Friday, June 26, 2015

"I"m Kissing Donna Mills"

OMG..this is a FRIDAY??????????????????? Seriously!??????

WHY are Dillon and Lulu in the same room? Is it the old "We're full" shit? 
And they find Luke and Laura in 2 seconds, same hotel--and go in to see them. Door's open. LnL pull guns on them and say "freeze"! 

Valerie is there right when Dante throws the phone. WHY wouldn't he confront Lulu? They've been married FOREVER.....?? This is stupid. It's soap from the 1960s when anything was shocking. This is stupid. 

TJ's moving into Sonny's. Get a damn Kevlar vest buddy. 

Sabby and Michael. Boring

I sang a song on Periscope today (video app) called: "I'm kissing Donna Mills" for Ric. LOL.. 
Nina walks into the hotel room when they are in bed. Will she see them? 

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OMG, the Ava and Franco kiss was AWESOME........he got her lipstick on him and her gum in his mouth!! bahahahhaaa.

Charleston interrupts...which is appropriate. Godspeed to all those people. 


  1. I might have enjoyed the Franco/Ava kiss a little more if it hadn't been one of many random hookups today. It's just getting ridiculous.

    And Morgan said..."when I’m around Denise there’s this thing that happens..."

    Seriously!....Sonny needs to take 12 year old Morgan up to the washroom and talk about some alternatives when that itch needs scratching. Maybe some reassurance that he won't go blind will help him . *rolls eyes*

    And Valerie coming over to check on Dante was another example of someone who can't control themselves. I think I'm going back to reading synopsis again and skipping this mess altogether.

  2. Lante home: Poor Dante!! Stupid Lulu! Dante wins the line of the day!

    Dante: I'm going to go to that hotel and confront my cheating wife, and I'm going to kick her boyfriend's ass.


    Sonny's home: More Morgan and Sonny scene! Awesome!

    Morgan: When I'm around Dense, there's that thing that happens.

    Yeah your Johnson wakes up and gets hard! DUH! Oh TJ is moving in really quickly! I wonder if TJ ever saw Shaun last Friday.

    Metrocourt: Moochie and BobTodd kiss! ROFL! I will call them MoochCo! :) He has lipstick on his lips and he is chewing her gum! BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! Great scene! Oh nice shade of lipstick on ya BobTodd! :)

    Ric and Nina's home: Oh my! Madaline is another horny woman! :) They really don't have much chemistry, but it's fun watching them! So funny! I mean you can tell Ric is not that into Nina, but he WANTS Madaline. :) Speaking of horny women, is GreenHaden still in that Nina coma?!!?!

    Sabrina and Michael: More great scenes between them! He is struggling one what to do, and she is trying to give him a choice. I like Sabrina with Michael, and she is tolerable when she is with him! She is also tolerable with Tracy and Sam.

  3. I'm really liking Sabrina now too. maybe Michael will tell Sonny he has to keep her as the baby's nanny if he gives AJ back. That way we'll see her interacting with other people too.

  4. Well, Karen, they cut into your show, but they cut OUT the first half of mine. So now I have to find today's show also, after just watching yesterday's due to my DVR crash. I did watch the last part, but the first part sounds really good . . .

  5. in the photo you posted, carly seems to be thinking "who wrote this crap?"

  6. Okay I just saw the last few minutes of GH!!

    Dante and Val: Oh they were having eye sex again! OH Dante's tongue finally meets Val's tongue!!!!! :) WOW! :) Val's fake cat Gunnar will be happy! :)

    Luke and Laura: Someone broke into their hotel room!!!! IT'S HOLLY!!!! :)

  7. SO out of character for Dante to do that.

    The Franco/'Denise' kiss was hilarious!

    Way too little L&L for me.


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