Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I think NuDanny has BROWN EYES? HMMM? I think he's new... Sabby talks to Sam about Rosie. 

Thank god Franco and Lesil are faboo-- you know that.. The Salad Painting was cracked. She tells him to go to Donna Mills to find out what's going on and to help him. (Not knowing DM is helping Ric already).  She and he are taking a road trip to Pentonville together!! 
BUT she calls and Donna Mills is "gone".  Tomorrow they show her in Dr O's office. So, she's out of jail. 

Ric and Nina eating at Metro. She tells him about the shares/money.  He gags. Molly comes in.  The Nina scene with her was pretty funny. 

Nikolas and Sloane... blah blah... Sloane wants Nik to call Lomax and get him re-hired. But NIK has an alternate job opportunity to you. He wants Sloane to help him take over ELQ.
SO...there's that. 

Michael confronts Rosie about the shares. Like I said all he had to do was find out that they were sold and there goes that "plan". 

TJ at the Police Station. He's angry. He calls Molly,  he won't talk to MAMA. Ric is going to go help TJ. We learn nothing about what happened.

Tomorrow: No Luke and Laura again. Way to get that story goin! 


  1. What happened to the great writing that existed in the 80's and 90's, the soap opera romances and the creation of super's a lost art. I feel like its all gone.

  2. Metrocourt: Nina REALLY wants to fit in with Ric and his daughter! ROFL! She kept holding Molly's hand and wanting her to call her mom hahahaha!

    Nina: Just call me mom. Mommy? Step mommy? Step mom?

    Nina wins the line of the day!

    Nina: Just consider me another female present, to guide you through this new stage of womanhood.

    ROFL! I can't believe Nina said that! Hahahaha.

    ELQ office: Damn Rosie's shoes kept squeaking! It was very distracting. Either buy new shoes Rosie, or take them off!!

    Rosie: I mean I mean I mean, Nina could have been lying. I mean I mean I mean.

    Q home: Sabrina and Sam jibber jabber jibber jabber. Rosie could be lying. Blah blah blah. Rosie's secret. Blah blah blah.

    Liz's home: Wow Jake Doe's dream! I thought it was Liz and Jason's kid Jake in the dream! No it's Danny! Liz has pink and white blankets on her bed! ROFL! Very strange. Wow Liz is wearing her bra, and Jake Doe is not distracted over her cupcakes!!

    Wyndemere: Robot Sloan even walks in like a robot!!! And he even eats like a robot! Robot Sloan's belt is distracting! Fix it!!!!! Oh Robot Sloan has a gassy smile again.

    Dr O's office: More BobTodd and Dr O scenes! YAY! Awwww they can't go see Magda! She is gone!!!

    Police station: Val is trying so hard to contact Dante because of TJ being arrested.

    Val: Dante!! Please call me! It's about TJ! And I miss my Dante hug. Let me take you out to dinner! Just you and me! Oh and about TJ, what is going on? Dante I miss you!

  3. I just love the way things are just dropped on this show. How come no one has tested the bullet that was extracted from Hayden's skull?? Even if Shawn pleaded guilty that would be tested in case he decided to appeal later. ( Thought of that when TJ was talking about Shawn.)

    And TJ is being ridiculous. He was going on and on about how bad his mom was for turning in poor Shawn and he hoped she enjoyed her new job...bah blah blah. I was wishing she'd just blow up and say, "You're right, TJ. I shouldn't have taken the job as Police Commissioner. It would be much better if I was a dope dealer, or better yet - a paid assassin that goes around murdering people and shooting innocent bystanders. What was I thinking!" and then walk out and leave the little twerp to stew on that.

    I can't believe that Madeleine is out of jail. Does no one stay in jail in Port Charles?! What a joke.

    And I don't see how Sloan can help Nicholas get those shares. He certainly can't charm anyone out of them, he's too sleazy looking.

    I hope we find out Rosalie's secret soon because this is another plot that's been going on forever.

    The Molly/Rick/Nina chat was funny. Molly's reactions had me giggling. I think Nina's mental age is way younger than Molly's. lol

    Michael should go talk to Nina about the shares.

    And did anyone else find it funny when Liz and Jake were talking about Michael and used the terms "CEO of ELQ" and "a nice kid" in the same conversation. lol

  4. Maybe Jake wasn't distracted by Liz's cupcakes but I certainly was distracted by his man-boobs, they are larger than mine LOL!!

    I guess we will learn Rosalie's secret sometime after the writers decide what it is.

    On another note, I read that one of my favorite shows, Hot is Cleveland, is canceled after this season, season 6. I can't seem to find it anywhere, has anyone seen it? It seems there are 24 more episodes . . .

  5. The series finale for Hot in Cleveland was last Wednesday night. If you search around for it, it should be out there. The show is indeed over and there are no more original episodes.

    Billy Miller looks bored to tears in this show. I am willing to bet he won't return whenever his contract is up. This sure isn't the emmy-caliber script he was given on Y&R

  6. "AntJoan said...Maybe Jake wasn't distracted by Liz's cupcakes but I certainly was distracted by his man-boobs, they are larger than mine LOL!!"


  7. I was gonna mention the boobs. but I was being NICE! Leave it to you ppl to do it for me! LOL

  8. "kdmask said..I was gonna mention the boobs. but I was being NICE! Leave it to you ppl to do it for me! LOL"

    Are you talking about the man boobs? Hahaha.

  9. AntJoan!! Hot in Cleveland is also one of my favorite shows. You can watch the episodes on Hulu.

    My eternal thanks to everyone here again for all your recaps/thoughtful commentary. Life is busy and I managed to zip thru 3 episodes in one hour last night and not feel like I missed anything. :)



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