Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Ring

This Luke and Laura story is so far, crushingly BORING. Dillon does lie to Tracy and says Luke and Laura are engaged. 
Tracy gives Luke back his ring.
This is just...ugh

Laura's phone rings.  They have to go to Canada (BC) to help Lucky. Laura makes Lulu promise she won't tell Dante. 
This story is dull. And since Genie is back, we shouldn't have to wait for this story to get "interesting". AT ALL. 

Slackers have Dinner. Morgan says OMG we've been so stressed I want to give you a getaway with a couples massage-- LMAO. 
Because THEY'VE worked so hard. :cryinglaughing: Good Gravy. 

Sonny tells Scotty he'd better stop. Scotty is all "Grrrrrrrr CORINTHOS I will GET YOU"!
TJ's charges are upped because the guard dislocated his shoulder.
BUT! The victim isn't pressing charges.
Guess who arranged that? 

Aw, the Mobby with a Heart. 
Scotty then says the DA won't press charges either. Off Hook

A press guy charges into PCPD calling Dante a racist. Guess who defends him?????
and it was a really badly acted scene all around. REALLY Bad. 

And then Dante and Val can look into each other's eyes. Yep. 

Oh, and Ava and Silas talk about whether or not they have feelings for each other.

ADORABLE Picture of Halley Pullos From Instagram:

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  1. Like watching paint dry! I can't believe any writer with any experience would sincerely think this stuff is even remotely good. What difference would it make if Tracy knew the truth? If the "kidnapper" said no one is to know and they already told LuLu and Dillon then what the heck?? I know it's probably because LuLu and Dillon will have this secret between them blah,blah,blah but come on it! And now Dillon betrayed his beloved mother for LuLu? Not to save Lucky,but because of LuLu. It was freaking hysterical when Morgan was telling Kiki how much they need a break from their stressful lives,I was surprised he was able to say those lines with a straight face!! Keep wishing and hoping this writers slump,blockage or whatever it is that is keeping them from turning things around would end and save the show.

  2. I just saw the ratings..had no idea they were 7th straight week low in 18-49 year old viewers. I can't tell you how many people have dropped off twitter during GH time.

    The more I think about the L&L story, the Jake mess and Ava crap the madder I get.

  3. "kdmask said...
    I just saw the ratings..had no idea they were 7th straight week low in 18-49 year old viewers. I can't tell you how many people have dropped off twitter during GH time.

    The more I think about the L&L story, the Jake mess and Ava crap the madder I get."

    The ratings are upsetting for me too. There are a good number of actors on GH who I absolutely adore and it's sad that folks aren't watching. I'm not even sure what could be done to make folks start watching again. I think less mob and gloomy stories is good but mob war 1,000,000 wasn't replaced with anything that special.

    I think GH made a mistake and went a little too dudebro for too long. At the end of last year GH was riding high with Hallowedding, the reveal that Sonny murdered AJ and Michael's rejection of Corinthos, Ava vs. Nina, etc. I can't even begin to fathom why all that awesomeness was followed up with...well what we got. All the buzz GH was getting from the likes of Michael Logan and others regarding GH's top actresses was overshadowed by misogynistic story telling.

    I feel like the Fluke story line had the opposite effect that it was suppose to. The show wanted to keep Tony but it ended up just making TPTB look unconfident and desperate while an ensemble was ignored. There needed to be other stories running parallel to it that were fun and soapy to keep folks who were not interested in Fluke watching. Hopefully things can turn around. I think it's harder to get people to watch again than it is to get them to stop watching.

    Sorry about the rant:)

  4. McSilas's home: McSilas has been very animated for the last couple of days!! I likey!!! :)He wins the line of the day!!

    McSilas: I'm sorry, did we just time warp to the 8th grade?

    ROFL! So let's see She wants to make out with McSilas, so that she doesn't make out with Morgan. But if something happens between McSilas and MoochieAva then GREAT! ROFL! Oh this plan has no flaws right?

    Police station: Oh great scene! WOW! From that reporter calling Dante a racist, to Val yelling at said reporter. :)

    Val: You sir are way out of line! Dante is a professional! He is fair and objective! He is courageous! He puts his life on the line for the people of Port Charles!

    Dante's thoughts: Wow! This woman is amazing.

