Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Way We Were...

Lulu and Dillon meet. They BOTH have different the impact is lost. 

Valerie goes in for the job and talks to Jordan about it. She says she knows Nate West.Whatever. 

Freaking FLAVA flashback crap. REALLY? Having "Denise" play stupid so we can hear the whole story? COME ON. She FINALLY admits she's Ava at the end of the program.

BEST Today was Finola and Tony Talking about grief and getting old. So...that's that. It does suck to get older and have people leave. He tells her if she needs anything, let her know, She says she's leaving Port Charles. Anna's going to the Isle of Skye 

Olivia says goodbye to Dante. Sniff.

Nate "Arrests" Nina and takes her to the station where Franco is waiting. "You committed a crime" he says.  Franco says she said she kidnapped Avery. He'll retract his statement if she gets an annulment from Ric.  Oh, plan!! It's a PLAN! 


  1. an engagement party? with family there? hmmm.... will Monica be there?

  2. Good question, Dave. Should we make book on that?

    Loved the Duke/Anna scenes. I sniffled when she described going back to Scotland with his ashes.

  3. favorite couple Nina and Franco aren't together because Silas let Nina take the fall for kidnapping Avery....

    If Ava needs some suggestions on how to keep Silas' mouth shut, I can give her a few.

  4. Metrocourt hotel:

    Anna and Luke: Awww great scene!!!! :) Always love how Luke calls her slim! Oh pinky swear! *giggle* Oh she is going to spread Duke's ashes! :(

    Nina and Nathan: Love love LOVE how excited she is every time she sees her brother!! :)Hmmmm? Arresting Nina? I was thinking, for what?! :)

    Olivia and Dante: What a great scene!!!! It made me cry!!!

    Dante: If you and the baby were here, in town, I can look after you, make sure you don't love him more than me.

    Awwww! That is so endearing! :)

    Q home: I just love Tracy holding little AJ! :) It's the second time too she does that. Oh look Lulu and Dillon see each other again! 8 years?! Lulu was 16 when she got pregnant right? So she and Dillon are both 24 now!!!

    "Karen says, Lulu and Dillon meet. They BOTH have different the impact is lost."

    Yes. So very true. :(

    Police station:

    Jordan's office: Wow the back of that cop's head, looks like Dr O! :) Awww love Jordan talking to Anna on the phone! Are the phones on and working? Or it is all fake? Cus we hear Jordan's voice while Anna is talking to her. I wonder how that all works. Anyway oh look it's Val! Interview time! Val knows Nathan!!! Well duh. A 1000 dollars says they are ex boyfriend and ex girlfriend? :) Oh the look that Val and Jordan gave each other, gave me dialog in my head!

    Val: Mother?

    Jordan: Yes Val. I am your biological mother.

    Val: It's so nice to meet you.

    *They hug*

    Anyway, Val got the job!!! Oh look Dante is here!!! Time for a Dante hug! Oh just a handshake. :( Oh wait no! The Dante hug YAY! :) Yes Dante give the excuse that you are family so you can hug. :)Oh how nice she wants to take Dante and Lulu out to eat! But I bet she just wants to take Dante alone to eat. :)

    Nina, BobTodd, and Nathan: Oh!!! Nina sign the annulment papers, or go to jail for kidnapping Avery! BobTodd you sly fox you! :)

    Ava and McSilas flashbacks: Oh good! More flashbacks we can make fun of!!! New York City! Two months earlier!

    Ava: Don't Hakuna Matata me!!! I was expecting you to help me die with a little bit of dignity!

    McSilas: *blank stare*

    Ava: You had Avery tested? Even though you knew it went against my wishes!

    McSilas: *blank stare*

    Ava: I had a right to know!!!

    McSilas *blank stare*

    Ava: SAY SOMETHING!!!!

    McSilas: Well, since your cancer is gone, and Avery is okay and safe, you want to have sex?

    Moochie and McSilas:

    McSilas: Why don't you stop insulting us both and just admit it!

    Moochie: FINE! Of course I am. OF COURSE I'M AVA!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh Ava I'm still going to call you Moochie, until your family finds out the truth! :)

  5. "SaveOurSuds said...If Ava needs some suggestions on how to keep Silas' mouth shut, I can give her a few."

    Oh? :) And what are your suggestions?

  6. Sniper rife, poison chocolate mousse, tell Nina and Franco the truth and then lock Silas in a room with his mentally unstable ex-wife and her serial killer boyfriend, shove that weave down his throat, sick Heather Webber on him...

  7. Or just stick a mirror in front of his face and he'll be so busy practicing his long sexy stare that he'll forget all about it. *snerk*

  8. "SaveOurSuds said...Sniper rife, poison chocolate mousse, tell Nina and Franco the truth and then lock Silas in a room with his mentally unstable ex-wife and her serial killer boyfriend, shove that weave down his throat, sick Heather Webber on him..."

    Hahahaha! I thought you were going to say she could seduce him and have sex with him just to shut him up! ROFL!

  9. Just when I am ready to give up 100% on GH a good scene comes out of it. Tony and Fin lit it up today - great stuff with REAL weight (although I still roll my eyes when they talk about being old friends. Comeon - the history says they didn't even meet until the whole Scorpio returns to GH storyline from like 10 years ago!) Why can't GH have MORE stuff like this?! argh


  10. Not to take anything away from the Luke/Anna scene's power.....
    BUT it is driving me INSANE that Luke aka FLUKE, the MURDERING PSYCHOPATH can show up at a door and say "i'm better" and immediately the trust is back and all is well?!? Makes no sense.

  11. True. And it drives me crazy that someone extracted bone marrow from baby Avery and no one noticed anything when she was returned. Wasn't she checked out at the hospital?

  12. Omgosh Di, the whole transplant story line has more holes and than swiss cheese for crying out loud! Silas would have to own that damn hospital to be able to do what he says he's done without nobody questioning him at all! He makes it seem like a transplant is as simple as extracting a tooth! And especially a baby being a donor! Come ON people do you not look into protocol and procedure for medical stories before you write them? Loved the scenes with Finola & Tony. It's sweet that he nicknamed her Slim. I also thought the exit story for Anna was to take Duke home. :-)

  13. Where the hell are Spinelli and Baby Georgie! Making me crazy!

  14. I have to join in with Fin/Tony love. Wonderful, moving scenes with Luke showing some life in him again. I like the new Dillon-He's already better than Nathan. He has some big shoes to fill from the wonderful Scott Clifton. I agree about all the holes in the Flavery storyline, but I'm glad to see Silas back. I really like ME. Rosalie is great, too. Nina's dress was really inappropriate. Dante and mom were great. Lisa L. looked really beautiful. Nice break from Snarly and Sonny for a few days but Kiki and Morgan are a waste of time.

  15. As much as I liked the Anna/Luke scene, I wish her last scene would have been with Emma and Patrick. Talk about a tearjerker. However, I feel FH and Geary must be good friends in real life because their scene felt like the actors saying goodbye more than the characters.

    Hopefully Anna will return with an exciting espionage story and in the meantime Sloane, who literally has zero ties to anyone in town now and doesn't even have a job, can just take a short walk off Pier 54.

  16. *offers to walk Sloan to the Pier*


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