Thursday, June 11, 2015

Racial Profiling

Dr. Obrect's Hair! 


If you saw yesterday, you kinda saw today.

Rosie had a bug in her ear to listen to Jake and Michael's "security" interview. Sabrina walks in. She snipes at her.
Jake looks at a photo of Monica... MON-I-CA.
Jake tells Michael his dream. Michael tells Jake about Jaysus and his motorcycle.

Jake gets the job. 

Nina sniped at Sam. Sam is trying to get Rosie's secret out of her. But fails. 

Liz is all worried about Jake going to ELQ. Nik tells her about his getting the ELQ shares. Liz' hair today was  @@ 

Donna Mills is out... DRESSED in red velvet head to toe. Like HOLIDAY RED velvet. Franco asks for her help, she says no. 

Ok, so TJ used his credit card to buy Molly earrings at Wyndoms-- and somehow the store clerk thought it was STOLEN (as he's a black youth) and called security.  Security came and called PCPD and TJ got mad because he was supposed to go see Shawn and ended up shoving the mall cop. 
This actually happened in Macy's last summer in NYC btw. Why they didn't SHOW IT ON SCREEN I'll never know. It may have been half way interesting. 

So Mayor Lomax won't let TJ go because Jordan just took the job. The press got ahold of the story and she said it would look bad. So he's arrested. 


  1. I found it amusing when Rosale called Sabrina a hooker.

  2. Wyndemere: Yellow tweetie bird Liz flying around paranoid and feeling guilty! Come on Liz get over it!!! Annoying scene!


    Michael's Office: Hmmm now this is a strange interview!!! ROFL!

    Sabrina and Rosie: Hahaha great scene!!!! Love the whole thing! Especially,

    Sabrina: You are a spy!

    Rosie: You are a hooker!


    Sam and Nina: Sam was soooo manipulating Nina! But alas it didn't work. Epic fail!!!

    Dr O's office: BobTodd, Dr O, and Magda scene! Awesome! Love it! Yes Karen! Magda dressed in Christmas red!!! All she had to do, was dye her hair red and then she would have been all red! From head to toe! :) BobTodd wins the lines of the day!

    BobTodd: Yeah me too I'm thrilled. I'm Suuuuper thrilled. We had somewhere we needed to be. And you're alive, so gazoontight.


    Magda: I came to the conclusion that money is nothing. Freedom is everything.


    Hahaha. I guess Dr O didn't believe her either. :)

    Police station: Oh!!!! Racial Profiling! I was intrigued, until Mayor Lomax had to stick her nose in this. This isn't going to be about racial profiling anymore is it? *sigh*

    "Karen says Why they didn't SHOW IT ON SCREEN I'll never know. It may have been half way interesting."

    Yeah I agree!!!! Now we just have to use our imagination!

    Rent a cop: Hey you! Black kid!

    TJ: Who me?

    Rent a cop: Yeah you! You are in trouble!

    TJ: I didn't do anything wrong!

    Rent a cop: Yes you did! You stole the credit card!

    TJ: No I didn't!

    Rent a cop: Yes you did! Come with me!

    TJ: No!!! I don't have time for this! I want to go to the jail to see my friend Shaun before visiting hours are over!

    Rent a cop: Oh! So you have been in jail huh? You sell drugs?

    TJ: No I do not sell drugs! I have never been in jail! I am visiting a friend who is in jail.

    Rent a cop: I don't believe you! You are coming with me!

    TJ: No!!!!

    *TJ shoves the rent a cop and he goes down*

    Rent a cop: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my back!!!! I am in so much pain!!!

    Dante: Let me help you up.

    *Dante helps the rent a cop up*

    Rent a cop: My aching back! Dante arrest this boy!!!! I am in so much pain, I don't think I can have sex with my girlfriend tonight!

  3. I was afraid Jordan would find out the mall guard hit his head and died, and T.J. would end up in Pentonville. Please let's not go that way.

    If the story is to have any impact not only should they have shown us what happened rather than tell, but we should actually see this security guard. Don't TELL us, SHOW us.

    Rosalie's secret better be a doozy because they've been hinting at it for so long now.

    I don't really care for Nina but I have to say I enjoyed her scenes w/Molly yesterday and Sam today. I liked Michelle Stafford's performance and thought she was really funny with Molly and then with Sam. Molly's face was priceless yesterday. I can take Nina much better without Franco, however I know a lot of people enjoy them together as well.


  4. I agree - we definitely need more studies like this and Mike/Dick continue to guide us all with excellent editorials. Nice to move beyond partial lunar cycle durations. The one thing I wish these "boring" studies would add are pre/post treatment surveillance cultures for resistant pathogens. It is unclear to me if "shorter" duration is always associated with lower risk of MDRO acquisition. It is possible that longer or even double/triple coverage might be associated with lower resistance. I would like to see surveillance cultures included so we can eventually understand the epidemiology of resistance and move beyond the dogma of shorter always equals better or "narrow" is always better than broad-spectrum. And maybe the dogma is correct, I just want data to prove it. However, I do agree that reducing exposure does lead to lower CDI risk, which is excellent. - See more at:

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  5. So I wonder when the picture of Monica and infant Danny could have been taken...seeing as infant Danny was "dead" for quite a few months.

    Credit to someone on twitter who pointed out this blatant screw up. But hey, I'm sure Ron has a perfectly logical explanation right?? Hahahaaa okay.

    I find Ron's writing to be very insulting to fans. He's continually dumbing us down.


  6. I loved this eppy! Dr. O's laughing at Madeline was priceless!! Ric is shown to be such a complicated character, conniving and caring. Franco is smart and funny and TJ's story is timely and meaningful and real.

    As a side note, would someone please feed Becky? Her thinness is painful. TC looks bored again.


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