Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Flaming Shots, Anyone?

Vu says you vant a COCKTAIL? I has a COCKTAIL for vu! 

Well, this week was certainly a departure from the boring, slow mess the show has been.  This is where I say CVE was in charge of the writing because things are PICKING UP THE PACE!! I actually have some great things to talk about !! 

This won't be my usual bitchy blog so.. Not sure if I should warn you for good--or evil? Guess it depends on how you felt about the show this week!! 

So, I'm going to jump into the fun parts-- because that's all that matters, right? 

All I could think of when Dr. O had her fire-bomb ready was YES! AIM FOR THIS HEAD!! LOL. The scenes between she and Nina were so good. I love Michelle and KG so I was in heaven. I kind of just blocked out Peter (heh)--and listened to them. Lesil is a great, great character isn't she? Funny, vulnerable...evil.. and yet you can't help but root for her. (well, I can't anyway). 

The fire was pretty spectacular..usually you see some up-flames around the room but this was done really well-- I liked that Lulu and Maxie showed up for some reason (I'm one that likes more characters that not in a scene) and Lulu even had water in her MOM-Bag for Nina! Finn arrived and helped Valentin bring her back to life.

Dr. O ran-- but got to talk to Franco on the docks. She did bean him on the head and knock him out--BUT APOLOGIZED-- so all is forgiven on my end. Unfortunately Finn and Curtis found her and blocked the escape and Lesil was handcuffed and arrested.  Her final words "Tell Anna ve ars EVEN".. ;) 

Peter was left in the burning building-- I'm thinking Finn gets him out OR he isn't there--crawled into Faison's hidey-hole (remember that?) under the floor.  Because you know I can't get lucky and have his charred bones show up. 


Nelle is in high-alert thinking Michael will dump her soon and take the kid and money. She overheard everything he "told" Jason so that was a good scene. She called Chase asap after he took her home. I hope she asks Chase to take her away-and doesn't mention killing Michael.  THEN, she does it herself and shows up ready to go with him at some meeting spot. She gets in and he thinks she's going to say "Please kill Michael before we go"--and she says "It's done, he's dead--I buried him in the rose garden" BOOM!! wouldn't that be awesome??!! Yes, I think it would! (hire me, please) 

Just give Max Gail the Emmy. He's just fantastic. His reaction and words were so raw. Kudos to Maurice and Marc as well.  When Mike didn't recognize Sonny? Gah...tears.  Later, Jason and Sonny talk about Mike and even though they had spoken about him before, it didn't seem like: Oh here we go it does with Morgan. Nope-- it was some of the most honest dialog I've heard in a long time. Jason telling Sonny that Mike won't remember his last days, but Sonny will. That is so true. When many Alzheimer's patients turn that last bend, so many people struggle with round the clock nursing care in a facility that is trained to handle situations. It's so true: it's you that has to come first at some point because the other person is effectively gone. This journey is being done so well! I really wish the Carly and dead body stuff wasn't in the mix.  Note:  These scenes were on  the 19th-20th if you want to catch them. 


Listen Charlie, I know we might be really boring but at least you get to wear flannel shirts in the middle of July. 

Well, might be big-pants crime boss but I get to wear flannel in 

Hey, did you get mustard on my from about 3 feet away? 
Sorry, I tend to be aggressive on my mustard squirting. 
You look really familiar...
So do you....
But you can't because  lost my memory and never found it.
I'm the new DA! 
Huh.  Well, new DA, I'm sure we'll be dating soon, right? 
Those anvils are hitting pretty hard! So we sure will be! 

So, you and Curtis have been trying to find this mystery woman for 4 weeks and Dr. Finn waltz in and...
Yeah, don't rub it in. 
I mean, seriously, you are one step behind everyone every time I ....
Look, Jordan, you are PCPD and you hired US to find him, and now neither one of us are going to get to save him on Spoon Island.
Wait... you mean... FINN is going to save Peter after all this crap I've been through? 
YEP. *sigh* 
Well, at least one of us got sex out of this deal.
WAIT, you had sex because Curtis and I haven't in like 6 months and..
Oh, nevermind. *sigh* wanna play catch? 
Um.. well.. do you happen to have a book on giraffes because that's more my style...
Well, my other two dads can play catch.  Mom too. And even that old lady when I was hostage.
Good for them. I do motorcycles and giraffes. 
(mumbles) I should have asked Gran to come to the game with me....

PROP OF THE WEEK:  The ol' "West Nile Virus" excuse.  I personally would have gone with Deer Tick infestation or Giant Bat invasion but...hey. 

SCENE/FACE OF THE WEEK:  Both Gail and Benard were perfection.  

