Tuesday, June 9, 2015


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Awwww, Bradford and his fam open up a Dunkin Donuts In Encino California! How adorable!! 

It's raining SO HARD today...and I just remembered I have a meeting at 5. UGHHHHHHh not happy. 

Flava and Moronigan. AHAHHAHA they make out. Bahahaha. JUST when I think this story can't BE more stupid? Welp. There it is. And he doesn't even know it's hear. Even when she says "I've missed that"...
Kiki comes in all ignorant. @@

OMG this party scene is just stupid. Lulu's acting like ....she's not even Laura's daughter? Luke must be programmed by someone because he's acting like a zombie.  Maybe Helena is beyond all this. 
Laura tells Tracy since she found out about Luke being Fluke, she needed closure to their relationship and ..just a bunch of bizarre crap. It HAS to be a fake story because the boys are in trouble. 
Tracy leaves in a huff after telling Laura off. 
This intro to Laura 'coming back' is already a FAIL in my book. Lulu leaves-- Luke and Laura said things had to be 'done this way'...yada yada.
I'm such a sucker. GOD this stinks

Franco, Nina and Silas at the Floating Rib. Franco wants his shares back. ut oh She says Michael bought them. Franco goes to see Michael who says he DIDN'T buy them.

Oh, and Sabrina and Michael folded laundry.  Maxie and Nathan laid in bed to explain to us the entire Nina backstory. zzzzzzzz


  1. The Laura return is a bust. But why not??? Why should we have expected more, with all the drek we have put up with for over a year???
    But what a waste of beautiful talent. And if anyone talked to my Mom the way Tracy talked to Laura, there would have been flying fur. I don't care how much LuLu loves Tracy; Laura is her Mother. Laura is the one LuLu went to in her darkest hour. Totally unreal. The whole thing is unreal. Humbug.

  2. The writing of the characters today was absurd. This was assinine in every sense of the word. It is unfortunate we have to see the entire storyline in flashbacks. But that's the way they tell most storylines nowadays.

    Once again, Jane Elliot commanded the scene and proved her worth. She can really rock it when she is called upon to do so and she owned today's episode.

    The only other positive thing about the show is Nathan shirtless. Again. Thank God for small favors.

    ps. Are we ANY closer to knowing Rosalie's secret? How long has it been now, 2 years? maybe 3?

  3. It's not only unreal, they're still rewriting the Luke/Laura story. Since when was Laura obsessed with Luke? It was the other way around FGS! By the time they're finished I'm sure they'll be telling the story about how Laura raped Luke!

    I've never seen such an awkward unbelievable scene, and considering the last year, that's saying something.

  4. Yup,crap,crap,crazy crap and even MORE crap!! I actually felt like LuLu stood on neutral ground and just let her feelings be known to Luke and Laura. She did say you're my parents and if this what you really want then I'm happy for you but I don't like the way you went about it. Parents or not what they did was well pretty crappy! Sorry I couldn't resist! And she does have a bond with Tracy who just got her heart ripped out of her chest AGAIN by the man she's stood by through some seriously dark times and probably the only man she's ever really loved. Best part of the show imo was Tracy telling off Luke AND Laura. I guess because it would be what I would do in her situation. And I said yesterday that I was hoping Dillon would punch out Luke but I guess the writers didn't agree. One other bright spot is reading the blogs of everyone here. Hope the sun comes out soon where you are Karen. Have a blessed night everyone! :-)

  5. I think it's pretty obvious that Luke and Laura are lying and they're covering the real reason that Laura returned. I'm sure it's got something to do with Lucky or both of Luke's sons.

  6. Liam,

    Yes, what you say about the show is more than likely true. The past 2 days were written as such so that the viewer (us) were part of the guest list of the party. We only saw what Tracy and her family saw. We were honored guests like Dillon and Dante and Lulu. We didnt see L&L talk in private, because none of the guests saw them talk in private. I can respect the writers for trying to do it like that, as it was an interesting way of trying to write the scene, I just dont feel they pulled it off the way they should have or intended.

    The problem is the writing of the entire thing. This is the age of the internet. Just about every viewer knows the 2 actors and Emma Samms are returning to the show. All of us can put two and two together due to atrocious writing and lack of original thoughts by the writers and we all pretty much have deduced that Helena more than likely has kidnapped the boys and L&L will go off on one last big grand adventure to find them.

    The writers for the anniversary party kept dragging everything out, and played a cat and mouse game with the audience and it made them look foolish. We KNOW what is going on and what is happening. Having close ups of Genie and then cutting to commercials and not having her finish sentences trying to have the audience on the edge of our seats is ludicrous because we are not stupid and we can all pretty much write this story for them.

    I admit to some degree that having Laura vanish for 2 years and come back to steal thunder from Tracy, who has been there for Lulu 100%, does somewhat make her look bad. But it doesnt warrant the attacks as well as lack of support she was having from her family. I would have expected more verbal dialogue and better written scenes. Dillon spoke up, but why not Bobbie? of Scott? And now we are left with L&L saying to each other "It had to be done" and then leave off a cliffhanger because the writers think that all of us, (all of us with a computer mind you), are waiting breathlessly to see what happens next and what transpired between the two of them in the state room because, well, we just dont know and cant figure it out on our own.

    It's the writing. They still write this show like it is 1977 and don't give any of us any credence for our intelligence or the fact that we have blogs (thanks Karen) and spoilers and magazines at the newsstands.

    In the age of the internet, I ask the following question: Do cliffhangers still have an impact on soaps? Is this one?

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  8. The floating rib: BobTodd wins the lines of the day!

    BobTodd: Let's go back to your sex palace. Well then who has the power? He-Man? My brain is melting.

