...having cancer, yada yada and all she winds up doing is having sex in a crappy wig with Moronigan on the couch at ELQ?

Rosie walks in, they dress. Then Kiki walks in and knows nothing. They all go to lunch.

Nikolas fails to gain Dillon's ELQ shares.  Lulu figures out it might be Nikolas that is taking the shares. 

OMG is all that Dante and Val do is drink coffee?? 

Nate and Maxie are out to lunch. Nothing happens...jabber jabber

Tracy,  Jake, Sam, Sabby and Michael figure out it's probably Rosie doing the naughty at ELQ. Stupid Mikey already told her about the bug so..there it goes. 

Later-- Sam goes to talk to Nikolas about Rosie and Michael gets Dante to question her at the ELQ offices. 


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  2. I think it is to from other sources.

    Kinda would have been fun to have been Roseanne or Sally Struthers.

    Why would Holly be doing this? Why would she kidnap Lucky?

    It doesnt make sense.

    Unless it is a red herring. Maybe Holly is there because she knows where Lucky is and perhaps Ethan is taken too and Holly wants to team up with L&L.

    One thing that really struck me as odd. In the phone call, They were referred to as "Laura & Luke". Throughout history, both on the show and in real life, it has always been Luke and Laura with Luke's name first. It did strike me as odd.

    The rest of the show? Bleeecchhhh.

  3. You know what's killing me the last few days? Rosalie made a phone call from her office phone. A man (Nik) picked up and said "Hello." That's it! All of a sudden Sam *knows* Rosalie was calling her secret boss???? Maybe she was actually making a business call? WTF jumping to conclusions. That right there is just poor writing.

    Sorry had to vent about that. It's been driving me crazy.

  4. Loved the L&L scenes - wanted more. YAY Dillon. Laughed when Sabrina called Michael naive. She's a better detective than Sam. I want Kiki and Denise/Ava gone ASAP! Let Valerie and Morgan hook up and leave PC as well ...

  5. Aside from Ava and gang today was half decent. Luke seemed a bit less stale. Actually enjoyed his scenes with Laura. Love that everyone is getting a clue about Nik, can't wait to see what happens. Kinda sick of Val. Nathan and Maxie were cute today.

  6. I enjoyed Luke's scenes with Laura today too. And I enjoyed the scenes with Nik and Dillon. It was nice to see a twinkle in Nik's eye again.

    Denise and Morgan I FF'd through. It's beyond awful. I want them both gone. I can't understand why a woman who looks exactly like Ava is suddenly going mental about not being able to see Ava's baby and nobody is questioning that DNA test? Really? I'd be showing her the door and getting a restraining order.

    Nathan and Maxie were cute today. Maxie brings out the happy in everyone. lol

    And how come in all the years that we've been watching GH there's never been a PA sitting there in the same room as all the cops? Why don't they just sit her at Dante's desk and be done with it. Bleeecchhhh.

  7. I think maybe the caller said "Laura and Luke" because they were calling Laura's phone? I thought L & L's scenes were wonderful, and a nice homage to the past. I couldn't believe all of the double entendres in the dialogue after Morgan and "Denise" had their run-in. And Kiwi wants to FIX UP SILAS AND DENISE??? WT . . . .? Silas is a dr., and Denise is a hairdresser. Now, I know some hairdressers who are fine, educated people, but Denise is not one of them, she acts like an uneducated Brooklyn bimbo, on what planet would she and Silas date?

  8. Oh, right, on planet Kiwi and Moronagan, where you don't have to work for a living or go to school, you just hang out and have sex and then don't take a shower . . .

  9. Triple L diner: SWEET SWEET!!! Love love love! :)Great memories! Who showed up at the end? Can't wait to find out on Monday!

    Q home: Damn it Sam! Quit flirting with Jake Doe!!!!

    ELQ: Wait!!!! Moochie and Morgan didn't have sex! They stopped it before it got too far! Rosie wins the lines of the day!

    Rosie: So you weren't about to get it on with your ex's twin sister on your brother's couch in his office. Oh so you guys have an open relationship? She is cool about you getting it on with her auntie?

    ROFL! That sounded so odd! Hahahaha. Oh oh Rosie is BUSTED by Michael!

    Police station:

    Val: Oh Dante thanks for the coffee! I feel so bad about what Maxie said. I think I want to talk to Lulu and clear the air. I can bring my fake cat Gunnar so Rocco can play with him.

    Lante home: Oh shoot Nik! You were so close in getting the deal! Oh oh Lulu is putting two and two together! More Lulu whining about keeping a secret from Dante. Val shows up with her fake cat Gunnar! Gunnar is really quiet. Val probably thinks Lulu is having an affair with Dillon hahaha.


    Morgan, Kiwi, and Moochie:

    Kiwi: Oh I would love for you to meet my single daddy and you two can hook up!!

    Morgan: I don't think that is a good idea.

    Morgan's thoughts: No! I want to get a chance to hook up with Denise first!

    Moochie: No. I want to focus all my energy on AJ.

    Moochie's thoughts: I want to hook up with Morgan first!

    Maxie and Nathan:

    Nathan: Hmmmm. Wow! Why isn't everyone at work!?!? This is the middle of the day!

    Maxie: They are probably on their lunch break! People can do all sorts of things in the middle of the day! Like sex!

    Nathan: Sounds like a good idea.

    Maxie: No no no. I need a haircut, and I need to shop for my client. I am boycotting Wyndemes!

    And that is all we are going to hear about the racial profiling storyline right? So disappointed. Dante told Nathan all about what Maxie did hahaha. #Team Maxie!!! :) Strange thought, what if Dante and Val don't start anything first!!!! And it's Lulu and Dillon who starts something! :)

  10. love the chemistry between LuLu and new Dillon. Better than Dante and lulu

  11. "screamingeagle the chemistry between LuLu and new Dillon. Better than Dante and lulu"

    Yup yup! I agree! :)



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