Friday, June 5, 2015

Donut DAY

Bobbie, Scotty....Carly and Sonny all toast Brad and Lucas at the Floating Rib.

Franco is still trying to get Nina to sign the annulment papers

Lucy shows up on the Haunted Star to Officiate. Lulu says no, you are just a guest. Sigmund the Duck #3 made a nest in her clothes so...she's befuddled. 

Nina tells Silas unless he shuts it, she'll get him on kidnapping charges.  He says she's lucky they did blood DNA and not saliva DNA because that doesn't change. 

HATE the way Tony is playing this Luke. Hollow, even with Alice. It was creepy.

Stupid VALERIE is inviting Dante and "lulu" to dinner. Dante doesn't even know there's a party on the Haunted Star? So it's going to end up being just them. Awwwwwww

Guys, I'm falling asleep. LOL I will watch the rest later. 

HAPPY NATIONAL DONUT DAY!  My fave is a plain old Dense as heck Fry Cake with nothing on it. 


  1. I had an old-fashioned. :)

    Also, Di, I loved your last comment on the last thread. LOL...

  2. lol Thanks, CareN.

    Luke is definitely very passive. Maybe he had a lobotomy to cure him.

    And Luke seems to remember everything Fluke did, so how come he hasn't mentioned anything about the ELQ shares. It was his and Helena's plan to take over ELQ. He knows the Cassadines have those shares.

    And who in heaven's name dressed Tracy?

  3. BAM!!! Another slap in he face, punch in the gut, spit in the eye to all the Luke and Laura fans from days gone by. Luke's toast at the end, and how he described Tracey, and how he felt about her, and what their relationship was such an insult to the history of the show. I am so tired of Tony Geary and his disdain for the show that provided him the wherewithal to take his annual six month forays to Amsterdam, and his scorn for all the fans who loved and supported his character for all those years. I remember how pleased I was for him when he won the daytime Emmy that made him the winningest daytime emmy winner. When he won this year, I was sick to my stomach. I have lost all admiration for him, because it seems to me that the whole Fluke story line was done with his blessing or was even his idea. A big old phooey all around to the writers, and especially to Geary, who controls what happens in his stories, and could have protested if it wasn't his idea.

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  5. i like the apple crumb donuts at D&D. Although the Oreo Cookie ones are dawning on me. I cant STAND Krispy Kreme. It's like eating pure sugar. I know it's a west coast staple. But I am an east coast purist with donuts and its D&D or nothing. Besides, they have better coffee than Starbucks. (There, I said it)

    I actually thought Tracy looked flawless. I loved the dress, the makeup, the jewelry. I thought she looked very regal. But, that's me.

    I figured out why Brad can't talk to his parents. Brad was born a female. He had a Female-to-Male operation before college and now has all the working parts so Lucas doesnt know. When his parents walk in and crash the wedding (by accident, they couldnt get a table in the restaurant so they wandered into the ballroom) they will be surprised to see Brad a male and not their female daughter. Ok, so I am making this up. But it has to be more juicy than the Rosalie reveal that we have been waiting on for about 20 years.

    Do we know anything yet and Brad or Rosie's big secrets?

    Are we going to spend the entire summer listening to Luke apologize? I'm over it.

    Was anyone else disappointed and thought it was kinda strange that Scotty wanted to pick a fight with someone and Luke was NOT in the room?

    Does anyone remember a time when Dante was in a scene and Valerie WASN'T?

    I loved the last 60 seconds. Absolutely loved it. Not Luke, but the other one walking in the room.

    Spoilers people! I need spoilers. Or predictions. What's going on during the summer?

    ps. I totally agree with ishouldreadmore.

  6. I bet he has another personality. :-(
    Luke, Fluke, and now Puke.

  7. Did anyone else notice how badly Genie was shaking when she came in?

  8. Police station:

    Dante and Val: More gushing from Val!!!!:)

    Val: You are an amazing brilliant man Dante!!! I want to take you out to dinner. It's okay if you can't get ahold of Lulu. She can join us later! Let's go out to dinner together!!! Let's celebrate me getting the job and us working closer together!

    Nina, BobTodd, and Nathan:

    Nina: Go ahead! Arrest me. Put those cuffs on me Jay! I dare you!!!!

    Awww Nathan can't do it! Even though BobTodd kept pushing and saying put her in jail! I guess BobTodd and Nina are completely over. :(

    Q home: Awwww Alice and Luke scene. :( I can understand her being uncomfortable near Luke. I love her excitement when she hugs Luke awww sweet! Michael and Dillon scene. Woah they have the same haircut! Woah they look like twins! Now Michael just needs to wear his suit, and then they would be a perfect couple! :)Is this a start of a new bromance? :)I can call them Millon! Oh the doorbell rings! I thought it was Laura... Nope just Moochie coochie coochie. :)

    The Floating rib: Why is Scotty at the party? And is he drunk? His bandaid on his ear is gone! Oh! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! Oh Val sees it! Val is all gushing over Sonny too!

    Val: Oh you are so handsome Sonny! So THIS is where Dante gets his good looks from.

    Carly: Oh don't encourage him.

    Sonny: Hey I can't help it that I am a handsome man and women want me.

