Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Great White Whale

Promo for GH? Barf worthy
Ric and Donna Mills Kiss

Dante and Val go in for one,

Now, Ric and Donna Mills I guess I "get" ...although she's on so spardoically who cares.  It's not like she's a 'real' character.
Dante and Valerie just make me...bleck. It's so contrived, I don't like Val and whatever. 

20150622 1459(7)

I think Billy Miller had a cold or something. He looked all sweaty and smarmy at the bar.  He and Sam get all cutsie together. In walk Patrick and Liz, right on cue!  They have a double date. Sam is dressed like she's going cleaning. 

Nikolas helped himself to Michael's chair!  He did say they'd have to "deal with him".  He says they never accepted Emily into the family (huh??? Where's Monica??)
This is the only good part of the show today.  Tracy and Michael standing together :) 

Ned is missed though.
Monica not being there? Criminal.

Lucy votes with Nikolas however, making things interesting. 

Lucy talking to Dillon about Luke and Laura. 

Maxie talking to Lulu. Over Cupcakes. Rocco is asleep.

Stupid Val tells Dante that Lulu and Dillon have a secret. 

Jennifer says she's "tired of this decades old song and dance between us"... um..ok. You go over there with the crazy-pills and call us in the morning.  She mentions the film "Indecent Proposal" with "Jackie Templeton"... 
Ok, so that's why. For a joke. Got it.  Demi Moore Joke. So funny. NOT

Jennifer says she never got over Luke, her "First Love" and he's her "Great White Whale"-- and she has to "land him, if just for one night". 

Laura points out that this is basically RAPE. There's that word again! Because of course, my LnL memories need to be MORE tarnished.
So. .. welp.

Luke decides to sleep with Jennifer. She tells Laura to make "breakfast in bed". 


  1. I kinda got a kick out of the Jackie Templeton line. As soon as they set up Indecent Proposal, I knew there was a Demi Moore mention coming and I was curious to see where they would go with it. It was cute, nothing more.

    During the L&L scenes, I kept writing my own lines. I wanted Laura to say to Luke

    "Oh, just sleep with her and get it over with already so we can end this storyline. I'm wanted across town on the Young and Restless. Tristan is waiting for me..."

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  3. Way,way beyond ridiculously pitiful!! I'm not seeing Genie as strong at all,simply because she agreed to this crap. I'm pretty sure they get a script in advance and can decide whether or not they want to do it. And then there is Valerie looking out for Dante just as a friend,if you didn't think she was going to tell him raise your hand?? Predictable! LuLu and Dillon,predictable. I did however enjoy Sam with Nicholas and Sam with Jason. I know the 4 of them have been talking about having dinner together but actually having it that night was decided right at that time that's why Sam and Jason were dressed in work clothes. I think Kelly can bring the fire when it's written for her. Evil and vindictive doesn't look good or convincing on Nicholas. I sincerely hope there's something,anything more to this L,L&L story than what we already know. Can't believe they went the rape route. And yes there is Holly and I want to be positive and excited about that but then I don't want to get my hopes up and be crushed so I guess I'm not expecting it and it turns out by some small miracle to be good it would be a redeeming bonus. Reading the blogs here are what I look forward to more than the show these days. Sorry for the ramble,I'm just beside my little self!!

  4. Did they feel they needed to show they could write an even more disgusting story than the Puke crap? This is a new low. Poor Genie. She came back for this dreck?

  5. I like the actress they got for Jennifer Smith but the story line a little bit cringe inducing. She kidnapped Lucky so she could sleep with Luke? Really?

  6. should we just assume that if dante and val sleep together that she will get pregnant?

    that is soap opera writing 101 isnt it?

  7. Triple L diner: Luke wins the lines of the day!

    Luke: When you don't see anyone or talk to them for decades, it indicates, that the relationship is over. IT'S OVER JENNIFER! MOVE ON! Jennifer look, I don't care if I'm your white whale, your winged platypus, or your grandma's bloomers.

    ROFL! Oh Luke I'm going to miss you!!! :) Jennifer mentioned Whitey Parish! It's Blackie Parish you nitwit!!! Oh a Jackie Templeton mention cool! Oh come on can we just get on with this! So he agrees to have sex with her UGH!

