Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Knock Knock...

Who's there? Ghost Carlos? A recently back Luke? A long lost son? Or maybe it's Laura--looking all the part of  "crashing the party" as you can get. 

20150601 1447(28)
Woman after Wubby's Own Heart.... we are again.  Work was miserable this week, the weather mostly crummy and today I have a memorial for a dear friend. 
Nope, not in a great mood. Which is why I turn to TV to get my groove on and have a few moments of escape.
Unfortunately for me, GH has been less than forthcoming with merriment.
I did find bright spots again this week--and if I put them all together it would run about 10 minutes. 

So, for that joyful 10 minutes I will fill the blog with fun! I have some leftover donuts from Friday's National Donut's eat!

20150601 1403(25)

Let me out..OUT of this scene. JUST LET ME GO... Please, I'm begging!! 
Ok, Alexis, I'll get the me out back...

20150603 1435(14)

And so the Ava story continued. We were supposed to be 'hoodwinked" or at least guessing about Denise DEMOOOOOCHIO for most of the week. Mama Delia explained that she had twins, gave up Denise and ..the rest is--welp.
Kiki bought it in about 2.2 seconds and was Sooo (Squee) happy about her new Auntie!! Julian let her live at the apartment Hey, all of Ava's stuff is there, why not just put it on? How how FUN. @@  Finally Silas comes home and Kiki tells him about her "new Aunt". He figures it out and high -tails it over to Denise. 

20150603 1410(14)

This is where I start to lose my sheeze.  We actually sit through "Denise" trying to convince Silas she's really Denise. And for some reason, it was written so that Silas explains the entire Ava awakening to "Denise" (and the audience) in flashbacks. So, essentially we got the whole Denise thing "explained" because everything happened off camera. 

Denise is based on a hairdresser that Delia knew. Who drank Pabst Blue Ribbon. And Ava had her fingerprints erased. 
I'm still at a loss as to why this entire story was written this way. Ava's been in a black hole for 6 months. NOW she'll parade around as "Denise" until she's found out somehow. 
Spare Me. 

20150604 1438(3)

SILAS IS SHOCKED FACE! Shocked I tell you!!! 

I can't deal with months and months of this Queens stuff and look at that wig!! @@ Yes, I love Maura West but like this? WHY????

20150602 1436(1)

Let's get the slackers out of the way. You know why they had a good week? It was donut day Friday! They live for their douuts. Anyway, Morgan decides to go boxing and forgo sex for about 20 minutes. Michael finds him there! They argue! They Fight! They have no shirts on! But like real men, they settle it by throwing some punches and calling a truce. 

20150604 1431(28)

Olivia said goodbye to Dante and went off to live with Ned and the baby (no name yet). In real life, she had her daughter, at the end of May. So congrats and happy respite! 

20150604 1417(37)

Valerie, a former criminology student, got herself a job at the Police Station! How you ask? Well, Dante was happy to vouch for her and the new commissioner, Jordan-- thought it was a swell idea. Now she can be really close to Dante during work hours.  I sense many lunches and late nights coming!!  Hey, in fact, they are going out tonight! You know, the night of Tracy and Luke's engagement party. The one that Lulu apparently forgot to mention to Dante! 

20150601 1411(16)

Franco stewed about Nina's marriage to Ric. Ric went to talk to Donna Mills about his plan, tried to pull one over on her and yada yada, she read him the riot act and supposedly they are back in cahoots. 

20150601 1417(28)

On to the next plot. There's a bunch of talk about switching money; Michael's and Nik's...and Nik wanting Michael to think that Nina wouldn't sell shares to him. She really sold shares to Nikolas. Rosie pulls this all off. The interesting part of all this is.... 
Nina actually had---PAPER stock shares.
In the safe. 

And, I suppose we are suppose to believe that those papers contain ownership like they did back in 1928. 
So...upshot is: Nikolas has more shares.  And I still really don't know why he cares or wants ELQ control other than he wants to be 'bad'.   

Franco is out of his shares. Which there goes my only FUN I saw in this story; the possibility of Franco in the Q mansion, causing trouble. *sigh*

20150604 1438(16)

Oh, and Franco? What did he do you ask? He got Nathan to "arrest" Nina on kidnapping charges because she "told him" she did it. They haul her down to the PCPD and try to get her to sign the annulment papers.
Fail. Nate comes through! Franco makes Nate SO tolerable!! LOL. I love my Roger! 

20150601 1453(41)

This happened. Which I really wish I had never witnessed. Thank God Crown Royal was involved. And, btw... I'm not angry she slept with Sloane after Duke died so soon, I'm just mad she slept with Sloane period. Hate the guy. Don't care for the actor or his acting choices. In fact, I wouldn't put it past him to be Faison the way he's been a creepy-creeperson on Anna. :shudder.