    And then Val and Dante had eye sex again!!!! :) Hmmm Jordan and Ric should have a fling. :) Molly's dress is so cute! :)

    Haunted Star: Oh boy! Now Dillon is lying! Not for her mother, but for Lulu!! More instructions from the kidnappers!

    Tracy: Here take the ring!

    Laura: No! I don't want the ring!

    Tracy should throw the ring out! Or pawn in!

    Couthouse: Okay so rent a cop Stan (I'll call him Stan) is "hurting" and wants to press charges, but oh wait, he changed his mind!!! Oh oh! Sonny changed his mind didn't he?!!? So the racial profiling is over?!!?! What a jip!!!! That stinks! :( That was so short that if you blinked, you missed it!

    Kiwi and Morgan:

    Morgan: Hey let's go to a resort to get massages and have sex.

    Kiwi: Oh I don't think so. I want to spend time with my aunt Denise. I don't know how long she is going to be around. I'm sorry. I know you are horny. We can do it tonight.

    Morgan: Okay.

    Morgan's thoughts: I wonder if Denise is around. I should find her.

    Q home: Tracy and Sabrina BFF's scene again! Oh Sabrina meets Moochie!

    Sabrina: Call and make an appointment.

    What?! ROFL! For all Sabrina knows, Moochie is little AJ's aunt!!!! :) And she has to make an appointment to visit her niece?!!?! ROFL!

  5. Michael did tell Denise to call and make an appointment next time, so Sabrina did the right thing. Kiki and Morgan are pathetic. Scott is always entertaining. TJ and Molly are adorable. Luke is just looking weak and not all there.

  6. To KD Mask and SaveOurSoaps and anyone else:

    It's the writing.

    For me, it isnt the characters and definitely not the wonderful actors. I'd tune in to see Jane Elliot read a phonebook. The writing is horrible and abyssmal.

    I have stated many times in the past few months the list of sins this writing staff has caused (Fluke, Jake's non-reveal, Morgan/Kiki, flAVA, Rosie's big humongous show-changing greatest secret in show history that isnt being revealed, MIchael's drugged escapade, Laura's disappointing return, etc. etc. etc.) The list goes on.

    I could probably (key work probably) stomach watching Morgan/Kiki if there was an actual storyline there. I am tired of waiting for storylines to progress. And then after the progress, I want them to end and move on.

    People bail because they are tired of waiting. At least that is my theory. Why should I watch the show if I know that in one full month, no storyline will be further along and there will be absolutely no reveals and I can pick up where I left off?

    The actors definitely keep me tuned in. In between the hell that is the current script writers, I have flashes of brilliance. Jane as Tracy with her tour de force in every scene she is in. Nancy as Alexis being very believable in her current role as conflicted mobster girlfriend and mother. I am still waiting for Billy Miller to display the brilliance that he showed consistently on Y&R. Several emmy awards were given for a reason, and yet he has clearly studied the tapes of Steve Burton and is playing the Robotic Jason oh too well. It is these glimpses of hope that keep me watching a few days a week, but the desire is very limited due to the atrocious writing that we have been given the past few months.

    I find myself just reading Karen's blog a lot more than I do racing home from work to see the show. If Karen says its a must see episode, I watch it. If not, then the blog is all I need to keep me informed until something worth watching happens again. Just waiting for that day to come.

    ps. I am not trying to take away from anyone. I know there are a lot of fans who like the show right now, who enjoy the pace and the storylines, and I am very happy for you. I want fans to be happy and to stick with the show the way I have since '77. So, if you like the show, please stick to your guns and be proud of it. And if you dont, here is the chance to speak up and say a few things and get stuff off your chest.

    Thanks K!

  7. I'm also zoned out most days. Even on fast forward the pace is terribly slow. Most days there seems to be a complete lack of a story line. It's like these guys think that if they have shirtless guys on every day and all the couples in bed that's all the fans want to see.

    Morgan suggesting a getaway today was beyond ridiculous. Is his current mattress getting lumpy from overuse. He needs to find another place to lie around all day? All at no cost, of course.

    One thing I did notice today is that Luke and Laura are heading to Vancouver. Didn't they own a cafe there at one time? Are they going to be retracing history again?



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