Friday, June 26, 2015

And So It Shall Be.

There are a few wonderful, meaningful and joyful things that have happened in my lifetime I can point to and say:  "yes, they got it right" Landing on the Moon, Segregation laws stripped in the '60's, Berlin Wall down, Apartheid gone,  "Irish Troubles' peaceful  RoevsWade,  and now Love Wins.
These are the times in history to savor. To celebrate. My brother can now marry WHERE EVER he wants. Period.
It's about time. 

I'm cryin' a little bit here. Sorry. Just so happy. 

And, I don't know why I put the moon landing in there other than that is the first huge thing I remember as a kid! (and being giddy happy in the middle of the night when Dad woke me up to watch!) 


  1. It's a great day!!!

    Thank you Karen

  2. been a long time happy for everyone

  3. Karen, I'm 100% with you, which is a large part of why I feel "at home" visiting this site. Kathy

  4. Thanks for posting the decision, and your feelings about the decision, I am very moved.

  5. For the first time since she was a baby, my daughter and I danced together today. She came home from work, and we did a happy dance on this historic day. Love wins. Yes!

  6. Great day - or few days, indeed :-)

  7. OH! the dancing thing made me tear up a bit!!!



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