Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sorry, Not Today

GH looks as boring today as usual.

With the horrific news out of SC I just don't really feel like it anyway.
The world needs a swift kick in the ass and some kindness. 


  1. ELQ offices: So Moochie is all upset at Michael for not letting her see AJ! Cool it Moochie! Or you will be found out! Moochie vents at Edward's portrait, and Morgan comes in! Oh a tongue bath! Oh oh they are on their way to do the coochie coochie!

    Q home: Michael finally finds out Rosie is a bad bad girl and everyone wonders who her boss is! :)

    The hospital:

    McSilas's office:

    Kiwi: Oh daddy! I feel so guilty for telling Morgan no. Am I selfish?!

    Oh please Kiwi!!! Do you always have to say yes to Morgan? Oh I guess so, or the horny toad will cheat on you.

    Liz and Patrick: Liz doesn't think it's a good idea to double date with Patrick and Sam. Stay cool Liz!!

    Lante home: Lulu whining again. Oh Nik has a good idea to get Dillon's ELQ shares, and it worked!!! :)

    Metrocourt: Kiwi is looking for Morgan! Yes Sonny send her to ELQ! Let her see Morgan and Moochie doing the coochie coochie! I so hope they are busted!!!

  2. Over Denise. I have aunts in my life, and they dont expect to see me 24/7 and when I was an infant, I know for a fact, they called my mother first out of courtesy to see if she was up for company. I bet Denise is going to start calling Michael 8-10x per day and want to see AJ morning, noon and night. She is going to insist on being at the Q's every single day. I smell restraining order! Once that happens, Denise will kidnapped little AJ. I see that coming.

    The entire episode was flashbacks. Except for Jake. Everyone had a flashback expect for the person that we really want to have a flashback. Great writing, team.

    Non-sarcastic question: Was this Jakes first time in the Q mansion?

    Sarcastic question: Where was monica?

    Nicky is so gung-ho over ELQ. Why? They only thing that company has done in the past 10 yrs is mass market defective condoms. Was Pickl-Lila ever setttled? Who won? Who is marketing that product? What is so lucrative about ELQ? You know, I would have cared about ELQ storyline if is was about 10 years ago with Edward, Tracy and Ned involved. Without Edward, it seems really flat. Like the show Dallas without Larry Hagman. It just doesnt work.

    On the next General Hospital... SPOILER ALERT! Laura Sighting tomorrow. When Nicky menitoned that Laura didnt see Spencer, I thought "Oh yeah, she didnt see Scotty or Leslie either. Great woman. Great return. Dumb story"

  3. thanks guys--- for the recaps.

    Did Ava and Morgan do it? This is so stupid

  4. "kdmask said...Did Ava and Morgan do it?"

    They are on their way to do it! In Michael's office! They are on the couch!!! Again Morgan finds her and she is upset about little AJ. Again she cries, again he comforts her, and again they start kissing.

  5. Everything about the Denise story is ridiculous! Why would Aunt Denise care THIS much about Avery? Why isn't she concerned about her salon? Where is she getting money? I could go on and on ...

    I hope the L&L story picks up. The previews looked promising.

  6. Denise was starting to look a bit deranged yesterday. Michael better be careful that she doesn't steal AJ. And Denise looked rather ridiculous with Morgan. I'm getting really tired of seeing that pancake faced Kiki all the time. She and Lulu have voices that they get low and growly which I find annoying. Looking forward to today's show. Monica's absence is rather alarming - I hope LC is ok.

  7. Poor Michael. First his parents did it on his apartment couch, now Denise and Moron are going to do it on his office couch. This Denise/Morgan story seems like a joke played for camp. Just because "Denise's" eyes, nose and mouth resemble Ava, Morgan can't control himself? Previously there were hints of Silas and Ava having feelings for each other when she was in the hospital. One look at Morgan and she can't control herself. The endless scenes with Kiki and Morgan are (for me) a huge waste of airtime.

    I've stuck with GH through thick and thin since the invention of the VCR and it pains me that lately it seems to be off the rails. For every promising episode like last Friday's, there are ones like Wednesday's and Thursday's. You can spot the plot directions a mile away.

    I thought GH was going to do a social issue with T.J.'s incident of racial profiling. It was over in a flash and the only result seemed to be that it put Jordan on Sonny's trail since he "fixed" things for T.J. so now the new police commissioner has a personal reason to go after him. It was all about Sonny? What was the point then? I guess he has nothing to do so they have to use him. I do like the more soapy type of stories than the mob stories so I'm glad to see them being used but they seem to be all over the place.

  8. "Panda says I thought GH was going to do a social issue with T.J.'s incident of racial profiling. It was over in a flash"

    Yeah I'm disappointed.


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