20150602 1419(38)

SO HAPPY Anna was skeeved out by what she'd done. She threw up, and looked like Sloane as if he was a slug on her shoe. 

20150603 1401(25)

Luke's home! Luke--who seems to have gotten a nice lobotomy during his psyche stay, is back to ask Tracy for her hand in marriage. I wonder how many engagement and wedding parties they've had over the years?  How many diamond rings? Tony's playing this very subdued and I'm not sure why. Is he still Fluke? Or is his "integration" making him a passive bore? Or... did he decide to leave his Luke-Charm at the door? Whatever it is, it's tedious.  Perhaps it will change now that Emma and Genie are back? Or is this the "new normal"?

And not for nothin' but could the engagement party have happened any faster? That was just plain weird. And also, the non- presence of Monica is really starting to be a Aiden-type joke. It's like she never existed.
Laura's back. And yes, she was shaking...was it rage? 

20150601 1447(15)
This is actually a REAL tattoo of Tony Geary's. 
You know, maybe I'm such a crab because I know it's all finishing and it will be the TOTAL end of an era for me. I've watched GH so long, and the memory of the early years is still so good I just don't want this messed up.  I started watching about 3 weeks after Genie took over the role of Laura. When I think of what's happened over the years and the opportunities for great stories missed, I just get a bit verklempt. 

20150606 1009(6)

Luke's speech "I could just go off into the sunset quietly..' (para-phrased). "Love is essential, it is the saving grace of our existence".   Then he goes on to talk about how much he loves Tracy and their story. Of course, you- know- who pops up. Given what most of us know about the Genie/Tony saga, all of this was so poignant...and telling.  I think there's going to be an adventure involving Lucky/Ethan and Holly (probably a rescue) and things will progress from there. 

PS. take a look at BRAD's face in this scene. Heh..his radar is WAY up and ready to film for you tube! heh

20150606 1009(7)'s LUKE's face when he sees Laura-- *sigh*--guys I have little hope. Such little hope with this!!  He'd better PERK THE HELL up when he and Laura find Holly--or take some damn Prozac-or something!! 
I promised you some brighter they are!


20150602 1427(34)

Little Peach to brighten my screen. 


20150602 1453(35)

He's very quiet, this new Dillon, but I'm hopeful. I'm happy to have a Q actually COME ON instead of GOING OFF. Let's see what this guy has got! 


20150604 1410(14)

That's heard me..I"M the new commissioner!  I'm getting some NEW SHOES, girl!!


20150606 0920(1)

Brad and Lucas' marriage-- yeah. My fave thing happening on the show. Of course it's all weirdly CRAMMED in with the Luke party but I digress. Scotty gets in a dig at Sonny and I am waiting to see how Brad's family is done.  A ray in my day! 

20150604 1421(6)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Two old friends, saying good-bye. It was bittersweet and written really well. About love and loss and growing old. Something we all know about. 

20150603 1439(8)

PROP OF THE WEEK:  The Envelope/Shares that Nina clutched to her breast for the entire day. That's her face, thinking of Franco. Awww. you know she misses him. 

20150602 1419(23)

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Oh this says SO SO much!!! The Sloane story, GH in general, the works. 

20150606 0918(28)

Fastest party in the history of whatever! Plus it's on the Haunted Star? LOL..too funny.  Lulu actually didn't even tell anyone about the party until she found Dante at the Floating Rib where the other party was happening. Poor Brad and Lucas--party interruptus. Things happened at lighting speed. 

This actually reminds me of the Ric/Nina wedding--thrown in and blobbin' up the canvas. 

These next few weeks will either be brilliant--or not.  I'll either get sucked right back in and love it with the Luke story --or not. There's really no in between for me right now. The ginormous cast is making viewing a bit of a mess.  The Jake thing has gone on so so long-- and now the Denise crud will be hanging around.  Let's just see where/ how this is all done.  


  1. I will always watch GH because I am a fan but the stories are at times boring. I don't care who Jake is anymore!! Been going on for so long. I love Luke and will miss him but this Luke is just boring!!Can't believe Tony Geary,8time Emmy winner is acting like this!!Hope it gets better with Genie back. The best part is seeing Baby Avery.

  2. " Anyway, Morgan decides to go boxing and forgo sex for about 20 minutes. " Hahaha I just did a spit take with my coffee.

