Monday, June 29, 2015

Hey, Tony... Bite It.

So... Geary keeps it real for his Exit Interview in Entertainment Weekly:

“It was once very difficult for me realize that more than likely my obituary in the paper will read, ‘Luke of Luke and Laura fame died today.’ It was very upsetting when I came to that realization,” Geary, 68, recalls. “It’s not my favorite time of my life and I don’t think it represents me as a person or an actor. It’s kind of like whenever you are introduced they hall out a high school graduation picture. It can be irritating.”

He's so joyless. Thanks for whatever. We get it. And the fact you couldn't even "fake some joy" for your last hour with us? Well, FU. 

HEY! Guess what! Sonny got Avery back! Sabrina even said: THE BIRDS are singing outside.
She did say that.  BAHAHHAHAA. Birds. Singing. :crying:

Avery's like a sack of potatoes or a puppy. Here ya go!

Morgan and Ava "go to the bathroom" at the same time at the Metro during dinner and are gone ages. WTF.

Dante is being played "buzzed" very well by Dom. He looks loaded. He says how much he likes Val...and feels a 'connection" She says he's smart and ..blah blah..she stops him from kissing her. 

Holly says Ethan is missing. Whatever  The Voice on the Phone comes on and says: Wait until tomorrow. 

Yep. Ok I'm done for today


  1. I still think that Nik has Lucky and Ethan.

    It's hard to believe Mr. Geary has no respect for his fans, after all he would never be able to afford to live in Amsterdam if it wasn't for Lucas Lorenzo Spencer. It makes me sad. :-( Hope they do kill him off, I feel like I wasted all those years.

  2. "Hey, Tony...Bite It." LMAO I like that Tony keeps it real in his interviews but at the same time I find him very arrogant. He's kind of in his own little world.

  3. Uh, can Michael just give Avery to Sonny? Didn't the COURT decide Sonny was unfit? What about trying visitation first? Lame.

    So now "Denise" is going to have to get into Sonny's good graces to be able to see Avery. Good luck with that!

  4. What an obnoxious jerk. Good riddance.

  5. I've been there since 1971. Through thick, thin, good, bad, adventures, absences, Elizabeth Taylor, Roseanne too, happy, sad and this stupid shit at the end of it. The only truly fitting end for his character with me is his death.

  6. If that's how he feels, I am fine with that. I've been a GH viewer since the late 70's, but I can not claim to know all the goings on of Tony's life, so it would be totally inappropriate for me to assume that the best time of his life would also be the height of the Luke & Laura saga. He has entertained me nonetheless and I wish him the best. Furthermore, while I agree that soap fans have kept soaps alive, it was his talent that got him on GH in the first place, not the fact that we soap fans continued to watch.

  7. Could somebody help me out here? What else, professionally, has Mr. Geary done since joining GH all those many years ago? I can remember Genie at least being on other soaps, and maybe even a couple of night time shows (Murder, She Wrote comes to mind), but I cannot think of anything else Mr. Geary has been in. Maybe he did some theater in Amsterdam, but without any fanfare here. Maybe I am totally off base here, but how in the world can he complain about being famous for the only work he has done that has been seen by a large number of viewers??? Yeah, he had talent, but so do dozens (and more) other actors who would have been happy to have that part and that fame, and to be part of something so outstanding in a genre. Think of it: some poor, aged actor who was mondo talented and never got a chance, and would have been so happy and grateful for that part. And Mr. Geary? He sneers at the role and at those of us who were fans. It makes me kind of sad.

  8. TG did a great job playing Luke all of these years, I think that is what is important. I think that Ava is going to kidnap Avery.

  9. Nina and Ric's home:

    Nina: Are you my mother's lawyer?

    Me: The better question is, are you my mother's LOVER!!!!! :)


    Moochie and Morgan: They are talking alone and he grabs her! You can read his mind! To quote Karen,

    Morgan's thoughts: It's really just grows.........IN MY PANTS!!

    Moochie and BobTodd: BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: So what do you think? About our squishy couple name? Should we be Defranco, or Franise?

    ROFL! I love Franise!!! :)

    Nina/Ric and BobTodd and Moochie: Oh my!!!! This cracked me up! ROFL! BobTodd opened his mouth WIDE! BAHAHAHAHA! BobTodd and Moochie was eating each other's faces off! And Nina was eating Ric's face off! While Morgan tells BobTodd and Moochie to get a room! ROFL! Morgan looks jealous. And Magda was watching it all!!! ROFL!

    Canada hotel:

    Lulu and Dillon's room: Oh come on Lulu quit whining!!! UGH!

    Luke, Laura, and Holly: Laura called Holly, Holly Sutten. Hmmm she isn't Holly Scorpio anymore? Did she go back to her maiden name? At first I thought Holly was going to tell Luke she wants to have sex with him, but no!!! Ethan has been kidnapped too!!! They have to wait tomorrow!!!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNN!

    Lante home: Dante and Val smoochy smoooooochy!!! She stopped the kissy wissy. Hmmm Val.. What is it? You don't want to be the rebound girl? You want him to want you 100&? :)

    I want you to want me song.

    Sonny's home: Oh damn! I am such a sucker for Maurice Bernard and baby scenes!!! :) Awwwww! :) Okay so Michael giving baby AJ back, I thought it wasn't real! Ah well it was great while it lasted. Michael forgives his mama. Awwww.

    Sabrina and Michael: Oh!!!! They make wuv!!! :) Nice!!!!! I like Sabrina now. :) It looks like she has changed.

    Oh Karen! I know your wubs is on facebook, cus I'm following it! ROFL! But do you have a personal account on facebook?

  10. Sonya said..." Oh damn! I am such a sucker for Maurice Bernard and baby scenes!!! :) Awwwww! :)"

    Me too. I think Maurice must really like kids and it shows.

  11. "Di said...Me too. I think Maurice must really like kids and it shows."

    Hehehe yeah. :) Well he does have 4 kids in real life. :)

  12. Yes! Ishouldreadmore, absolutely what I was thinking. He just doesn't seem like a very nice person and that makes me sad. :(

  13. Maybe Maurice has something in his contract like Geary's time off? Maybe he requires he get to work with babies? Maybe THAT's why Sonny has so many kids and in known for his super sperm??? Regardless, I don't care for Sonny at all but I adored him with that baby. Such a natural. He should quite the mob and take in foster kids.

  14. New promo for GH!!

    Lucky: I know it.

    Luke: It's impossible.

    I think I may know what they are talking about! :)

  15. "CareyN said...Maybe Maurice has something in his contract like Geary's time off? Maybe he requires he get to work with babies?"

    Hmmm good question! :)

    "Maybe THAT's why Sonny has so many kids and in known for his super sperm???"


    "Regardless, I adored him with that baby."

    Me too!!!!

    "Such a natural. He should quite the mob and take in foster kids."

    A foster dad! LOVE IT! :)

  16. Bite it is right only I can think of some stronger ways to put it. I don't really care if L&L was the best time of his life, we fans bought it and also bought everything he owns. Would it hurt to keep it to himself just a little while longer???


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