Wednesday, June 3, 2015

JJ and Parsons Back to GH

Entertainment Weekly confirms what we've thought for awhile now--Luke's son's Ethan and Lucky will be back to user Tony off. 

Both men will return for a short arc to coincide with Geary's Last Days on  the daytime drama. Earlier this month, Geary confirmed he was leaving the sudser after appearing in more than 800 episodes


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I <3 Lucky so much!!!!!!!!!!

    I was actually quite fond of Ethan as well with the Ethan/Kristina/Keifer story. But I've been in love with JJ's Lucky almost my entire adult life. :)

  2. I can not happy dance enough for this. I watch their other shows and thought "nope, never"/ Maybe it be written awesomely. I'm not making sense, I'm so giddy.

  3. YAY! And then Ethan can find out his real father is Robert Scorpio! :)

  4. I'm over the moon about JJ coming home, if only for a visit. I will enjoy seeing Nathan , too. But JJ ........ :-)

  5. Will be nice to see them both back in PC,it's about damn time. IF the writing wasn't so awful they would have been back a long time ago. I watch JJ on my favorite prime time show.Nashville and he is spectacular on that show. He's not only a handsome and talented actor he can also play the hell out of a guitar and sing. Maybe he couldn't come back to General because of Nashville?

  6. Thrilled about this! I love JJ and love him on Nashville. He is one of the most talented actors ever on GH. And it is good that Ethan will be back, too.

  7. Now I just need to hear a voice over "The part of LuLu Spencer is temporarily being played by Julie Berman".


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