Monday, June 1, 2015

Emma Samms

EMMA is back as part of the Luke Backstory....

Here's a look at their first scene  so so long ago.... 

I wonder if "Ethan" will be in trouble and they'll have to save him? Oh wait...done before. But..does that matter?? 


  1. They have pissed away every Holly return for the last 10 years. Why think they are going to change it now? Emma = great but the current take on Holly is poor. And where the hell is TRISTAN ROGERS???! GET HIM BACK STAT! At least the last time Robert was on he was actually written well.

  2. I'd love to see Tristan, but I was never fond of Y&R. I tried to watch when they brought Genie on a couple years back and just couldn't stick with it. Watching Perry Mason Sunday eve, Tristan showed up looking quite younger! He must have done the PM show during the years he was off soap shows.

    I wish they would forget Guza ever invented Ethan. I partly blame TG because he always insisted Luke probably cheated on Laura, but men can actually be true, and I always believed the way L&L loved, he would have been true to her. He used the old Paul Newman idea of 'why try hamburger when you have steak at home', or in Luke's case he used to say to flirty dames, 'My wife has ruined me for ordinary women', to which Alexis once snapped, 'Who said I was ordinary?' Actually, he used the line a couple times that I remember, so I never believed Ethan was his kid. Like his great love for Tracy, I never bought it. Friends maybe.

    I don't think that tattoo bodes well. I am so impatient to see Genie!

    I just don't see what they are aiming for with Anna. Since Finola is leaving for awhile, maybe she is having a breakdown. I don't mind Sloan as much as some do, but it seems too soon for her to look at another man. Could she be going to jail?

    And I agree--the show did not need Valerie and she have made no positive impression so far. I want to her to leave. Now. I still miss Julie Bermans as Lulu--gosh I wish we could get her back now that Genie is coming--it was perfect casting. She just seemed to naturally be Laura's daughter, even looked like her, had the right mannerisms.

  3. soaplover said.... it seems too soon for her to look at another man.

    It most certainly is. When are they going to get some writers who can write for mature women! Her heart is broken. She would never be even letting another man near her right now, never mind having sex with him. And certainly not one she's been repulsing for months. This is too disgusting for words.

  4. wake me when they announce sean and tiff return.

    i know that tif had mouth surgery and that sean is rumored to be too old to act properly, but for one scene, it would be worth it. the audience knows what is going on. we love and respect them, no matter what.

    ditto with Robert. he needs to be back for the send off. even if all 3 were just in one episode.

  5. I see that image & the song "Baby, Come to Me" floods my brain. LOL I'm old!



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