    ROFL! I used to love that show He-man when I was a kid! :) More Nina and McSilas bonding. :)

    Maxie and Nathan: 1 2 3. 3 strikes and you are out!!! No nookie for you! Oh I was wrong.

    Julian's home: Moochie and Morgan almost had sex!!!! Well if they did, Kiwi would have walked in on them!

    Morgan: I did not cheat on Kiki.

    Oh shut up you moron! You know you did! Otherwise you wouldn't keep what you did from Kiwi!!! Oh boy! Feelings are flying for both of them. And Kiwi doesn't notice the awkwardness from them! Time for din din!!! Put that bib on Moochie. How kinky! And Ava is the only woman Morgan has ever loved!!! Ouch! Don't let Kiwi hear you say that!

    Haunted Star: At first I was excited cus I thought Luke and Laura got back together, but then realized that they are probably lying. No probably about it actually. It's very obvious. So maybe the lie will turn into love. Poor Tracy. :( Wow fantastic performance by Jane Elliot though! :)So glad Dillon is there for his mother. Yesterday, Val told Dante she doesn't know the history between Luke and Laura.... I was thinking google them! Watch them on youtube! :) Oh if only she said I will have to watch them on youtube hahaha. Hey isn't anybody on the haunted Star worried about that tiger that escaped the zoo?!!?! Why isn't anybody talking about that?!!?!! Nothing on the news anymore?!!?! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TIGER?!!?!?!!

    Q home: Michael folding laundry! Very sexy.:) I like that he and Sabrina were talking and doing that together. :)At first I'm thinking, Sabrina you don't have to help him! :) But nah it's cute that they were doing it. Oh oh BobTodd wants his mula so badly!!!!

    Wyndemere: So Nik got more shares!!! Nik and Rosie can celebrate by having sex. :) Geez I kept hearing Rosie's shoes when she walks. Take off your shoes!!!!

  9. DAVE..you hit it. On the head. Perfect comment up there. That's exactly right..especially the party scene and the "audience" being the party goers. Sort of like how the Ava story was written. Everything already happened, now we piece it together. Great for a Ellery Queen murder mystery but oh so tedious for soap viewers.

    I also realize Luke and Laura were lying but it's so apparent to me that Geary wants out of this. Like yesterday.

    Yeah for Jane Elliot.

  10. Crushed that this is how Laura comes back. What a waste! Genie still looks great though.


  11. I could barely watch the embarrassment of a show yesterday. Couldn't they think of something a bit more creative and less cruel to get Luke out of there? And did TG look like he was in Amsterdam mentally and not there at all? Did Nik get hit on the head and turn into Mr. Hyde? He is just evil now. Have Maxie and Nathan been in bed since Franco was in the room? Doesn't anyone notice Denise is wearing a wig? Arghhh.


  12. "LSV422 said... Doesn't anyone notice Denise is wearing a wig?"

    Well it's either that, or she dyed her hair.

  13. I was never a LnL fan. I started watching in the '90s when they were broken up. Luke was with Felicia and I think Laura was with Stephan. I thought Luke was strange and knew all about how the couple originated through the LnL 2.0 story line. So I saw yesterday's episode a lot differently than most of the other commenters. For me, it was Tracy's episode and her moment of heartbreak and letting go of Luke so she can move forward. I care about Tracy more than I do about Luke and Laura. The LnL stuff was odd but it wasn't what had my focus so it just didn't bother me that much. Tracy's moment at the bottom of the staircase was brilliant. I love Jane!

    I was able to enjoy the episode overall. Not perfect but it had some very nice moments. The Silas/Nina/Franco scenes had some great lines and all three seemed to be having fun. Nina's devil drawing of Franco was hilarious. I enjoyed the Kiki/Morgan/"Denise" scenes more than I thought I would. I know AMor is probably not going to be an endgame type couple but they are very appealing. I love Sakey and am looking forward to Sabrina going after Rosalie and them working together to save ELQ.

  14. Saveoursuds I couldn't agree more! I love Tracy too and am so sick of the Luke & Laura story in any way,shape or form and I think it's a big let down and lazy,unimaginative writing that they chose to make Mr. Geary's exit and Laura's come so predictable. I was practically standing and applauding Jane for her performance yesterday not just at the party but when she was home too and Dillon was sweet too. I still say LuLu handled it perfectly too. I mean I know Luke and Laura are her parents but come on,how many times can she co sign their behavior. And remember LuLu and everyone else at the party thinks this is just old behavior Luke & Laura and not a rescue mission. What would be really cool would be if it turned out not to be what we are all thinking.

  15. Forgot to mention how fabulous Finola has been this week and always. She and Jane Elliot are amazing.

  16. why couldn't Laura have told both Tracy and Luke that she needed to speak to them. The 3 of them could have all gone on their adventure. I think we would have enjoyed that. As for L&L I 've been a fan since the beginning but slowly over the years as TG came and went, not so much. Then after Fluke pretty much called us all idiots for believing and TG said pretty much the same in an interview, I'm just done and he could leave today

  17. After reading all these comments, I had to watch the episode. Frankly, I found it pretty terrific! Granted, Geary's still in his old man mode but hopefully as this story unfolds, he'll get some passion back. Genie did a great job imo. Yes, the breakup with Tracy was incredibly cruel but that's what brings us into this story. Jane Elliot was incredible!Classic wrenching soap opera! The other storylines are moving along nicely, too (with exceptions.) You can see all the setups beginning... Lulu & Dillon, Rosalie/Sabrina/Mike, Ava & Morgan. Delicious! The only thing I continue to find dull is the Franco/Nina storyline. At least it's connected to the ELQ plot.



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