    I'm not sure about Carly's hair. Speaking of Carly, did anybody tell her about Moochie?!

    The Haunted Star: Lucy and Lulu scene. Wait it was 8 years since she and Dillon saw each other, and now it's 10 years?!!?! So now they are 26 years old?!!?! Wow the years have been sorassed!! Lucy wins the line of the day!

    Lucy: Sigmund the 3rd he decided to make a nest in my closet. There was an accident.

    ROFL! I didn't know there was a Sigmund the 2nd either Lulu! So Sigmund the 2nd died in an accident, and now there is a Sigmund the 3rd?! I want to meet Sigmund the 3rd!!! What a jip we didn't get to see Sigmund the 2nd! Hmmmm Dillon and Val look cute together standing next to each other. :) Why is Scotty there?!!?!!?! Very odd. Oh boy Luke's looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong speech! UGH! LAURAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! :)

    Julian's home: Burning off those fingerprints! YEOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWCH! Moochie wants McSilas in her life! Awwww! Wait no more flashbacks? Awwww! :(

  9. "delcodave said...Brad was born a female."

    And what was her name? Bradgelina? ROFL!

    "Bobby Bear said...Did anyone else notice how badly Genie was shaking when she came in?"

    I noticed, but I didn't think it was Genie. I was thinking it was Laura all scared or nervous.

  10. A few new spoilers are up but a huge tight lid in on about the exit storyline

  11. I did notice Genie shaking, but since I know Genie doesn't have an issue with that, it must be part of Laura's story. Is she recovering from her illness that took her to Paris in the first place? My guess is she's cured, and pretending to still be ill. Maybe that's wishful thinking.

  12. I think it was part of the character. This is my take on it and my speculation. Laura just found out that Lucky and Ethan were taken captive by Helena. Because, lets face it, that storyline NEVER gets old, right? (Not!) She was on her way back to PC to see Luke and tell him and get his help. She talked to Lulu earlier in the day to see how things were going, and before she could tell Lulu she was coming home to PC, Lulu broke the engagement news to her, and told her about the party. Laura, who is worried sick over Lucky (and Ethan too, probably, she has that in her character) walked into the Haunted Star to see Luke and tell him and Lulu about the disappearance. (again, because we havent done this storyline nearly enough over the past 25 years!) Laura was probably crying on her way to the boat.

    Luke, Laura and Lulu go on a quest to find the boys, leaving Tracy behind along with Dante and Val alone to get together for icky icky sex. (I'd rather see Julie Berman do this storyline, I can see her on the run with them looking for her brothers more than I can the recast) They run into Holly who is also on the trail of Ethan (Hence the preview scene of Laura and Holly holding guns).

    My own wishful thinking is that along the way of their tracking down the boys, Anna is back from her vacation and is a part of the storyline along with Robert.

    Does anyone else think this is what is going to happen?

    How do you think they will send Luke off for good (or, at least until he feels like coming back)

  13. delcodave: I like it! I know Genie very much wants the writers to address why Laura has been away for so long, and to me, that's they only piece missing here. (Not that the writers will comply with Genie's request).

    As far as Julie Berman is concerned, I loved her too - she was perfect. But I have grown to really like her replacement.

  14. I was amazed at the Karen mention today. How long has it been since anyone remembered her? Especially her & Sonny!

  15. Look! Sneak peek! Week of June 8th spoiler clips. :)

  16. It doesn't work for me. :(

  17. Sonya, at first I wondered also why Scotty was at Lucas and Brad's party, then I remembered he is dating Bobbie so he was there as Bobbie's date. It did seem out of place though. Plus they don't show Scotty and Bobbie together very often so no wonder it seemed strange to see Scotty there.

    Could Nina's dress BE any shorter? Every time she took a step I was afraid of a wardrobe malfunction. She and Franco are acting like they are in junior high. So Nina being with Ric is way worse than being with a serial killer according to the show. RC even told SOD that Franco would be the "romantic hero" of the Nina/Ric story. This is just me but I still see no purpose for Franco and Nina on the show.

    In an interview Tony Geary admitted that in the past he would influence the writers and the direction of Luke's stories, but he decided to step back and play whatever was written for Luke's exit story. He sure is acting very subdued and a little strange so far.

  18. "Di said..It doesn't work for me. :("

    Oh damn. :(

    "Panda says Sonya, at first I wondered also why Scotty was at Lucas and Brad's party, then I remembered he is dating Bobbie so he was there as Bobbie's date. It did seem out of place though."

    But they broke up. Did they get back together? I didn't know that. Yeah he did seem out of place.

    "RC even told SOD that Franco would be the "romantic hero" of the Nina/Ric story."

    ROFL! That's what he said? Well Franco is trying but failing miserably! It's the writing!!!

  19. "Franco would be the "romantic hero" of the Nina/Ric story."
    Seriously?! One of the most evil characters on GH. If they wanted him to be a romantic hero they SHOULDN'T HAVE CALLED HIM FRANCO!

    And he's obviously more suited to the role of clown than romantic hero now.

    I see no purpose for Franco and Nina on the show either except that someone in charge obviously loves the actor. No doubt we'll be putting up with his shtick for years.



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