Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I WISH a Virus would come...

Maxie saves Nina when Nina screams at the copy editor. Maxie wonders what is wrong! 

Peter is in the horse place, blabbin' it up with Dr. O. He blames her for Nathan's death. She's all hysterical. She runs out. 

Drew and Curtis having a meal-- Curtis brings up Sam. Asks Drew how it went seeing her. Curtis thinks Drew needs a new woman.Then they cut RIGHT TO the new DA talking to Jordan LOL!!

Jake invited FRANCO to go to the ballgame with he and Jason!! WAY TO GO KID!! Franco tells Jake he has to work, and to go with Jason by himself. He sees him all the time at home and he needs to 'share". Awww.. Jake goes by himself with Jason. The game was cancelled due to electrical grid failing. Oh! Guess what? Jake invited Drew to come instead of Franco! ahahahaa.  Jake asks Jason how it feels to come back after so long when so much has changed. Jason said it was hard. Jake said it was hard for him too. Now he and his brothers are like a team! He's so glad he has 2 Dads-- because they are all family, after all. :eyeroll: from Drew and Jason. 

Valentin goes to see Finn. He wants to be tested for West Nile Virus. So--who's going to get it--Peter or Dr. O?? OH! Nina told him that to get him off Spoon Island!! DERP

Curtis and Sam take that stupid video tape to the PCPD for enhancement--which they should have done like a WEEK AGO? Finn comes in and says he has something to say about the case. 

Meanwhile, Franco is telling Liz he thinks Dr. O took Peter.  Then they cut between the 2 telling the same story to Liz and PCPD.  Jordan sends people to the cabin. 
You know PCPD too little too late

SO, Drew leaves the "ballpark" and while he's walking, feels mustard squirt on his back--WELL IT'S THAT NEW DA, Margot (and I'm not spelling it the other way, takes too long) -- AND THEY MEET. 
OMG. Written for 12 year olds.

Ok, so 45 came on to interrupt GH.
I have no words.
I refuse to watch. 

see ya


  1. The ONLY good thing about the Hiney story (and I know most of you think there is NOTHING good about it), is SO MUCH SCREEN TIME for my beloved Dr. O! I LOVE HER SO MUCH, I could watch her day and night. Most of her SLs are pretty bad (kidnapping Robin, etc., etc.), but I could watch her do ANYTHING!

  2. ABC in Boston hates Gh. First we had an interruption for weathe. Then we had an interruption for local news for 10 minutes, followed by 1 minute of GH and then more weather. that was followed a few minutes later by a newscast with P. Trump. Why do they bother even broadcasting the show?

  3. Why would someone squirt mustard on a strangers back? That is really weird

  4. do not like the new da. put drew with sam.

  5. GH is perfect for the Trump era. Monumentally stupid.

  6. There is always someone that has to put politics in the comments section of a blog that has nothing to do with it....I come here for fun GH stuff, not for political ramblings.

  7. The hospital: Hmmm was that REALLY Anna who texted DocFinn? Or maybe it was the person who kidnapped her..

    BobTodd and DocFinn: BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: Well there ya have it. Maybe Liesl was really playing dominatrix with a willing sexual partner.

    ROFL! You don't really believe that!!!! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Drew and Curtis: YAY! So glad they still have scenes together!!! Oh sure yes. I am sure we can find a woman for Drew! :)

    V.C. and DocFinn: HAHAHAHHAHHA! V.C. wants DocFinn to help him with the west nile virus! ROFL!

    The park:

    Jason, Jake, and Drew: Hmmm since when does Jason like ballgames? Oh! Great scene and what a great question you have for Jason, Jake!!!!

    Drew and Margot: What a stupid scene!!! Drew was so far away! And she wasn't even pointing the mustard bottle at him! How did she squirt the mustard to him? Did it boomarang?!?!!?! They do look cute together though. They used to on Y&R together! :)

    The police station: Oh glad DocFinn decided to go to the police station!!! Oh hi BobTodd!!! :)

  8. witch said...do not like the new da. put drew with sam.

    No!!! I don't want Paint and Wall back together. They are so boring and have no chemistry. I think the new DA and Drew are so cute together. :)



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