Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Rocco's in "Daycare" (LMAO)

Ok, I have to leave at 2:30 so...long/short of it.

Luke and Jen had sex..quite wild by the looks of it. She didn't 'get what she wanted" though and might not tell Luke where Lucky is.
I don't think she even knows. 

Oh they didn't have sex. Luke passed out.

Nik tells Dillon he wants to finance his movie. (Working title? "Pickles in the Rose Garden" lol--ok, made that up).  Dillon says no way. I say use Kickstarter. 

Lulu is on the phone with Laura. Dante over hears--who's that? She says Maxie.
He decides to follow her..she's going to see Dillon. 

Sonny and TJ. TJ wants to know if he knew Duke wanted to kill his mother.  Sonny says, nope. My hands are clean! But your Mom WAS a snitch so... . LOL... 

Jordan tells Valerie all about TJ getting off and her idea that Sonny did it.  Discussing the case with the help? Errrrm...


  1. kd said..."Jordan tells Valerie all about TJ getting off and her idea that Sonny did it. Discussing the case with the help? Errrrm..."

    Not only discussing the case, but dissing the mayor too. My reaction was WTH? She's known this office worker 2 whole minutes!

    And I hate how they're writing TJ... I'm mad at my mommy so I'm going to go live with a mobster now. *rolls eyes* Whatever.

    I guess Jennifer's gone now. That was a wasted week.

    I like Nik in this role as baddie. I think he'll make a much more logical CEO than Michael, but I'm off to give Lucy a slap anyway.

  2. Lante home: Lies lies lies! Shhhhhhhhh!

    Police station: Hey Jordan! Quit talking about that bigoted security guard who I like to call Stan. If the writers aren't going to show him, STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM!!!!

    British Columbia hotel: Oh I KNEW Jennifer didn't have Lucky!!! What a damn waste of time!!!

    ELQ: Okay at first I thought Lucy was funny! She is judging Michael, and saying he has to grow up, when she done things in her past!!! ROFL! But then Lucy gives the whole shebang to Nik?!!?! And tells Michael to get more experience and blah blah blah!?!?! WHAT?!! LUCY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!!?!

    Sonny and TJ: I actually like their scenes today. Jordan angry was icing on the cake hahaha. And you know TJ accepted Sonny's offer just to stick it to Jordan haha!

    Q home: Oh wow!!!! Nik is so desperate!!!! And Dante following Lulu! Oh oh! Oh but now Lulu and Dillon are going to find Luke and Laura!!! Awesome! :) But Lulu had to lie to Dante. :( Poor Dante!

  3. I didnt see todays episode. Looks like I didnt miss much.

    It looks like Lucy doesnt really have a job anymore, other than marrying people.

    any chance she is trying to angle her way into an executive position at ELQ?

  4. Minus the Luke stuff, GH isn't that bad. Not all story lines are perfect but the Luke story is the only that really irritates me. Only a few more weeks I guess...

  5. are there any guesses how they are going to end Luke's storyline and write him off the canvas?

  6. Dave, I can't even imagine what will be in their heads to write him off.
    I got nothin'

  7. Maybe Luke will decide to atone for his sins by doing charity work in Africa (ala Robin). That would be really stupid - just like the rest of this farewell story.


  8. ok everyone. this is FAN FICTION. I made this up. all of it. but this is my scenario for Luke's exit. And a believable one. At least to me.

    Luke and laura run into holly, where she tells them that helena has ethan. luke puts 2 and 2 together and realizes helena has lucky too.

    the 3 of them team up to rescue the boys. just then, robert shows up.

    holly has already robert scorpio to come and help as she knows that robert is really ethans father. the 4 of them now enter helena's lair. they not only rescue the 2 boys, but robert discovers robin kidnapped as well (and pregnant with that embryo). He frees her, they thwart helena and most of them go back to port chuck.

    luke goes to tracy to beg for forgiveness. although she is moved by luke's plight of his son lucky, she stands firm and decides not to take him back. touching scene between the two of them. very real and probably a lot of it unscripted.

    with nowhere else to go, robert invites luke to come with him to the young and the restless (no no no I'm kidding). but robert offers luke some time to get out of port chuck and to de-stress his life over all he has been through the past two years. (and all we have been through too) luke agrees to go with robert to parts unknown.

    luke leaves with robert after drinking a few whiskeys at the haunted star and going down memory lane (clip show).

    luke gives a very tearful, heartfelt, emmy-worthy, non-scripted goodbye to genie that will bring the audience to their knees. and he leaves.

    lucky and ethan say goodbye to laura and lulu and go to nashville. (get it?)

    robin stays in town, pregnant and there is fallout from that as you can imagine. it is rumored that patrick proposes to sam and that jake figures out he is jason and doesnt say anything. it will be a really powerful scene when robin and jake meet for the first time, jake knowing he is jason but doesnt want to say anything yet to protect his loved ones.

  9. I am thinking that Luke will die in a sacrifice to save Lucky from Helena.
    Luke loves Tracey if he doesn't die he would want to be with her.

  10. Nice job..

    My ending is way darker.

    And involves goats.

  11. Nik has Lucky, maybe even's all part of his plan to distract Laura and Luke for what he is doing to ELQ. It's all Nik.....because he has Helena...Just my opinion.

  12. Lucy looked fabulous in that white dress. Can't believe Jennifer fooled L & L - yeah I can believe it. I think Luke will have to die for all loose ends to be tied up and knowing he won't be back at all, just like Susan Flannery on B & B.

  13. If Nikolas is in such financial difficulty where did he get the money to pay for all those shares of ELQ stock?

    Lucy's reason for voting for Nikolas is ridiculous in my opinion. She has no axe to grind against Michael. It's not her place to teach him a lesson.

    I really feel like RC plans stories and then just plugs in characters to recite the lines whether it's something that is part of their character history or not. People do and say things that bear no resemblance to the history of their characters. People do change, but I feel like very often people are acting completely out of character just to fit the next plot. There have been some episodes lately though that I thought were pretty good.

    Awesome story delcodave. That would be a great send-off for Luke!

  14. Karen.
    Bestiality? Too original for these guys.

  15. "about TJ getting off and her idea that Sonny did it."

    That can be taken a few different ways.


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