  3. My sentiments exactly, but I have to agree with all who say Nina & Franco need to go. Is RH such a superstar that he doesn't even make personal appearances with other cast members? MS does. I think Luke is ill and dying which would explain his actions and appearance. Dillon was a good character to bring back because he is a nice person. Tracy looked fabulous at the party but I am also concerned about Monica's disappearance. Even Alice was on. Someone needs to pull off Denise's wig. I love Scotty and am always glad to see him. KS is so great at maintaining Scotty's mannerisms. Welcome back Genie-been too long!

  4. LOVED seeing Genie back in Port Charles. I am also wondering why Luke seems to be sedated. And, since I was a big fan of As The World Turns and Grayson who played Dusty, I am probably the only viewer who likes him as Sloane. ;) I think he is good looking and I suspect he is still trying to find his way as Sloane. Is Sloan a tough guy with a gruff sounding voice? SO far, yes. I hope he softens him up because he, Grayson, is adorable....anyway....
    I have watched GH since 1980 and I'm still a loyal fan. I have never liked the MOB but I can still watch GH with a lot of enjoyment nevertheless.
    Thanks for your WUBS site, Karen. I love it!

  5. Sometimes I think the writers forget that it is 2015 and not 1985. I think half of the "drama" of this show depends on the characters forgetting about 2 key inventions: cell phones and Google. Lulu and Dante played "phone tag" all day, such that he had no idea about the engagement party. Really? In real life, she would have texted him 5 minutes after learning of the engagement. But it's the "show up at someone's house unannounced in order to create drama" thing that really gets me. Duke shows up unannounced at Anna's door and sees Sloane....Lulu goes to a freakin' island to see Nik...without even texting to say "hey are you home? Can I come by?" No one does that in real life. No one. And then there's the Google amnesia. Hayden and Denise show up...who are they? Google them! For the love of God! See if they have a facebook page! Jeez.

    I'm willing to suspend disbelief about big things--like robin resurrecting jason--but character behavior has to be rooted in reality. If the plot depends on people acting like morons, then we have a problem.

  6. I am so technologically inept I can't post links. There is an interview with Finola, Maura and Michelle at Michaelfairmansoaps.

    I thought maybe Luke had been given too much electroshock therapy. I hope this gets better.

  7. "SILAS IS SHOCKED FACE! Shocked I tell you!!!"

    He is?!!?!?! :0

    "and the baby (no name yet)."

    His name is invisible.. Or Julian Jr! :)

    "This happened. Which I really wish I had never witnessed. Thank God Crown Royal was involved. And, btw... I'm not angry she slept with Sloane after Duke died so soon, I'm just mad she slept with Sloane period. Hate the guy. Don't care for the actor or his acting choices. In fact, I wouldn't put it past him to be Faison the way he's been a creepy-creeperson on Anna. :shudder."

    ACK!!!! Why did you have to show that picture?!!?!?! Why do you hate me Karen?! :)

    "This is actually a REAL tattoo of Tony Geary's."

    Yeah I heard. I wonder how long he had it.

  8. Finola Hughes is the MVP of this shite. She always brings it. She really conveys Anna's pain. I hope Geary wakes up from his daze for this farewell story. I'm looking forward to seeing Lucky and Ethan even if it's just for a few episodes.

  9. My husband just installed the new computer he bought for me, so I'm trying to see if I can post here. I'm so glad I have a live-in IT person, I also am technologically inept. (My husband is not actually an IT person, he is a lawyer, but he is MY IT person, and I sure need one.)

  10. Yay!! It posted!! Apparently all my info now is stored on a cloud, or something, so that, when you change computers, you don't have to re-install all of your passwords, etc.!

  11. I guess you probably all knew that already . . .

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. "AntJoan says My husband is not actually an IT person, he is a lawyer, but he is MY IT person, and I sure need one.)"

    And if you need a lawyer you have one too! :)

    "Yay!! It posted!! Apparently all my info now is stored on a cloud, or something, so that, when you change computers, you don't have to re-install all of your passwords, etc.!"

    YAY! It worked! That's great that all your info is stored! :)

  14. Sonya, thanks so much for your kind support.

  15. "AntJoan said...Sonya, thanks so much for your kind support."

    You're welcome hon! :)

  16. I watched the Friday episode Saturday night and I think Genie's shaking is her emoting angst. She's crashing the party to tell Luke that Lucky & Ethan are in great trouble and probably inviting him to the old adventure dance. I do so hope Geary decides to go out on a high note and really bring it for this exit storyline. For a change, he's letting the writers and producers guide the story and I'm hopeful he'll really engage with the script and not sleepwalk through it just because he can. And, maybe because I still cherish the L&L essence of the '80s and have a hard time accepting their aging, but I wish they'd blonde Laura back up give Tony a perm! :)



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