Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tracy Brings Dillon Home

I can't embed this video because the person won't allow it so you'll have to go to YOU TUBE yourself and watch.

MAGICAL QUARTERMAINES!! AJ, Ned, Skye-- Edward talking about "hooligans"!! I miss this GH so so much. 

Props to Dave for finding it! 


  1. Thank you Dave and Karen for this little piece of General Hospital heaven! There was also another clip on the same page from the same episode with Lila and Alice too. Classic General and I miss it too. I seriously don't know how they're going to clean up this mess they've made. It was bitter sweet to see Lila. Thanks again guys!

  2. Wonderful clip!

    I love Tracy's "A family conflagration! What FUN!" She says it with such glee. LOL

  3. It was great to see all the Q's together. I loved those family gatherings. Always so much drama. lol

    And how nice to see a scene with so many people, and all of them totally in character. Too many times now we see people on the edges of a scene who are completely zoned out or looking like they don't know what to do. If they knew how to stay fully immersed in their character they'd know how to interact even if they're not speaking. ( Morgan and Kiki come to mind here.)

    Maybe it's because they're so used to only filming with one other person now most of the time. I miss the good old days.

  4. I've been watching some old Robert/Anna. So bittersweet, with what we know today.

  5. Oh, how I loved seeing Edward and Alan! And Reginald! And I was reminded of how NL was never right for the part of Emily. Amber Tamblyn was so feisty and NL was so weak. I hope they never bring her back. With all the people that have been brought back from the dead, I've never understood why Alan Q was not first on the list. He is so needed.

  6. Wow, a house full of Quartermaines! So sad that Guza decimated them, I have no idea why. Wish we hadn't lost Ned and that they hadn't killed AJ yet again. I also preferred Amber Tamblyn's Emily. NL was kind of weak as Lori says, but I was glad they kept the character at least (only to have Guza kill her off). I always liked Skye too.

    Di makes a great point about people in scenes on today's GH. Actors need to listen, not just stand around waiting for their next line. A certain former model seems to be trying to remember their next line with a blank face rather than be actually engaged in the scene. Then when it's time for their line their face suddenly animates and it just comes off like a bad school play. GH does have some great actors but there seems to be a lot of awkward scenes either because people are bored or don't have the skills. Good point that they may not be used to filming scenes with many people since the show tends to keep characters isolated so when there is a big group scene, to me they seem very awkward.

  7. Making me cry. Those were the days...

  8. I'm trying to get Karen to post really great clips from the past on days when she is disappointed with the show, to remind her that when this show is good, it is brilliant. (And when it is bad, it is horrendous). Since Dillon came home today, I thought it made sense to post this first homecoming.

    A few weeks ago, when it was announced that Genie was returning, I asked Karen to do a blog about all her returns and tried to supply links for her.

    There is SO MUCH archived that is so worth watching, especially for those who have no been watching 20 or 30 years like a lot of us. It reminds us why we still watch this dreck every day. Because it DOES get better. And there are good scenes and great episodes. THey are just not as many as their used to be. But we wait for it. And wait for it.

    I'm waiting for the Jason reveal. So, I put up with this nonsense (Kiki/Morgan) until the day comes when everything blows up and it is worth watching again.

    Keep posting special clips, Karen. I know in cyberworld Thursday is "Throwback Thursday". Maybe your blog on Thursdays can be Throwback Thursdays and you can post a clip from yesteryear that has some relevance to what is going on the show today?

    Your devoted fans will appreciate it (and help you)


    You're the best.


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