    Metrocourt: Oh Sam stop flirting with Jake Doe UGH! So annoying!! Oh but he is flirting with her! Stop it! Has the world gone mad!?! Oh hi Patrick and Liz! Oh look a dinner double date! Which wouldn't be bad, but we are being torchered by Liz's guilt face! UGH!

    Lante home: Boy Lulu and Dillon are chatting a lot on the phone. Oh Maxie shows up! And she actually DID get a haircut! Nice continuity writers! It's the little things. :) Hmmm her hair is kinda cute, but I think it's a little too short.

    Maxie: You know I'm here for you right? We are BFF's! Besties! My person! I got your back! Tell me what's wrong! Tell me tell me tell me tell me!! I will hold my breath until you tell me!

    Police station:

    Dante: What's wrong?!

    Val: Oh it's nothing. I misunderstood.

    Dante: Just tell me.

    Val: Oh there is a secret between Lulu and Dillon. Not a big deal. I misunderstood.

    ELQ: Boss Nik!!! Half boss? 50% boss? The way he talked about Brooklynn was kinda creepy. You can practically read his mind!

    Nik: Brooklynn! She was so yummy! She tasted good in bed. What a lover!!

    And when he showed up at ELQ office, it was like he was acting like what's that character in that movie? Damn I forgot. The lady in the movie who said in the boardroom I am going to fire you all and replace you on the spot! Well anyway I knew Lucy would be on Nik's side! I know Lucy so well.

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  9. "Alexander Falangie said...WHERE IS MONICA?!?! I miss her soooooo much! She's my favorite Quatermaine!"

    Tracy said today, that she is out a town on vacation with her boyfriend the judge!

  10. Oh and one other thing! Does Jennifer REALLY have Lucky?!?!?! I'm beginning to think she doesn't!

  11. I haven't watched today yet just back from work, read the blog first (I sometimes do that). So, I don't understand, Jennifer Smith, isn't she supposed to be Luke's age, not half his age?

  12. "AntJoan said...I haven't watched today yet just back from work, read the blog first (I sometimes do that). So, I don't understand, Jennifer Smith, isn't she supposed to be Luke's age, not half his age?"

    No not Luke's age. I think Jennifer was in her 20's back then. Wasn't she Karen?! 20? 19?

  13. Holly Gagnier who plays Jennifer Smith is 56, Tony is 68. He just looks older than his age and she looks good.

  14. Believe it or not, the actress playing Jennifer Smith is 56 years old - just about right for the role.

  15. OH thanks Di for getting her name down. She played Cassie on OLTL in the 80s when I first started watching it. She was part of Mitch Lawrence's cult and had an affair with Jon Russell! I remember her so well. :)

  16. I guess we posted at the exact same time, Carey. I don't watch any other soaps so I didn't recognize her. I just did a google search. lol

  17. Well, 56, I'd like to meet her plastic surgeon (and I'm NOT being sarcastic). Now that I've seen today's show, I still don't understand--where is the proof that Jennifer Smith has Lucky? Did anyone ask for it? Did I miss something? BTW, I do think that this story is a good use of history, I just wish that Roseann was playing the part, as I said earlier.

  18. EW's piece on Geary's last day of filming. At least he appears kind of gracious here, I guess. Where the hell is Tristan? Still, glad that Kin Shriner, Genie Francis, and Jackie Z were all there for him.


  19. Anon said... Where the hell is Tristan?

    He posted on twitter that he had to work at YR that day. Not much of a surprise really that YR scheduled him to work the same day as Tony's goodbye. LOL

  20. I am going to be the outlier here. I thought the show was great. Laughed at the Jackie Templeton line, giggled at the Whitey Parrish. Glad that Laura didn't deny the rape and that Luke did hurt her. It is actually great continuity to have crazy pants Jennifer after Luke. We may not get it, but it has been going on for decades. Loved the Triple L Diner, the pictures and more - I think it is a great homage to the past. Cannot wait for Holly, Lucky and Ethan.

    Really liking the ELQ stuff. Tracy and Michael bonding has taken a long time, but it is nice to see. Core family, core company - I am all good.

    Hate the manufactured problems with Dante/Lulu, but liking Lulu and Dillon and Lulu and Maxie.

    The double date was hysterical.


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