Monday, June 22, 2015

So.....I Watched GH Today and......

AHAHAAAHAAAAA. I'm crying laughing here. Not sure if it's tears of exhaustion or what the hell is going on.

THE ONLY and I mean ONLY thing worth tuning into today for was Nik and Sam's confrontation. Nicely done. The reasons for Nik becoming an instant prick were stupid, but hey. Small favors. 
I mean, really..Cassadine money has been eaten away? Sooooo, you build it up by raiding your old fiance's company? Um, sell some of your shit like Sam suggested. "Spencer will not be denied the manner in which he's been brought up". What? You go to Lake Como once a year? 
UGH.... the ends do NOT keep justifying the means on this show. 

Sally Struthers as Jennifer Smith

Roseanne as Jennifer Smith

I'm not even going to mention the Luke and Laura fiasco other than to say that I thought that was the original Jennifer Smith but turns out no. She was on OLTL as a young Cassie, I guess that's where I remember her from.
IF they were going for camp they should have gotten Roseanne Barr or Sally Struther's back. 

She says she wants a night with Luke-- in exvhange for Lucky.
Can I dare hope this is like-- not the real reason for anything? Please? And why drag Laura into it if you want Luke? 

Holly is still coming-so there's that.

SO far? LnL story? D+.


  1. kd said...She says she wants a night with Luke-- in exchange for Lucky.

    Did you ever hear anything as ridiculous in your life? For me this just validates my theory that parts of this show are written by adolescent boys. Some great adventure- a horny old broad who wants to get the lay she missed in her prime. What next?

  2. Maybe they were offended to be asked to be apart of this disgusting offensive story, where is Constance Towers? This might sound ceazy, but those words would've made more sense coming from Helena........who should be involved in this.

  3. How can the most iconic soap couple ever known end it like this. Is it a joke? Gosh I hope so

  4. How can the most iconic soap couple ever known end it like this. Is it a joke? Gosh I hope so

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  6. Yes, Jennifer's reason for kidnapping Lucky are ridiculous!!! HA! (But the actress is 56 in real life, and looks amazing). Glad they didn't go for camp with the casting. (Just the storyline). Love that Laura is strong again, so there's that. Enjoyed the entire show, actually. That 'Port Charles Tonight' guy (or whatever that show is called) really missed a big scoop by missing Sam SCREAMING at Nik at the Metrocourt. Can we find out Rosalie's big secret now? Please? I kind of felt bad for her today - well, almost.

  7. This is the most disrespectfully stupid storyline EVER. And yes, there have been many, but bringing Laura back for THIS? This is garbage.
    The ONLY thing I can picture is "Evil Luke" is punishing "Luke" for his past. Luke forcing himself to have "unwanted" sex as punishment for raping Laura. Still ridiculous. I just can't figure this out. Even a poorly written Helena story would at least be in keeping with history. I AM ANNOYED!

  8. WTH? WTH???!!!!! A freaking disgrace and STUPID beyond belief. Cartini now = Guza in my eyes and that's saying a lot. Absolutely pathetic.

  9. Well, remember that Holly hasn't shown up yet so there will be that. The story isn't over yet.

    I'm keeping myself positive here.

  10. this Jennifer does look a lot like the original

  11. Terrible show, but I will give Kelly Monaco credit for actually showing us she does have a voice, she can show inflection and emotion compared to her normal mumbling whispering nonsense. That's the most spunk I've seen out of her in ages!

    Poor Genie Francis....I'm sure this is not what she thought she was signing up for. Sad.

  12. Yeah, the Nik and Sam scenes were great as well as Rosalie getting busted. Who is the actress playing Jennifer Smith and why would anyone want Luke for a prize?

  13. So Luke rapes Laura. Jennifer rapes Luke. Disgusting. I don't care what the actual endgame is. This is disgusting.


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