Wednesday, June 17, 2015

So..Lucky's Back On GH and...

Returning to Liz' house? Not looking worse for wear! 

There was an interesting tidbit in the TVLine interview with Michael Ausiello you may have missed. BEWARE! If you hit the link, it has some spoiler info on a bunch of shows. 

THIS was in there about Tony leaving GH:

Question: Please tell me everything you know about Anthony Geary’s lastGeneral Hospital episodes. I still can’t believe he’s actually leaving. —Linda
The WSB would put out a hit on me if I told you everything, so how about I just tell you this: You might need tissues for the moment when Luke and Lucky Spencer are reunited; Genie Francis (Laura) says watching Geary act opposite Jonathan Jackson again nearly did her in. “There’s some amazing scenes between Tony and Jonathan,” she tells TVLine. “I stood at the monitor and couldn’t move, couldn’t leave.” Even sadder (for us): Francis adds that she and Jackson didn’t have any one-on-one scenes during his return to the ABC soap.

YES YOU read that right.........she and Jackson  had no "One on One" scenes. Meaning I guess he's only there with Luke--or Laura stands on the sidelines. Or she's..what? I guess small favors are when Tony and JJ hit the screen together.  It will be a "moment". 


  1. So far I'm outraged at two things with Lucky's impending return:

    1. Lucky aka DEAD BEAT DAD's smiling face while at Liz's front door. GMAFB!

    2. No one on one scenes with Laura?? Absolutely ridiculous.

    Honestly, Geary's last few weeks can't get over fast enough for me. They should've just killed him off during the disastrous Fluke storyline.

  2. Wait...Francis is right there and they can't freaking move her in front of the camera and let her and JJ improv a few lines? WTH? This is the last time these three will have a chance to film together as these characters and they can't even give us 5 minutes?
    HOLY CRAP at least when Scorpio came back the first time under frickin GUZA of all people he threw us a bone and gave us a 5 minute Anna, Robert, and Robin scene together to at least TALK.

    Cartini is DEAD to me. These two have been floundering for awhile now and are not the showrunners to take GH into the future. Unreal.


  3. FYI that the Lucky returns clip is from before. It's in the new "Hot Summer" GH promo and if you watch, ALL the clips are from earlier scenes. I doubt he'll be back in Port Charles. This was just a good clip of JJ's smiling face.

  4. Good to know CareyN. For all we know JJ simply agreed to give them enough time to shoot one scene with TG. It may not have been Cartini's decision, but the best option they were given.

    Plus I'm getting some very uncomfortable vibes between GF and TG. I don't know everything that has happened between them but Geary has made it clear he 1)hates the Luke and Laura history and 2)resents Genie's return for his swan song for whatever reason. He's not a good poker player. He treats their scenes like he's having root canal without an anesthetic.

    Maybe he's pissed knowing that everything he's done in the last 20 years to create Luke as an unlikeable antihero so he can emote and turn in emmy reels will not be his legacy. The signature moment of his career will always be the Luke and Laura romance.


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