Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Morning

Morning! I know I'm not going to be here until later today. I won't be watching the show, so put it all here. I'll be DVR'ing it as usual. It will be nice to FF and get it done in about 15 min! Hope your father's day was fun. I'm exhausted. Jazz Fest all weekend, then family over. I'm not 25 anymore that's for sure!! 

If you watch Orphan Black then you know what a fab finale it had (NO spoilers!) It's going to be too long until the next season. I am watching that Dr. Norville and Strange show about the magicians as well. Pretty cool. 
Check out "UnReal" on Lifetime (you can see 4 episodes on demand).
LOVED the "Deadly Adoption" movie. LOL...they played it JUST like a Lifetime movie and it was total parody. Which speaks for itself! 

Other than that? I still have the first True Detective to go, Transparent-- and Orange is the New Black! I have to hurry up on that one because there are too many spoilers all over the place.

What are you watching this summer? Besides my Real Housewife stuff there's not a heck of a lot I watch. 

One more note. The place they are searching for the escaped convicts is right next to where I grew up. Friendship is a TINY TINY town-- and there are hunting cabins all over the place. I grew up in the "big town' down there which has about 6,000 people. Yep--Cow Country! It was amazing to see it trending on twitter "Allegany County". The last big thing that happened was our flood in '72.  I don't think they are down there, btw-- I mean come on. BUT! Hell, all those troopers have to eat somewhere, right? Put a little money into our local economy. 


  1. lol I feel so shallow. I watched The Last Ship last night and it's going to be a sci fi summer for me with Killjoys and Dark Matter.

  2. I am loving Odd Mom Out, and unReal. (I have always felt like Odd Mom Out, even though my life is nothing like hers. LOL)
    I have liked Major Crimes since it was The Closer. And Brandon Barash has been on all the eppis this season. (I had to explain the situation with Sanchez to my daughter by calling BB Johnny Zacharias, as she knows that character. But she can't stand GH anymore. Leaves if I am watching it.)
    I watched the first ten minutes of Deadly Adoption, and then ff thru it to about half way, then watched five minutes, then to the end. Two hours was just too much time to spend on it.
    Did anyone else watch Finding Carter on MTV? It is very uneven, but I am totally suckered into it. They virtually guaranteed a third season with their cliffhanger ending.

  3. Orphan Black finale was great! I can't believe we have to wait until next season! That's the way to do a cliffhanger!

    I'm also watching Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell along with Poldark. My summer has been a British invasion!

  4. I just finished OITNB....Orphan Black was amazing and I can't til Wednesday for Big Brother

  5. L&L Diner: Oh wow!!! They desorassed Jennifer Smith! She looks 30!

    Jennifer: Oh I am so excited to see both of you! I don't want to marry you Luke! Why buy the cow when I can get the milk for free! Have sex with me, for one night, and I will give you Lucky.

    Okay say what?!!?! Is that what all this is about?!!?! She kidnapped Lucky just to have sex with Luke?!!?!! HUH?!!?!?! I guess Tony Geary can't have rough adventures anymore. Hmmmmmm. Does rough sex count?

    Q home: More Sabrina and Tracy scenes! YAY! And more of them talking while doing laundry! LOVE IT! :) Tracy wins the line of the day!

    Tracy: Brooklynn.. Hi it's Tracy....... Your grandmother!

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! When Tracy said it's Tracy, Brookylynn must have said, who?! ROFL!

    Nik and Sam: Wow Nik admits to all!!!

    Sam: Are you kidding me?! Are you kidding me?!!? Jason would never do this to you! Are you kidding me?! You are acting like Helena!

    Oh my! Nik is having financial problems!!!

    ELQ: Playing good cop and bad cop! Jake Doe bad cop! Dante good cop! Oh oh Nina taped her conversation with Rosie! Oh wait no they didn't. Sabrina is at home telling Tracy there is no tape! Rosie admits to all! She feels bad for betraying Michael!

    Lante home: Val SO overheard Lulu and Dante talking! I bet she thinks they are sleeping together!

    Val: I am not interested in your husband.

    Val's thoughts: Oh yes I am! He is hot!

    Police station: Time to write down your statement Rosie! Why does she have to write it down? Can't they audio tape her statement? Dante and Val scene! No eye sex today!

    "Karen says One more note. The place they are searching for the escaped convicts is right next to where I grew up. Friendship is a TINY TINY town--"

    On the news they said that Friendship is two hours away from here in Rochester!!! I hope they don't come here! I hope they find them soon!

  6. I am watching Major Crimes, still really like the show. Can't find much so far to watch this summer. My hubby and I try to find shows we can watch together, and went through a boatload of them and hated them all--they are derivative, poorly written, predictable, etc. Don't think I will watch the new season of True Detectives. We watched the first season, but barely made it through. There are a lot of shows I watch alone, such as GH, some of them I hope will come back this summer. I watched Extant last summer, it wasn't great but I was desperate for something to watch. I also watch Haven, don't know if it's coming back this summer; and am watching Extreme Weight Loss. Any suggestions out there?

  7. wow, what a least for me anyway. She does look wonderful though. She lost at least 175 lbs and grew about 4 inches in height. (snark)

    they could have saved money and just had maura west do the role in yet another wig. the show is so laughable now, that having maura play a different character every week with no one noticing would bring some levity to the place.

    ELQ is becoming a "who cares?" storyline. who cares who runs the company. what are they going to do with it? the company does nothing. I mean, it is supposed to be a big conglomerate and they only have 2 offices for the entire place. One for the CEO and one of the slutty receptionist. other than pickl-lila and defective condoms, what does this company actually do?

    I dont watch much during the summer. There really isnt anything on. I do like american ninja warriors. i watch a lot of reruns and whatever I can find. tv isnt what it used to be.

  8. I am looking forward to the new Denis Leary / John Corbett show which starts in July. There's not much onn ffor me in thhe summer.

  9. "AntJoan said... Any suggestions out there?"

    Aquarius, Astronaut wives club, Under the dome.

  10. Sonya, thanks. My hubby and I actually watched Under the Dome for the first season. He had actually read the book (it is MAJORLY long), and was really looking forward to the show. He was really disappointed in it. I didn't like it enough to continue to watch it once he stopped. Astronaut Wives Club looks like it's trying to be the new Mad Men. Remember Pan Am, that was supposed to be the new Mad Men also. I REALLY miss Mad Men, and can't bear to watch any imitations. Aquarius, don't know what that is, have to look into it.

  11. "AntJoan says Remember Pan Am, that was supposed to be the new Mad Men also."

    Was it? I didn't know. I loved Pan Am! Too bad it didn't last. :(

    "Aquarius, don't know what that is, have to look into it."

    Yeah look into that. It's really interesting. It's about Charles Manson.

  12. Loved the whole Orphan Black season! Tatiana is amazing!! I will be watching True Detective (loved last year's) & Under the Dome. Just starting House of Cards first season and am hooked. Watching The Whispers (not great) and Wayward Pines (better).


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