KUDOS TO THE FIRE BRIGADE: I think these flames looked pretty real and intense. Michelle posted a behind the scenes video on twitter and they did them inside on the set.  I always thought they were outside. EESH!! Guess no sprinklers in there! 

SO! Joss is going to try to lure little Oscar up to her bedroom...Ha Ha! Can you even see his face?? I sure can--panic, wonder and... fear!!  I so hope they make Josslyn one of those troubled rebel teen girls that teen girls love to watch. Look at Laura. Hell, she murdered her mother's lover-- and wanted to get married the second she turned 18! She was a big ol' brat to her mother as well. Joss needs a Bobbie tho. That makes the story even better. Cam is the bad boy,  Oscar is the good one-- Joss is good/bad girl and we need the bad girl in the mix. See, she is with Cam, but really likes Oscar. Goes after Oscar-- making Joss mad and the bad boy picks it up from there. IT'S SOAP 101 man!! SOAP 101! 

Even in a straight jacket: Hair? Flawless! 

I hear the next few weeks really are moving along--especially on the Nelle story. Chloe's last day is around August 8th or 9th I think so things HAVE to keep going swiftly!  We also could find out who this Dr. Lazarus is at Ferncliff -- which I really wanted to be Mitch Lawrence. I just hope he or she is really creepy and really good. Shave Carly's head!! (I still love that idea!!) 

From Twitter: HOW FUN is this Picture!!??  Although KG may leave the canvas for awhile, I don't think we've seen the last of Dr. O. 


  1. OMG, KAREN, you ALWAYS do a great SS, but you surpassed yourself today!! ITA with EVERYTHING you said, especially enjoyed your comments on Dr. O and Sonny/Mike. Yes, things are moving along, but they HAD to end the Hiney debacle eventually, and Chloe L is leaving, so they had to end that, too.

    I saw Momma Mia, Here We Go Again yesterday, and it was GREAT! I saw it with a girlfriend, I think that it's really just a movie for women, but it's a GREAT movie for women!!

  2. they did the teen story not too long ago with georgie, dylan,lulu and a boy a cant remember. lulu got pregnant by dylan and had an abortion.

  3. I kinda like what they're doing with the Alzheimer's storyline. I just wish it didn't have the mod stench to it.

    My mum-in-law is going through it now in England and my husband is trying to deal with it all on his on.

  4. Great SS. Thanks. Loved the Sonny/Mike scenes. Glad Carly wasn't there because then it would be all about her. I also thought of the hidey hole but would Peter know it was there?

    I hope the last of the sick summer is over. Torture, and pain and burning someone to death is not something I ever want to see, let alone on my summer soap.

  5. Well, we all know that Wes Ramsey is never leaving, so it makes sense that Hiney will hide in Faison's hole. Maybe he crawled away and stumbled upon the hole???

    I will have to try to watch some from last week. Mostly I have been so bored. Did catch part of the scene with Sonny and Mike not remembering him. So sad, and true to life. I have worked with Alzheimer's patients. All are different, and all break my heart. So difficult on the families.

  6. Witch that teen story was over 10 years ago. I believe Georgie died in 2007.

  7. Anyone think Dr. Finn acts more like John McBain than a Dr.? Hangs out at PCPD more than GH. If only. My theory is that the new, and so far very boring, DA is the daughter of the man Sonny killed. She definitely has ties somewhere. Sorry to see 'Nelle' go. Really like her as an actress, but who knows...she could be back someday. She did it once already. Could Sam and Curtis continue to look for Heinrik/Peter even after he is found? The story line that won't quit. The Alzheimer's story is really great. Max Gail is such a gift for GH. And us.

  8. Sam & Curtis went from Port Charles" best PI's to become Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber.Would they even recognize Peter & Obrecht if they saw them? Michael has changed into a very unlikable character.Nelle is a great villain. I hope she returns in the future. It is time to put Mike in a Care Home - Sonny can afford the best.Peter will survive I am sure, if only to bore us to death with another endless story-line.

  9. How is Michael turned into an unlikable character? Nelle is to blame here, not him. She had everyone snowed and now he's on to her. I don't blame him, he's grown a backbone.

  10. I agree Michelle. He’s totally the opposite of unlikeable.

  11. I don't think Michael is unlikable either but I always thought Morgan was, and yeah Nelle is, too. Ugh,they really need to cut the Peter actor - can't stand the thought of him in another story line. As good as the performances are, I am not really watching much of Sonny and Mike - one depressing story line after another.

    1. Yes Linda, both Morgan and Nelle. I absolutely agree. I'm trying to like the Alzheimer's sl but can't being mob centered. 🙄 I really enjoy Mr Gails portrayal of Mike though. Doing a great job.

  12. Funny how the screaming, SOS-tapping mystery patient next door was dropped now that Carly's in a padded cell. I assume that will picked up again?


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